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  1. Hi all, I know the special editions can go very quickly so for those who haven't seen yet, the Divine Edition is available for Preorder: https://www.ign.com/articles/fire-emblem-engage-release-date-divine-edition Although I'm not much of an art person I do like to collect the special editions if I can. Though a downside is not getting the digital copy of the game. What do you think of the divine edition and value for it's price?
  2. Wow this is amazing. I also don't use my laptop while playing, but this is so much more convienent than going back and forth through all the pages all the time. Thank you for this!
  3. You want to be looking at the combat summary of enemies where it shows their Atk (str or mag plus weapon str/mag), AS (attack speed, which you need to be 4 higher to double) Crit (triple damage attack) Avoid (used against enemy hit rate to get the enemy hit percentage in battle) You'll also want to look at the enemies def and resistance because they aren't in that summary (which is located above the stats screen section). The keys are reviewing AS to see if you'll be doubled or if you can double, how much Atk the enemy does against your defense (plus terrain and other modifiers) and then how many enemies are in range of attacking and how much damage they'll also potentially do. I don't really rely on dodging attacks when assuming how much damage a unit can take. If your units are close enough to the enemy, go ahead and walk them next to the enemy and view the combat forecast so you can see the easy summary of expected damage/attacks. Then you can back out and look at others. As for supports they generally give a couple points in str/hit/avoid. You can view the support effects when in the support screen at base (I'm not sure if you can view all the support effects in battle, if you press X and hover over a stat or text you may see the additional modifiers, if your stat is blue for example). Definitely try and utilize the strengths of your units and weaknesses of the enemies. As someone above said have magic users fight high def units, speedy one range units, and units in terrain cover. Have your physical units generally attack mages if they can one round them without taking damage or have high resistance. Also make sure to check out the weapon stats you're using, if you're only on training weapons you may be doing less damage than you expect.
  4. It doesn't bother me, it makes sense with all the skills/combat arts/ abilities. However, I probably slightly prefer them keep skill as a level up stat and find a different name for the other "skills."
  5. Yes it will be hard to get unfortunately. I recommend trying to watch all the Nintendo directs/news about fire emblem as they usually put up pre-orders for the special editions right after them.
  6. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Nintendo Direct in early Feb, with a Fire Emblem release around April. March would be a little too soon, but they've done it before (short marketing campaigns). I've been a bit skeptical of this Spring release, especially with the lack of information, which I think is because they were doing significant changes (Just like PoR and others). But I do believe we'll get it this year, either before June or after August.
  7. Wow these look amazing. Very impressive! I haven't gotten to the most recent release but I'll let you know when I do.
  8. New Mystery of the Emblem seemed pretty good, but there wasn't a translation so I didn't play it through. However, if you are going to play shadow dragon, set your expectations low. It's one of the worst of the series.. but it is nice to be able to play the first fire emblem and still worth playing once. If you find you like some of the older games like FE4 and Thracia, you can also consider playing Tear ring saga or Berwick saga (as well as the upcoming Vestaria saga) created by the founder of the series, Kaga.
  9. It wouldn't be completely accurate to call it a divide, it's more of a generational difference (long term fans vs new ones). Awakening is what started it, the good is that it "saved" the series and brought the series the popularity it was bound to get. While awakening did many things well and added a lot of features, I believed Fire Emblem was going to break out with 13 no matter what. There are plenty of reasons why Awakening and Fates aren't well received by a lot of the longer time fans. The problem is because of the success of these games and popularity from them, it has altered IS and has drawn them away from some of the core aspects of fire emblem. Now the newer fans are mostly caught in the cross fire so to speak, they don't know how good some of the earlier games but also aren't rejecting them. They're just promoting games (In as little as through their purchase of these games, or also through social media and Heroes) that aren't the best in the series. IS is trying to cater to and be liked by everyone and making the game to draw a larger audience. This waters out a series and possibly destroys it. It's so often you see developers try and copy things from popular games, to get that "call of duty" crowd. You can't and I don't blame them for trying to sell as many copies as possible, but not at the expense of the identity and core of the series. I'm being dramatic, and I don't think awakening and Fates is so far from being fire emblem, but this kind of behavior by developers is seen so often and almost aways has the same negative effect on the core fans. The call of duty crowd will buy a game play for a week or two and move on, not the type of people you'd want IS to cater to. Personal opinion on the newer games: Awakening and Fates stories were not compelling and the art style is too cartoonish for me, I can't take it seriously. I was not connected to the story and characters like the other games. Echoes on the hand, is brilliant to me (even if too easy).
  10. Play the Tellius Saga. Echoes is another great choice. These are excellent fire emblem games and my favorite, alongside 7.
  11. You actually have to be one space before the chest to open it, it was odd and messed me up at first, but I was able to open it standing the tile below the chest.
  12. That would definitely be cool! I don't think anything is wrong with it, cause most games are kind of like that with throwing a lot at you. Odd, I guess so. Yeah I think Dougall could use a little bit of help or have him start at a higher level. Ciceria and Mitch and Bill are all a little lacking as well. Ah I may have missed that.. That would help. That's probably it, I wasn't support farming lol. I think I got a couple through the base, but talking on the map just seemed to be hints. Very cool, I'm glad Derrick isn't a useless unit! Awesome! Can't wait
  13. Hey Von, I've finished through chapter 7 and wow it is fun! I'm really liking the characters, story and gameplay. Here are my thoughts: The intro and scenes with the world map are a little hard to follow, there's a lot of countries and names. Save files are bugged and stopped being able to be saved over. Hit rates seem a tad high. I definitely see how some of the characters are differentiated in growths and stats, but some of them feel a bit too similar. Now this could be because they need relatively similar decent bases (for the early game and so no one drops off) and as their levels progress they'll be clearer roles develop. I'm in favor of more generalized units than a unit who has one purpose (hard counter), but it'll be interesting to see how they all turn out with more levels. If possible, I think it would be nice to have some sort of terrain indicator or piece to show where the goal of the map is (when it's not obvious or seize). For example, in chapter 7 was unclear which exact spot was the seize and considering what happens towards the end of the chapter, knowing you'll be in range of the seize is important. It'd be nice if in the base screen you can add more character development for some of the units that didn't get much attention. I liked being able to buy those stat boosters. Is Derrick promoted? He still gets lots of exp, which is nice. Overall great stuff, looking forward to the rest of it!
  14. Hey OP, Could you please create an SRPG section or at least add Sanctaea Chronicles by Von Ithipathachai and Gate of Shadows by escotanner to the miscellaneous. It'd be great to promote and support more of games using this!
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