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  1. Since I kind-of like to use the same team every playthrough, I will not mention Byleth and/or the main lord of that route. Lysithea. Not only because of Warp, but also very strong magic. She is always my top priority in getting, unless I play Golden Deer, the route I like the least. Leonie. Very strong in whatever she does. Great "personal" weapon from her Gaiden chapter. Sylvain. Maybe not as strong as Ferdinand, but pretty close. Possible to recruit whenever you like (female Byleth). Ingrid. Flying princess, or at least to me. I dislike me needing to rig ATK level ups though. Petra. Though I like to recruit her fast, not that into her swordsplay. But as a pegusus knight she rocks. Felix. In my first playthrough I made him a Mortal Servant, because I was too lazy to invest in training something else but his sword. Much better with other ranks. Hilda. For some reason I had trouble getting her in Blue Lions. Disliked the part her being impossible to get in Crimson Flower. Mercedes. My favorite healer. I think she is rather cute when she is young. Alot of lost potential there... Marianne. She goes toe to toe with Linhardt for me. Still need to try her as a dancer some day. Catherine. Pretty strong early in the game, with a free stronigh Brave weapon. With NG+ she is better. But requires training in your first few playthroughs.
  2. Early Alm act3 can be rough. But getting a random paladin encounter that early is the worst. Enemies don't despawn from the map in this game, right? I think you need to back track to the thieves layout to grind then. Just hit early benchmarks for promotion and you should be fine. Base paladin Tobin with Ridersbane will do great. You can swap the Ridersbane around while chipping. Faye as a mage might hurt a bit in survivability, but great in offense. Female mage units do promote late though.
  3. For me, Fates is all about fun. What you did sounds exactly like that, so I would say you did a great job.
  4. For Shuriken ? Kaze. Total ? Jakob. Jakob first turns in a great Paladin. Later on he can use Shelter, or turn into a Pegasus to keep his lance rank and re-use his staff rank. Dwyer (flying healer) and Shigure (wyvern) also like these parents.
  5. Since I am allowed to spend money from Chapter 4 and onward, I decided to make a little summary every chapter. Chapter 4. Bought: 3x Strength Tonic (only Frederick really needed one, wasted two), 3x Defense Tonic (used by Frederick and Robin, also Chrom got one, but doesn't need it). Forged: Thunderbirds (+1MT Thunder, 315 G) Renown awards used: Spirit Dust (used on Robin), Speedwing (used on Robin), Orsin's Hatchet, Ephraim's Lnce. Wasted money: 450 G. On my defense: My first clear needed more strength on Sumia and Chrom was actually fighting some enemies. Money left: 3785 G Chapter 5. Bought: 4x Strength Tonic (Chrom, Frederick, Lon'Qu and Robin), 3x Defense Tonic (Chrom, Frederick and Robin) Forged: Missiletainn (+2MT Iron Sword, 780 G), Mighty Lance (+3MT Bronze Lance, 1050 G) Force uses: Iron Sword +2 lets Frederick exactly kill wyverns. Bronze Lance was needed for Robin, because of the lack of strength. Sold: Bronze Sword 175 G, Fire 258 G Renown awards used: Second Seal. Money left: 1338 G Chapter 6. Bought: 4x Strength Tonic (Chrom, Frederick, Sumia and Robin), 3x Defense Tonic (Chrom, Frederick and Robin) Forged: Orsin's Hatchet (+2MT, 1440 G), Flying Arrow (+2MT Javelin, 1050 G) Force uses: Orsin's Hatchet for reliability against dark mages (and extra power vs. Validar). Javelin to clean kill fighters when D-rank is achieved. Sold: Bullion(M) Renown awards used: Beast Killer, Levin Sword. Money left: 2648 G Chapter 7. Bought: 2x Strength Tonic (Frederick, Robin), 3x Defense Tonic (Robin, Frederick, one spare) Forged: Noble Lance (+2MT Iron Lance, 840 G) Force uses: +2MT to clean kill enemy wyverns with Robin. Sold: Heal Renown awards used: Seed of Trust Money left: 1768 G Chapter 8. Bought: 5x Strength Tonic (Frederick, Robin, Sumia, Cordelia, Panne), 1x Magic Tonic (Robin), 1x Res Tonic (Nowi), 2x Def tonic (Robin, Cordelia), Javelin (Sumia) Forged: Excalipoor (+1MT Elwind, 455 G) Force uses: +1MT to clean kill enemy boss (without the need of a follow up attack). Sold: Bullion (M) Renown awards used: Money left: 4263 G Chapter 9. Bought: 2x Strength Tonic (Frederick, Chrom), 1x Magic Tonic (Robin), 1x Speed Tonic (Chrom), 2x Defense Tonic (Robin, Chrom) Forged: Harpoon (+1MT Javelin, 355 G) Force uses: Part of an old plan. Not really needed this item. Sold: - Renown awards used: - Money left: 3013 G Chapter 10. Bought: 2x Strength Tonic (Cordelia, Chrom), 1x Speed Tonic (Chrom) Forged: - Force uses: -. Sold: Killer Bow, Iron Bow, Steel Bow, Bronze Sword, Iron Axe, Beaststone, 7x Vulnerary, Bullion (M) Renown awards used: - Money left: 11515 G (actually sold after the chapter) Chapter 11. Bought: 1x Strength Tonic (Gregor), 1x Speed Tonic (Ricken), 2x Res Tonic (Ricken, Robin), 1x Defense Tonic (Robin), 2x Magic Tonic (Ricken, Robin), Wind (Robin) Forged: - Force uses: -. Sold: - Renown awards used: - Money left: 10015 G Chapter 12. Bought: 2x Speed Tonic (Ricken, Frederick), 2x Defense Tonic (Robin, Frederick), 2x Magic Tonic (Ricken, Robin), 1x Luck Tonic (Robin) Forged: Excalipoor (+2MT Elwind, 910 G) Force uses: Needed a second strong tome, so Ricken could get some EXP. Will be used by Robin later on. Sold: - Renown awards used: - Money left: 8055 G Chapter 13. Bought: 1x Speed Tonic (Frederick), 1x Rescue staff Forged: - Force uses: - Sold: - Renown awards used: - Money left: 6625 G Chapter 14. Bought: 1x Rescue staff Forged: - Force uses: - Sold: 1x Iron Sword, 2x Steel Sword, 1x Wyrmslayer, 1x Rapier, 1x Iron Lance, 1x Javelin, 1x Steel Axe, 1x Silver Axe, 1x Silver Bow, 1x Bullion (M), 3x Bullion (L) Renown awards used: Bullion (L), not needed, just because I already took the Speed Wing before. Money left: 45,420 G (lol)
  6. For some reason I used to like warriors. Had Bartre, Dorcas and Geitz in all my teams. Same still goes for Canas. Used too dislike prepromotes. Always benched them, even Marcus, Seth and Titiana... Nowadays I'm much more open for mixed teams. Likely because I also got "better" at FE games. But I still hate smallish teams. Most of the time I like to use 12 units, while I only need 8~10. Hate cutting units mid-game when they get RNG screwed. Feels like betraying them.
  7. Who is the mother of Ophelia? Normally I would guess Elise, but since she can only get Trample from Percy I think Nyx. Who did marry Corrin? With early Jakob marry, you can recruit Dwyer. Dwyer can replace Elise as your main healer. Elise can then go Wyvern. I like to recruit children units ASAP. You're using castles to build up supports, right?
  8. Very slim without rigging. This game is very rig friendly though. You can find the actual growth rates on the main site.
  9. Vanilla Lunatic LTC Rules: Lunatic / Classic +Mag/-Skl Female Robin. Renown, not decided yet. Likely up to Speedwing, if I need it. All Gen 1 units must be recruited and kept alive. Gen 2 characters are optional. Paralogues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 17 are mandatory and may be done whenever. Children paralogues are all optional. However, any children paralogues done must result in the children themselves being recruited. Skirmishes, DLC, Logbook, bonus box, wireless, Anna shops are all banned. Sparkling tiles must be avoided where possible. Any items obtained as a result must be discarded. Main concerns: Reach Galeforce in time. Train Chrom. Morgans path. Turn shaving. OBS lag. Completed chapters (recorded to YouTube): Prologue 4 turns Chapter 1 3 turns Chapter 2 3 turns Chapter 3 3 turns Chapter 4 2 turns Chapter 5 3 turns Chapter 6 3 turns Estimated turns upcoming chapters: Chapters with an "*" have a potential turn shave. Its been a while since I played this game so some strategies will be foggy. I have found some notes from 2015, which told me I found a way to 2 turn Ch1. But upon reading it, I think it was with +SPD Robin, getting a few follow ups from Frederick. He at least needs some shielding from the enemies, I don't think it is something I can do IRL. I think the same could be said about the Prologue, in theory it can be done in 3 turns. But IRL this isn't going to happen, especially not if you want good growths. I am an open book. Open for suggestions. Also would like some help on speeding up the videos, currently using OBS, which is easy to use. But it seems my laptop isn't to fond of it. Videos start major lags, running at 10~15% speed. Without, I can reach 60~70% game speed. I would like higher, as its less tedious when playing through it. At first I thought I would figure the strategy, record it later. But I already lost some good levels / lucky clears in the progress before, so nowadays I record and play at the same time. Some guides I have been using: Lunatic+ LTC / Barrel Lunatic LTC / Gradivus. Lunatic+ LTC footage / Chiki Minor update; Don't think Chrom will reach lv. 10 in time. I have some chapters where he could've gotten a bit more EXP. Also got some clears where he reached lv.10 (unpromoted) by chapter 9. Will matter if he ends with like lv.9.52 in the end, but I think its okay. Old thoughts below:
  10. Nothing wrong with ignoring your lords. There are only a few chapters all of them are required. Final chapter is one of them. But with a few strong units you'll be fine. Hector is pretty good though.
  11. Since I can't seem to beat the final bosses in Zelda BotW (I am horrible at the combat) I figured I would finish Ys VII first. After I can try SRW T, X or buy something new. Anyone into Valkyrie chronicles 4? Loved the first game, will this one be refreshing or interesting? Or just a copy of VC? Last time I played on my PS3.
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