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  1. For some reason I used to like warriors. Had Bartre, Dorcas and Geitz in all my teams. Same still goes for Canas. Used too dislike prepromotes. Always benched them, even Marcus, Seth and Titiana... Nowadays I'm much more open for mixed teams. Likely because I also got "better" at FE games. But I still hate smallish teams. Most of the time I like to use 12 units, while I only need 8~10. Hate cutting units mid-game when they get RNG screwed. Feels like betraying them.
  2. Who is the mother of Ophelia? Normally I would guess Elise, but since she can only get Trample from Percy I think Nyx. Who did marry Corrin? With early Jakob marry, you can recruit Dwyer. Dwyer can replace Elise as your main healer. Elise can then go Wyvern. I like to recruit children units ASAP. You're using castles to build up supports, right?
  3. Very slim without rigging. This game is very rig friendly though. You can find the actual growth rates on the main site.
  4. Vanilla Lunatic LTC Rules: Lunatic / Classic +Mag/-Skl Female Robin. Renown, not decided yet. Likely up to Speedwing, if I need it. All Gen 1 units must be recruited and kept alive. Gen 2 characters are optional. Paralogues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 17 are mandatory and may be done whenever. Children paralogues are all optional. However, any children paralogues done must result in the children themselves being recruited. Skirmishes, DLC, Logbook, bonus box, wireless, Anna shops are all banned. Sparkling tiles must be avoided where possible. Any items obtained as a result must be discarded. Main concerns: Reach Galeforce in time. Train Chrom. Morgans path. Turn shaving. OBS lag. Completed chapters (recorded to YouTube): Prologue 4 turns Chapter 1 3 turns Chapter 2 3 turns Chapter 3 3 turns Chapter 4 2 turns Estimated turns upcoming chapters: Chapters with an "*" have a potential turn shave. Its been a while since I played this game so some strategies will be foggy. I have found some notes from 2015, which told me I found a way to 2 turn Ch1. But upon reading it, I think it was with +SPD Robin, getting a few follow ups from Frederick. He at least needs some shielding from the enemies, I don't think it is something I can do IRL. I think the same could be said about the Prologue, in theory it can be done in 3 turns. But IRL this isn't going to happen, especially not if you want good growths. I am an open book. Open for suggestions. Also would like some help on speeding up the videos, currently using OBS, which is easy to use. But it seems my laptop isn't to fond of it. Videos start major lags, running at 10~15% speed. Without, I can reach 60~70% game speed. I would like higher, as its less tedious when playing through it. At first I thought I would figure the strategy, record it later. But I already lost some good levels / lucky clears in the progress before, so nowadays I record and play at the same time. Some guides I have been using: Lunatic+ LTC / Barrel Lunatic LTC / Gradivus. Lunatic+ LTC footage / Chiki Minor update; Chapter 4 cleared. Actually the first time I noticed the skills on enemies and with it came some more resets. Mage with +2MAG actually caught me on surprise a few times. Before this chapter I didn't bother checking for enemy skills. Don't think it would result in turn shaving up too now. I know I have cleared chapter 5 in 4 turns in the past. But not really sure how to make my way up. Also Chrom and Robin still don't have any support level ? Sure, they don't fight often, but I remember having C by now. Maybe its just me going already 5 turns faster then my last time. The EXP of Robin is still on track. I think she will hit like lv.13 or so in Chapter 5. Should I promote her in the middle of the chapter ? Not really sure yet, guess I will figure out on the way. Saw some old documentation of Ruadath doing chapter 5 in TWO turns. That was very discouraging too read XD I will (never, ever) not be able to make that. I am sorry. But found some clues too beat chapter 6 and 7 in fewer turns then estimated. At least, those strats don't seem impossible to do. Hopefully that risen encounter leaves the tonic shop soon 😞 Maybe I should've bought more tonics last time. *sigh* seems I need to redo chapter 4. I think I can barely reach l120 with Robin, if I kill Marth with him. Strategy pretty easy and straightforward, but need some dodges, our guards. Together with good level-ups, this is kind of frustrating. But I might (might...) be able to clear chapter 5 in 3 turns as a reward. Without a second flier this is impossible. (Read: strong flier) Sigh, this is what I got: https://ibb.co/CPVhQFw 18 EXP short !! Need to look if I can get some more EXP. Maybe the mage in this chapter wants to attack me, if Frederick stays on full health. Which means a 80~ miss from Marth. Old thoughts below:
  5. Nothing wrong with ignoring your lords. There are only a few chapters all of them are required. Final chapter is one of them. But with a few strong units you'll be fine. Hector is pretty good though.
  6. Since I can't seem to beat the final bosses in Zelda BotW (I am horrible at the combat) I figured I would finish Ys VII first. After I can try SRW T, X or buy something new. Anyone into Valkyrie chronicles 4? Loved the first game, will this one be refreshing or interesting? Or just a copy of VC? Last time I played on my PS3.
  7. Got staffs to burn? Warp, Silence etc give plenty EXP. Let someone like Serra use them, or promoted Priscilla. I believe promoted healers get extra EXP mods. You should try to use less pre promotes if you have any hope solving this. I remember having the same problem back in the day. EHM was much easier in this regard. Just my two cents.
  8. Try to get some +2 DEF level ups for Sedgar and Wolf early on. Many save points to abuse for better level ups. You might like watching DD151' 0% Growths playthrough on this, just to get some ideas on tactics. Personally like Hardin with his auto A Lance rank.
  9. Worst part about the game is not being able to skip the first part on any new game(plus). Same chapters, with other cast. This isn't exiting, but boring. On Fates you get the jump to your choice, Three Houses should've had a jump to after time skip. Game loves to auto-level anyway. Maybe just before, so you can use your NG+ points to "buy" all characters you want to recruit. I stopped after beating it twice, couldn't stand a third time... really hate Claude...
  10. Works nowadays ! Just switch your primairy DNS and your good to go.
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