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  1. I do think she changes a bit, but stays naive. Hubert will be the real hero of her story line, at least, if you like count Dracula that is. I felt the end was rushed. But the final battle is a thrill, but a bit to easy, even on hard.
  2. Worth noting, but I would swap Ferdinand and Sylvain. Both pretty equil, but Sylvain is "free" to recruit, while Ferdinand takes some effort.
  3. Wow. Hubert is incredibly low. He is much better then Linhardt, who only gets utility upon reaching A(!) in Faith. In the mean time him and Lysithea can nuke things with Dark Spikes, even when Linhardt gets Warp, his range will be low ish. Even then, how do you explain the large gap between Linhardt and other Warp user Manuela? Can't be availability only. Should be on top of B at least. Other mages like Annette aren't all that different from Linhardt either, did you get a really blessed one in your house? Mercedes should be a bit higher, but meh.
  4. This for sure... luckily I still have the "boots" item to cover for my loss.
  5. I picked Flayn on my BE Edelgard route... highly regretting it. Should've picked Annette, Marianne or Dorothea. Warp with Lysithea, dance for Lysithea, Warp Lysithea with Linhardt, Warp with Lysithea again to kill the boss. GG Fire Emblem.
  6. I did just reload/retry to get a critical hit from Bylith. She had 10% chance with Grounder. Lysithea with Dark Spikes should do heavy damage too. You get three Dark Seals, so one is kinda wasted anyway.
  7. So, I chose to side with Edelgard. But lose Flayn in the process (who was my dancer). Because of this, she had the March Ring equipped. I didn't notice before, but she took the ring with her?! Is it normal to lose the equipment of leaving units? Or only for Flayn?
  8. Do learned "classes" carry over? Or do we really need to buy the weapon ranks and such? Got some lucky 30% exams, would be terrible to redo them...
  9. I tried armor knight for a bit, but the lack of movement and especially low speed is killing it for me. I could give her the March ring or movement+2 item, but her speed was horrible from the start. Most likely she is speed screwed. As stated, went with Edelgard... shouldn't anyone have stated that I would lose Flayn on this route?! I had a dancer "debate" earlier, but never crossed my mind I could lose the only Dancer... owh well... lesson learned. Just fought the first battle against Rhea, need to still finish it(need a bit luck to ORKO her), but stalled the fight for the Blessed bow, was it worth it? More team members I lose any time soon? And I guess Hilda won't be joining?
  10. Thx for the help, but at the point that I picked Edelgard her side. Not a real surprise at the tombs, or was that just me? Saw that coming for ages... Decided to drop Linhardt (with his crappy low ranged Warp) and Sylvain. Mercedes is the only healer I really need with the huge range of Fortify.
  11. Any Master classes worth getting? Most of my units are having an hard time getting to advanced already, like Felix, who has great stats but not the weapon ranks. Edelgard is on the same both. Even Sylvain, Petra, Ingrid and Ferdinand will need some grinding in bad classes to ever hoping to succeed a master exam. Why are axes so popular anyway...
  12. Did I miss the Fa news, or aren't there any brave heroes this year? They always showed up early/mid August, right? Been saving orbs for it, even went slow on last mystic banner, while normally I go all out on it. Also seeing the calendar makes it seem like there won't be any braves any time soon. Any one knows if there will still be a batch coming?
  13. Made Flayn my dancer, just because of Rescue. Might aswell have picked Linhardt, which is my back up healer. Already level 21 and at his advanced class. Not that his combat is noticeable, but now he can at least use Warp twice. I pumped the MAG stat of Lysithea, with this she can just Warp Byleth to the boss and kill him. Came in handy with saving all the villagers in Felix' paralogue. It seems I didn't do well on planning my units classes. Most units can't promote to an advanced class because there weapon ranks are everywhere.... Still enough time to catch up on this? Just finished demonic beast battle last night.
  14. I didn't bother before, but is Cyril recruitable? Do I need B support for him as well?
  15. Wouldn't Manuella be a better option then? She should get Warp, right? Or will she be unable to get the class?
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