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  1. I don't think it makes them obsolete per se so much as... people generally seem to ignore the older versions if they weren't already a fan. Rarely do I see people actually care to go back and try out the older versions the games. It's a big reason why I'm very against more remakes, and on top of it all, FE1 and 3's remakes weren't very well received in sales or popularity by the fandom, and SoV hasn't done great either compared to the other 3DS titles and then the follow up title i.e. Three Houses. No remake from this franchise has really done all that great and yet it still kind of "replaces" the older versions in a sense, which makes them feel pretty... left in the dust, I guess. Imo it just kind of leaves the shine of the originals far off in a corner where most FE players won't even look at them nowadays. Some people are willing to try the games out if they don't have a remake, but if they do, people tend to lean toward the remakes and not the originals. While I wouldn't mind remastered versions of the games with some minor tweaks here and there, full on remakes are something I could never get behind for this franchise. They've done virtual releases over and over so I don't see why they can't just continue doing that. I can understand that the first two games can be a little difficult to manage because of for example the lack of visibility in a character's movement spaces and it's harder to determine battle outcomes, but that's where I'd prefer just a remaster that updates those things and doesn't really remake the game. TL;DR the remakes definitely at the very least overshadow the originals and in a lot of ways replace them. Most times if not every time, the remakes become the new canon to the respective saga instead of the canons for each being separated by game.
  2. Thank you! It's definitely been a very rough past year for me and getting things straightened out took time and wasn't easy. I wanted to do things for the manga and I guess with everything going on my motivation kind of fizzled out for a while once I was actually able to. I was going to try to continue cleaning while we had no translator and then things happened... I did get some of it done, but like I said, that was on my desktop which doesn't help at all at the moment. I ultimately decided not to show previews of the cleaned pages because of the lack of overall activity and I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up that we were more active than we actually were. I might in the future, but I don't want to say that right now as a guarantee because of what happened last time. I do feel bad for mentioning I was planning to do certain things that I ultimately couldn't get done so I wouldn't be surprised if some of these more recent updates fall on deaf ears/people don't actually expect anything. All I can really say is we're trying and I hope something comes of it. Thanks for sticking around and enjoying what we've done so far! I hope we can continue soon now that things are slowly moving back in a positive direction. --- Edit: For everyone, please read the OP. I'm working to fix this so hopefully the chapters will be back up soon. Thank you.
  3. It wasn't a chapter update. The update was what I posted. It was just an information update about what's going on since we've had some progress even if it's been slow going. I'm just trying to avoid going radio silent so nobody thinks I've just disappeared and that the project is dead or something.
  4. Hm? An update? Ye. An update. I've passed the next section of chapters off to a translator not too long ago. We currently only have the last chapter of volume eleven translated, but the pages aren't cleaned yet. As far as cleaning goes, it's a little bit of a mess on my end because long story short, my desktop started crapping out around August and I haven't been able to get into it for a few months (and I'm not talking easy-solution-virus-removal-somehow, I'm talking something in the hardware is hella crapping out and it is an old computer). Unfortunately it seems my last backup of the chapters goes back to the first chapter of volume eleven as far as finished chapters/cleaned pages. This also means the pages I had cleaned and ready for typesetting are still on my desktop, which means I have no access to them. Either I'm gong to have to reclean them or I'm going to have wait until I can get into my hard drive and get those pages, because chances are I'm going to want to start cleaning before I get a new desktop (because tbh at this point in time I have no idea when that will be). We were also going to work on chapters 36 and 37 to have a full version of volume six, and I had all my pages of those chapters cleaned and ready as well, but I'd have to recheck if those got backed up. I'm pretty sure my fonts are backed up though. Part of why I haven't cleaned any pages since losing accessibility to the desktop is the fact that I've never liked working on cleaning (or even typesetting tbh) on the laptop. I do have a mouse connected to it now though which helps a lot, so worst case scenario with no other options, I'll try to clean on the laptop. The other problem is that I'm hoping my color levels won't make things look too different on another monitor. Unfortunately that's something that bothers me. A lot. You'd think life was specifically getting in my way so that I couldn't work on this thing. All I can say is that yes, there's been minor progress. Well, maybe a lot? Having a translator is kind of a big step forward to working on this again, but also, losing access to my desktop is a big step backward. Thankfully I'm currently in a bit of a Fire Emblem mindset so that might help, and I have spilled my guts over Alvis again recently so that also helps. Alvis always helps. Does this mean the manga is currently back on? Well, not quite yet. We've been taking some serious baby steps these past few months. Will it be? Boy do I hope so. The past year has been terrible in terms of wanting to and/or trying to and falling short. Hopefully that won't be the case this year.
  5. Yes, the story goes beyond that. We just haven't gotten farther in the translation process than what you see here. I've been in contact recently with a potential translator but the person in question has some irl stuff to take care of first. If they can accept this project with us, hopefully we can get back on track.
  6. I'm speaking to my cleaners today about going forward with cleaning. This will be the case for both the FE4 and FE5 manga, but for each, we only have a single chapter left that's translated. That means we can do one release for both until we have a translator again. Unfortunately I haven't really known where to start looking for one, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'll look around accordingly. In the future I'll probably continue editing older chapters for better quality, but that's a bridge to cross when I come back to it. Once the translated chapters are released, I'll make do in the time being with cleaned page/panel previews if we don't have a translator by then. Pages have been cleaned since last summer, but they're a little out of order because different people have been working on different chapters. All in all, it's slow, but it's progress.
  7. Update!: Okay so normally I wouldn't make a double post BUT I want to update y'all because it's been so long. The projects we were doing aren't exactly canceled. I know we've had to go on a lot of hiatuses and I suppose we'd have to consider this length to be one too. Due to life circumstances I couldn't work on the manga, but even once that was cleared away I had to consider that we don't presently have a translator. Nothing bad happened; TE just had other interests and that's fine. Overall most of my team members have seemed to need a break from FE in general, myself mostly included. If the chance arises and we get the team members necessary to continue the project, I would be more than happy to continue with releases. Technically we still do have a chapter we could work on, and I'll speak to my cleaners about that and future cleaning. While I did initially plan to continue cleaning the portions I could and posting some previews, not only was I unable to for a period of time, but by the time I could I no longer had the drive to do so. I've thought about the manga a lot recently though and it's definitely something I'd like to revive, I guess you could say. There's still plenty about it left that I enjoy and would like to get out. This will still require a translator, so I'll look around a bit again and see what I can do about cleaners/the cleaners in the team currently. Reminder if anyone does want to help out with cleaning, I'm willing to train people. If you're a translator or know one who might be interested, feel free to let me know. I know translators for the newer games are easier to come by. But basically, I haven't forgotten about these projects for this team or this manga. It's been in the back of my mind often. I can't be sure I'll get back to it right away, but I have no problem discussing it with people interested in helping out with it and working to get it going again. <3
  8. They weren't included at all. Alvis' battle is the last we get. I agree that Hilda could have been beneficial to the plot. Having an actually irredeemable villain would actually help get the gray morality across with other villains/antagonists. It's unfortunate we actually lost a potentially great arc dealing with all that. I'll message you with details as soon as I find the time and try to cover everything we need. Foremost we need redrawing capability though, and/or dealing with texture covering, replacement and filling, to cover the super basics of what we're in the biggest need of. Even if you can do one and not the other, let me know and I'll see what we can do! Thanks for the offer, too! EDIT 12/17/18: Available again for cleaning. Situation mostly straightened out. Will be semi active again for now while things are figured out with this series!
  9. The final chapter of the game is mixed in with chapter ten of the game in the manga. Events from both are basically squashed together in one volume, with the exception of the final battle or a battle against Manfloy. Ishtar's motivations at that point are based more on Yurius in the manga since Hilda isn't there for that. Oosawa did probably more than one could expect mashing two chapters' worth of game story into one volume, but yeah, there's a lot missing from the Miletos arc because of the lack of the Hilda arc. You're welcome! Cleaning is the only thing we're otherwise in need of besides translators, so if you ever want to learn to do cleaning, we can assist with that. I've taught a few people who were interested, so if you ever are, just drop me a message and we can work something out.
  10. She didn't stay with him, per se. Not at the moment she met with Sigurd. She was standing with Sigurd, but she of course knew Alvis' kindest sides. She wanted to believe there was something left for him in the world. She couldn't have stopped Sigurd from being killed because she had no idea it was going to happen (which is why she fainted from shock upon seeing it). I mean tbf the whole thing was complicated because Alvis was obviously distraught about her losing her, so I don't think she'd just leave him for Sigurd, but she'd definitely want to stay with Sigurd with her memories back. Right in that moment with Sigurd though, I don't think she exactly "stayed" with Alvis. He did feel betrayed in that moment too, so it's kind of like... she accepted she was married to Sigurd and wanted to be with him, but she didn't want to just drop Alvis off her radar after everything and leave him just like that. But if you didn't like it, I'm not going to tell you to like it. I actually personally contest the fact that Diadora is raising twins with Alvis and from what it seems like, also considering what I know from future volumes, that she died thinking of and loving Sigurd instead of thinking of the people right there with her. It's one thing to think about Sigurd, but when dying, she gave no thought to Alvis himself (i.e. she could've given thought to both and her kids). The idea to me kind of felt like "well if I die I can be with Sigurd again. Regardless of like, you know, whatever happens to Alvis and Yuria in the meantime". Not that I'm not bothered by Sigurd too sometimes in the manga. Boy, grabbing a naked lady in a lake and not letting her go after she tells you to ain't cool. Alvis was so cute when he asked Diadora to marry him. Alvis, why won't you talk to me like that--...
  11. Yeah, her finding out in the game is what I mean. I think she stayed because she found out after the twins were born. Which tbh at that point was probably best for Alvis, and really, her too. They would have hunted her down if she left and Alvis really wouldn't have been able to protect her because she wouldn't have been there. He couldn't either way, but being together and alive and maybe trying to save the children was her priority.
  12. Idk, I think it was better off for Sigurd. He died with some hope and happiness versus shouting in rage. I'm also not too sure Alvis was totally in his right mind in either the game or manga. The manga does mention somewhere iirc that Diadora lost her memory again from the shock of losing Sigurd? I think it's definitely tragic, but in a way it's also just as awful to never regain her memory of him period and stuck knowing she has a son somewhere out there with a man she can't even remember who she apparently loved. In one of the interviews or notes on this site, I remember reading something about her figuring out she'd been married and all that previously but never abandoned Alvis for it in the game. Both situations totally suck tbh so I'm not even sure which is the lesser of two evils for Diadora. Sigurd though, I think it was much better for him to go out with some kind of hope than to realize right then and there he didn't have that backup after all. Oosawa definitely did great with portraying Alvis' hopelessness at the whole thing though.
  13. Please remember to keep this topic to the manga. Comparisons are fine, but it's getting too off topic toward just the game (and it's a chunk of posts in a row). Thanks. I've bought a mouse for the laptop so hopefully it comes in soon and I can start cleaning again. I've sent some chapters off to other cleaners in the meantime, so previews for volume twelve and onward will pop in when I can do that.
  14. Which gives me more reason to think he did it on purpose with FE4. It was also possibly a means to differentiate them and Alvis. Oosawa was free to take creative liberties, and it's not like I'm not interested in this take/version. I like seeing people's takes on the story and where they go with it from what they've been given from the game.
  15. See, if I recall correctly, a lot was left out of the game period due to limitations - including all of a supposed part three. There was indeed very little that could be done outside of dialogue, and I think Kaga's intention was to make the Sect look evil - because they effectively are. They've suffered, sure, and I will say not everything is done perfectly, but that's why I don't really mind. If the game was released later on (and Kaga was still around for it), say around when PoR happened, they probably would've done more for the story regarding things like that. Though, admittedly, I'm not quite interested in the whole "trying to make sympathetic villains" thing when they've been expressed to be bad people, because tbh I feel like that's something Radiant Dawn did that actually basically ruined the characters for me. Example, Alvis wasn't described as being evil from the get go and displayed much the opposite of being evil. The Sect wasn't like that. Being an antagonist isn't directly the same as being the story's villain. It's possible the members of the Sect lost their humanity along the way, which seems to be the case. I understand if Oosawa has a different take on it than Kaga, and I'm okay with that. Tbh, too, I've noticed myself and a few others seem to believe Manfloy crying was just a distraction toward Levin to lower his guard. But either way, to each his or her own. Personally, I think sometimes a story needs the villainous types mixed in with just antagonists.
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