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  1. You say you tried it multiple times, but if you just kept immediately having Cuan attack each time you loaded the file, the result of the battle wouldn't change. With FE4, a different battle would have to be triggered to change the RNG string to produce a different result (which could potentially also change the fact that you were getting a lover crit, i.e. say you had Lex go into battle then Cuan the next time you loaded your file. Since you now changed the RNG string via Lex's battle, there's no guarantee Cuan would get the lover crit this time. If you kept going into battle and repeating the exact same thing, the result wouldn't change at all). Chances are, Cuan attacked with his normal attack first and would have attacked with a crit after that. As far as I know from my double digits playthroughs, lover crits aren't always the initial attack if they end up attacking more than once. In this case, my guess is that Cuan was going to attack again, the second time with the crit, but Zyne would attack and defeat him before Cuan attacks again (thus making him unable to attack again at the time he would use the crit), and with a horseslayer he normally gets a guaranteed crit against Cuan (though I haven't played the hack so I'm not sure if there's a bug as far as the horseslayer goes in this case). It seems to me like you were just defeated before he got the chance to initiate the crit (also, you mentioned the hack doesn't guarantee a crit, which sounds like it is still possible, but doesn't always occur).
  2. It depends heavily on whether or not they give us PoR or RD Shinon, imo. I would honestly expect PoR Shinon to be a GHB with a Brave Bow+ at best because he comes back to the group with a Brave Bow. Based on how they've released Tellius units up to now, it seems like they do PoR versions for beorc and RD for laguz (ex. Reyson, Tibarn, Naesala, Ranulf, etc are all in and playable in PoR, but they're listed as RD in Heroes. With beorc we get their PoR version if they're in both games unless we get an alt later on). I'm generally expecting PoR to get in first for characters originally from PoR, which is why I've kept my hopes low on what Shinon's situation will be. I also don't have much faith that we'll ever get normal RD alts of most characters (like how Hinoka got that random alt that wasn't a seasonal or anything - just a random alt in the normal pool), and if we do it won't be any time soon. Believe me, I want Shinon to come with the Silencer or even the Double Bow and to not be a GHB unit (which at this point it's easier to get units who aren't free with the new post 40 rolls you get whoever you want on the new banner). I want him to be an awesome unit. I just don't wanna get disappointed when that's not the case. ^^; I DO know, however, that he ranked in the top 100 of CYL this year (and considering the amount of total units able to be voted for, that's a feat) so I know people really want him in Heroes. He ranked 71st place this year, so hopefully IntSys will take it as a sign to make him a good unit when he got so high in CYL. I also voted for him for one of my votes this year so I'm glad he made it so far up the rankings. 😊
  3. @Koops I've updated volume seven, so chapter 44 is available again! I didn't do any edits on the chapter so it's not going to look as nice as our current releases (there's a lot of typesetting I need to redo and some pages definitely need rotation), but it's up! Thanks! This manga is definitely harder to translate than the other Jugdral books I own (and it's a lot, so that says something about this manga lol). I'm grateful for the translators I've had and their patience working on this. As much as some of us may be sad when we've finished this manga because it'll be over, I'm sure my current translator will love working on our other projects because they won't be so damn difficult lol.
  4. It's so weird to think that it's been so long since we got a full on Tellius banner. Last year was crazy with Tellius releases and it sucked me dry of orbs (which says something I guess because I usually save and I hit 750 free orbs when Tibarn's banner dropped). Still holding out hope for Tellius again though. Actually, I'm just holding out hope that Shinon won't be a lame GHB unit, but my chances of that are, well... pretty bad. A banner with Shinon, Gatrie, Rhys and Boyd would be perfect and would fill all color slots (assuming Shinon was a red bow unit), and then we'd have the missing GMs. Rolf technically has an alt though and not an original, so I keep feeling like they'll have him in a banner instead of Shinon with Shinon being the GHB of that banner. As much as I also want more Jugdral banners, I have a good chunk of my favorites in Heroes now. Tellius though there are still a good few I want in the game at least. Hopefully Nasir won't also get a GHB. I have to hold out some kind of hope for certain units because really, Reinhardt and Ishtar should have been GHBs going by the usual theme of what GHB characters are but they weren't. That's pretty much my only hope for Shinon. 😓 Actually, I still want non-seasonal Greil... but I'm not holding out much hope there right now. I want Janaff too, but maybe that's just me wanting to S support Janaff with Shinon; as if I don't already double A support them with RD and PoR's data transfer.
  5. Yes, Edelgard accepted death after defeat, but Alvis hadn't been defeated yet. He also quite literally gave his "enemy" the means to defeat him, which is where the difference lies. Edelgard accepted defeat upon, well, defeat. When she was backed into a corner with no way out. She passed the torch to Byleth when there was literally no other choice. Alvis did it before death and for different reasons. If we're just going by very simple passing the torch explanations, then Claude essentially does that too in CF, so imo it's not a legit comparison when the means are so very different. Alvis wasn't really on a darker path tbh. He killed Sigurd, yes... and regretted it, safekeeping his weapons until Sigurd's child was close enough to give it to him. Alvis' reign was too peaceful to really be considered a "dark" path. Edelgard didn't think there was any other way besides war, but Alvis never started a war. Killing Sigurd didn't start a war at all. In turn, Celice started the war over a decade later (for good reason obviously, but it was all caused by the Lopt Sect and the crappy people in power who thought they were doing what Alvis wanted when he was just being used as a figurehead by the Sect), but nothing Alvis did began a war. He never thought a war was essential to bring about change. Again, a big difference: Edelgard didn't have much time left to live and thought war was the quickest way out of everything. War is the opposite of what Alvis wanted. I guess you can see the dagger thing as passing the torch, but I never really saw throwing a dagger into someone's shoulder as such. But regardless, again - that only happened when she was defeated and had no other out. Dimitri in AM by that point had already given her the chance to end the war and settle things peacefully, but she chose not to go along with that. Alvis was very protective about his people, but Edelgard was willing to sacrifice however many she had to to reach her goals. Alvis personally killed one person (Sigurd) and wasn't ultimately comfortable with the decision he made (the rest of the Battle of Barhara wasn't just Alvis specifically, but he also knew he was wrong eventually). Ultimately though my main point is that it's a really far stretch to even call them similar as people, because they had very different goals in mind. Again, banishing the Crest system as it was versus nobody even caring about the holy bloodlines being in power for example. Who they are and what they had in mind were very different, as well as the circumstances surrounding their decisions. I'm not saying Edelgard didn't ultimately end up trusting Byleth or something, but the means of reaching that point in non-CF routes takes her dying first, whereas Alvis had already planned for his defeat specifically (versus Edelgard deciding she'd only do that if she was defeated and never actually planned to be defeated). In CF, it's even less similar because Edelgard trusts Byleth, who is there with her. Alvis doesn't have anyone by his side that he explicitly trusts and is only able to pin his hopes with Celice, who is "the enemy" at the time. I'm not saying Edelgard didn't do the things you're mentioning, but the situations that led to them were vastly different than with Alvis and even in the end, they weren't really similar. I also don't have a problem with you liking her - I just don't see her and Alvis as having anything in common beyond extremely vague details.
  6. I saw some discussion about Alvis and unless prompted I'm not going to get into it deeply right at this time, but Alvis is absolutely nothing like Edelgard. Their stories are also completely different as people. The only similarities are the whole Flame Emperor and evil dark cult things going on. I've written about it before and I'll grab that text if prompted, but their character arcs are completely opposite of each other. Their behavior, attitudes, general characters, stories, arcs and relationships are also nothing alike. As one super big example, Alvis recognized his mistakes and made a last effort to see peace restored through Celice. He accepted his death if Celice was strong enough to kill him, even hiding Tyrfing for years to give to him. As soon as Celice's army was nearby, he gave Palmark the Tyrfing to give to Celice. Alvis was willing to die for the world he envisioned. He entrusted his ideals to someone else. On the other hand, Edelgard would never, ever entrust her ideals to the other lords of her game. Even when it was completely clear that Dimitri's intentions were good and that he wanted change in the world as well in Azure Moon (and Dimitri had similar thoughts as Edelgard with the whole Crest system and yadda yadda), Edelgard refused to yield. She was never willing to die for the sake of her new world and didn't feel she could entrust her vision of a new world to anyone else. Instead, she was trying to crush all opposition (even including neutral territories). Her belief seemed to be that it had to be her, specifically, who brought about this change. In contrast, Alvis sided specifically with the opposition because the opposition felt the same way he did. He gave his supposed enemy the means to defeat him. In all routes of Three Houses, Edelgard never does this - she remains consistently opposed to all other territories across each route (meaning there are no gaps in her character that would make her comparable to Alvis in even one route because she, as a character as well as throughout her arc, remain consistent). Basically, Alvis saw a future in Celice's reign and entrusted the future he hoped for to Celice. Edelgard could have done the same thing but never did, and nor did she ever want to. Both of them wanted one nation, sure - but Alvis wanted to unify the continent and destroy all prejudice of bloodlines so that even people with Lopt blood could live in his new world (he even stated in gen 1 that he had no problem with the Lopt Sect existing, but he wasn't going to allow them to do harm. In other words, he wasn't going to allow the Sect to be destroyed just for simply existing because that would be hypocritical to his ideals for a new world lacking prejudiced). Edelgard wanted to conquer the continent and have the Children of the Goddess fully removed from power, and also is against dragons having power over humanity (which is a very stark contrast to Jugdral, who view the dragons as gods and see the weapons given to them by those dragons as holy and blessed). Edelgard expresses not wanting the Crest system in place and wants to change it, whereas Alvis is content with the holy bloodlines remaining as they are. Simply put, the holy bloodlines aren't viewed as problematic like Crests are - rather, they're respected and the inheritors are royalty/nobility, which is accepted in Jugdral. In Fodlan, the Crest systems becomes more and more questionable throughout the game (and most presently expressed in CF and AM, which are meant to be two sides of the same coin imo through Edelgard and Dimitri). When Edelgard conquered Fodlan, there was opposition and war going on for five straight years and many, many characters hated her rule. Alvis' rule was considered peaceful for over a decade until the Lopt Sect took over and let the blame fall to Alvis instead while running around him and making it seem like he was okay with it. Right from the start, Edelgard allied with TWSITD but planned to destroy them in the end, whereas Alvis never actually allied with the Lopt Sect - he just wasn't going to destroy the Sect initially because they hadn't done anything wrong yet at the time. Granted, they both have the whole Sect thing going on, but even those situations are vastly different. YEAH I SAID I WASN'T GOING TO GET TOO DEEPLY INTO IT but oh well. I mean, this is like a small portion of what I've written before about them, but basically Alvis and Edelgard are on two completely opposite ends of the new world spectrum. Their situations also differ far too much (ex. Crests and holy bloodlines).
  7. Tried editing that post and it wouldn't edit even though it was under five minutes old so I'll just drop this here: When I was saying Leaf would have to be born the earliest month into the year that was worded oddly - it was meant more as an easy example. He could have been born at any point in the year as could Faval have been, but it would still have to be within the same year (i.e. Faval would have to have his 16th birthday before Leaf turned 17) which is what I find unlikely based on the manga's story and timeline. I just basically take the ages with a grain of salt because I find the timeline a bit... unreliable. But then also, between FE4 and FE5, the timeline is unreliable between the two anyway, so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Which I get, but I mean more that the manga ages claim to go by FE5 and don't accurately. Again, as an example, Sety in FE5 states he's older than Leaf when speaking with him (in this case it makes more sense to say Sety is younger in the manga because he was clearly born after Leaf, but that means it's not consistent with FE5 like it claims to be). Leaf is also fifteen in FE5 - not sixteen. He's sixteen in FE4. As far as Faval goes in the manga itself, it states Faval is of an age that would mean he was literally born within the same year as Leaf, and Brigid wasn't pregnant or even in a relationship yet by the time Leaf was born. If he's the same age as Leaf, he would just barely be and it would mean Brigid and Dew moved really fast post war... and that also assumes Leaf was born extremely early on into the year because pregnancy alone takes nine months. That gives Faval three months to be the same age as Leaf (if Leaf was born the earliest possible time of the year) if Brigid was pregnant as soon as Leaf was born... which she wasn't, making that window even smaller. I get what you're saying, but I mean instead that the manga is just inconsistent with ages based both upon what it claims to be based off of (FE5) and even within its own context. If you don't know what I'm referring to, check pages 160-161 of volume nine. Based on the overall ages on that spread, the ages are more consistent toward FE4's gameplay than FE5's story, and then you have some pairs that clearly had children after the war in the manga like Azel and Tiltyu, who already had both kids before the end of the game's gen 1 when paired together. In update news... Lapis has finals this month so CoD will be helping us with chapter 69, but other than a few double spreads that CoD will be doing we're almost done with chapter 69 and I've finished my parts for chapter 70 as well as begun work on chapters 71 and 72 (which are now fully translated as well). For now, here's a page of the coming chapter because why not.
  9. The manga isn't exactly the same as the game in that sense, but I think they're still only about a year apart in the game too. The end of volume nine has the age chart for the manga. In this case Arthur and Tinny weren't born yet before the Battle of Barhara, but in the game they were (in Azel and Tiltyu's lover conversation in chapter five of the game, Azel tells her to take care of the kids). Granted, the ages are a little funky in the manga too. Leaf is older than Sety but FE5's game states it's the other way around. Then somehow Faval is sixteen even though Leaf is stated to be sixteen and Leaf was born before the attack in Yied but Faval wasn't born yet then, and Brigid wasn't even with Dew yet at the time. I could understand Leaf and Sety considering the manga isn't exactly like the games, but then... the manga says "as far as years go, Thracia 776's setting takes precedence. We've contacted Intelligent Systems so the ages in the Oosawa version wouldn't have any inconsistencies". And then... looking at Sety and Leaf's ages that's already not the case. So yeah, I've learned to take ages in the manga with a grain of salt. ^^;
  10. I also liked it delving into Tinny's story in that sense! We weren't shown him being captured. The guard mentions he lost the battle (when he said he had behaved the whole time and laughed that losing the battle shocked him that much), so that could mean either he fought them after Liza died and lost and was captured, or he was too distraught after losing her to fight back and essentially lost the battle when she lost her battle. It ends up being used for things in the coming chapters though, so you'll see that soon!
  11. 😂 I'm glad it gave you such a good day. 2020's been wild so far but at least we started up on the manga again.
  12. Chapter 68 is up! I know some of the pages have noticeable blurs on them - those are different from spine blurs and they happen during scanning for some reason. I’m not sure why, but this particular scanner has been doing that for a while now and I never knew why or how to fix it (I redid a lot of scans because of them when they started happening, but they kept happening even on a lot of rescans). Someday maybe I’ll go back and fix those, but it’ll be a long time from now because that would require redoing entire pages. I needed a new scanner cord at the time I finished the pages (I have it now but I didn't at the time), which is why I didn’t fix them before doing the pages. For now this is what I have so it’s what I’m using to avoid extending the wait.
  13. Chapter 67 is up! It's in the usual spot in the OP. Chapter 68 is very close to finished and will hopefully be up very soon. Chapters 69 and 70 are also already in progress. Once we catch up to the translations @LeifOfLeonsterTranslations has finished for us, I'm not sure what our speed will look like, but I'll continue cleaning pages with my cleaners in the meantime. This is the last chapter TheEnd translated before LOLT's work, so we'll be crediting future chapters as such. I mean, I can, but they'll be released with the volume anyway when it's done. If you guys want a separate version of those by themselves in the meantime I can zip them together and upload them, but I don't know if I'll end up putting them on the OP because they're not technically a chapter.
  14. Just as an example from an uncleaned scan of mine: Idk, I felt like a fool not using names that were already written down lol. I did originally want to use Levn because of it but I had talked to the team at the time about it because I know basically nobody really knew that version of the name, so in the end it's the only one we didn't use. As for Holyn, that's a personal preference for a few reasons (not like it matters in this manga though haha... ha... Holyn my good man...). Just something I have a leaning toward is all. 😊
  15. All chapters we've done so far are in the first post of the thread, as well as any details pertaining to what's there (or not there such as in the current case). That post is updated every chapter or when I need to put certain information updates there. As a bit of a mild update: Lapis is almost done with chapter 67's cleaning, though most of the work she has left are double spreads and she's new to cleaning manga so I hope you can all be patient with her. For being new to this her work has been fantastic, and imo the quality we're working toward is worth the small extra wait. As much as I could get these out a bit faster, the quality would take a nosedive on some pages. Chapter 68 is almost completely finished - it really shouldn't be long at all after chapter 67 that we get it out. I need Lapis for a very tiny portion of that chapter and the rest is already completed. While waiting on these chapters I've begun work on chapter 69 and have a chunk of it also completed. It probably won't be long before I get working on chapter 70. Other good news is I'm probably getting a tablet soon, which means I don't need to leave my other cleaners with all the heavy lifting. Hopefully we'll get at least up to chapter 70 out relatively quickly as a... sorry for the horrendously long wait + most of us are still in quarantine special.
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