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  1. I'm happy to hear that and I appreciate it! We're still getting things cleaned and we have a chunk of things worked on, so I'll try to get to those on the typesetting end and get them on the main page. We have the translation worked on at least through all of volume fourteen and a lot of cleaning behind that. It's been long enough that we've worked on this that I'm hoping it'll be done soon, and I'm hoping no other future projects end up like this if we keep those going at this point (which I want to but I'm also concerned about all the delays again). For now at the very least we thankfully have things I can get to. Also spoke to CoD about the project again so hopefully that works out too! She's had a full time job so we'll see where that all goes.
  2. Fixed chapter 68 a decent bit. I didn't edit it entirely because it's not a new chapter, but I think I worked on parts of 67-70 on a laptop (which would be all of 67/68), and I'm also not sure what happened to some of the pages' quality along the way (particularly in 68). I won't be fixing the page quality right now if I do at all because it would mean redoing all those pages from scratch entirely and to be totally honest I have no idea how they got like that in the first place. Regarding the typesetting, it might have been the size of my monitor from being on a laptop - at this point I can't remember - but the font size was 18 and it looks horrible (by comparison, my standard font size is 13 and I change the size based on bubble size or expressive dialogue). I didn't edit every single bubble's size because it's a bit of work for a chapter that's older now, so anything I can "pass off" as making the font larger by the conversation, I left as it was. I also edited the dark levels (the black colors) because some of them were noticeably off. Ngl I have no idea how I passed these chapters off as "this looks fine" when I worked on them back then lmao. If you're looking for a slightly better look to chapter 68, it's up and ready to be downloaded. I'm not using a laptop right now for the current chapters bless it all so we're back to actually reasonable font sizes! Chapter 70 is in the works and in the last stage of said works so it won't be too long before it's finished. We've made generally good time with the cleaning for volume 13 as well, so it shouldn't take too long for 12 and 13 to be finished. Chapter 71 might or might not be on the slower side because it's a gross mess of redrawing, but after that several chapters have definitely made good time for being cleaned. Volume 14 is almost completely finished with translation as well, so we thankfully won't have to wait for releasing chapters up through that volume at this point in time, assuming no severe life occurrences happen to his team again (I know I kept saying things like "busy" but it was a lot worse than that most of the time and if we could've worked on the chapters, we would've). Happy Jugdraling to you all!
  3. See, I meant it when I said very soon! 😄😄😄 Chapter 69 is up! Also, as mentioned above, volume ten is fully available again now too. I'll be getting the others up in due time. No bad bumps in the road anymore, world, pleaseeee! 🙏🙏🙏
  4. Aside from Pat here, I've picked up another cleaner recently who quickly got to work on cleaning, so I should have a chapter ready very soon! @LeifOfLeonsterTranslationshas only one more chapter left to translate for volume fourteen, and chapter 70 is in the works by 69's other cleaner. Beyond that a lot of the cleaning is a bit scattered, but thankfully that means some of the work is already done. Next chapter will be out very soon (like for really real this time, because I have all the cleaned pages on hand lol). I'm also working on getting 62-66 back up, but I've gone through absolutely everything I have of my backups and it doesn't seem I have any of those chapters except for on my old hard drive, so for now (and until I can either get them off that hard drive or if I ever see the need to edit those chapters) I'm going to have to use online copies of them. Edit: Volume 10 is fully up now!
  5. Yeah, we wouldn't drop our quality without mentioning it, like when I mentioned I might be willing to do early and incomplete releases visually. If we get enough cleaners that I don't have to do that then that's even better, but I couldn't live with myself if I had such a massive dip in quality without a word about it lol. You can tell if it's our releases because the credits will always have our team name on it and it would say on the forum that it was released. Those chapters were just uploaded onto third party manga websites, but my uploads all go to mega.nz and are linked here on the first page, so if you don't see a chapter listed here then my team didn't work on it yet. If I do release any chapters early, the quality won't be extremely poor or anything. The only pages that will look meh are the ones that require redrawing (double spreads, images too close to the book spine, spots with text that has to get removed, etc.), and even those I'll at least somewhat level so the page isn't totally raw. But again, if we do get enough cleaners (or said cleaners have enough time and are willing to do some faster work) in the near future then we can hopefully just do full releases and not visually incomplete! The woes of me being capable of merely drawing a stick figure. Sometimes I can do that right, at least. Sometimes.
  6. Hey! Thank you for the kind words! I'd like to point out that we're not at chapter 74 - my team is at 69 and we're going to do some small cleaning changes to the past couple chapters, and I've got some work in on 70. For clarification, I was informed by a different team translator than the one who has spoken here on the forum (one that I have different plans with than the current chapters) that another group did a recent release; however I do not support genuinely illegal methods of releasing chapters and I do not support paying people or taking money from people for an intellectual property that is not owned by that person. From what I saw the chapter was commissioned, but it 100% had nothing to do with my team and I would never allow someone to pay us to translate an IP that does not belong to us (and considering the quality they paid for, well... I wouldn't say I have an ego because I'm aware we do quality work, but that chapter was missing punctuation, had poor grammar, was not cleaned, and had horrible typesetting just off the few screenshots I was shown). Lesson learned, kids: don't pay for manga scanlations. It's illegal and it's a ripoff, and even more so a ripoff when a team is doing good work for free). They also had the gall to steal our credits concept (as did the people before them, though the scanner didn't seem to have any part in that), on top of trying to throw shade at us for taking a while to release (incorrectly I might add, because the translation itself was done quite some time ago). People did start trying to translate it after we picked it up from Holsety Scans, but that reads to me more as impatience when it's been made clear multiple times that we haven't dropped it but have had circumstances preventing us at various times. Kind of wild to think people would get so impatient they'd actually pay someone for low quality work instead of waiting for the high quality free work, or even offering to help out themselves... Huh. There was a prior mention here about a different group even before that translating a few chapters that seem to have stopped. May have just wanted that volume out, I don't know, but that team also had nothing to do with us. I do appreciate the kind words nonetheless - I'm doing what I can to get these out and if you're willing to help, that would be wonderful. The more hands we have to clean, the faster these chapters will get out! Even if we somehow managed to catch up to the translations, we can continue cleaning while waiting, which would mean once a translation is complete, I'll be able to to just typeset right away. As always, I'm willing to train people to clean if they don't know how yet and can do redraws! We have more good content in this manga to get to and any help getting there is appreciated! 🙏
  7. Hey, guys! I've recently passed off pages to CoD to clean with the next two chapters partly completed (cleaned and typesetted). Due to how far ahead the translation is currently, it would take us a while to catch up cleaning-wise and I can't guarantee how long it will take us to get chapters out if we wait until the cleaning is complete. In light of that, I've created an anonymously answered poll to see if you guys are interested in reading the final translation products much well ahead in advance of the final cleaning products. This means the chapters may be only partially cleaned or not at all cleaned and would be considered an early release, with the final products coming out later. These can be released up to where the translation is currently. This also means I can release them much, much quicker and there won't be a long wait time between chapters. Right now the translation is in progress as far as volume fourteen, so I can release chapters up to that point at present as I semi-complete them. Please let me know if you're interested in this and I can begin working on the partial version releases ASAP!
  8. Everything is still being worked on. As it says in the OP, translation is already in volume fourteen. We haven't updated with uploads for a variety of reasons, but the project has been off full hiatus and ongoing for quite some time now. As I am writing this I am also sending the necessary files to CoD for cleaning. We'll be continuing into volume thirteen for cleaning and typesetting as well, and while I don't know how often we'll update (as opposed to our old monthly schedule), the translation is plenty ahead of us and I'll let you all know if we do happen to catch up to it. Edit: Just checked and I did actually work ahead of the chapter we're on! I have a chunk of the current volume already started, so at some point I must have gone ahead and continued my own share of the cleaning and just typesetted it while I was at it.
  9. Alright, I'll see what we can do. I'll take it to messages for you! You may also want to see if you can get into contact with the person who did the scans for the previous team for the earlier scans (I recall they posted in here a while back but I'm not sure which page it's on...), as I don't currently have volumes 1-5 scanned (I own the books and can hopefully find them... Seems at some point a lot of my books got moved by family and I can't find some of them, but I'm not sure if that includes any Oosawa books since I know I kept most if not all of those close to me when that happened). Thank you! We have plans to do some editing on the current volume (which is partly why the one that was almost done didn't get released yet), but thankfully I've got the up to date work on a USB after all this computer switching. Translation is still going well though so technically the project is still ongoing behind the scenes! It's not complete yet but we're inching there. 🙏 Ah snappies, I totally forgot about that and I meant to fix it. Thanks for the reminder! It should be fixed now. Thank you for the support! I agree that the translation is amazing too, so kudos to the translators we've had! It's always fun typesetting their work. 💙
  10. Yes, I've scanned the books. Are you looking to find a translation team for a Korean version and need scans? Though I should probably mention (just in case that's what you were looking for), several of the volumes my own team hasn't gotten up in translation yet I planned to go back through and do some re-scanning for since I wasn't satisfied with how some of the pages came out, so a small chunk of the pages might end up getting replaced with newer and better lit scans.
  11. Thank you!!! 🙏 It means a lot that people are still reading this despite the bumpy roads we've endured. We've always wanted it to look great in the finished product out of love for FE4. It deserves the best we can offer. 💙
  12. It sure as hell is lol. It's not just the time and effort that goes into it, but also that our schedules need to be free enough, and various other things have to be taken into account. I've had computer troubles on and off for example since we started, ranging from my monitor dying to hardware itself dying. For sure though, the insane amount of double spreads do not help. Hopefully I can get my head in this and focus on it without all the road blocks, because last time I did that some months ago, road blocks did indeed happen. If it's any consolation, Seraph got started on volume 13 while we were working on volume 12, so once 12 is done it shouldn't be too bad for the first couple or few chapters in 13, since we have a bit of it already done. After that all we have left is 14, 15 and 16, and ffs we'll be done with this manga lol. After that I'll probably go back and make my minor edits while we hopefully can continue with FE5, and after that what we work on is up in the air as far as exactly which books we work on from there. - Edit: March 21: Volume 13's translation is finished! I know it's been slow going but our translator has less free time than before. ChildofDain and I should be good to continue now that I've heard back from @LeifOfLeonsterTranslations. CoD and I have some revisions to do for the current volume, but we'll aim for that as we work on the current chapter. - EDIT: May 13: Put some info in my About section on my page as to what's been up with the slowness of the manga progression.
  13. Here to confirm I am still alive and have a chapter that's near completion. I have some files to round up and a bit of organizing to do, and the bulk of the next chapter in question is on another computer, so that's part of the file round up. I think we actually have more done for next volume than the current one, so I'll have to check up on where we stand with that. Crossing my fingers it works out this time. Last time we started up was definitely bad timing with the pandemic which affected the team. I don't know how activity will go in terms of releases and right now we have no set schedule, so it's going to have be played by ear for now. 🤞🤞🤞
  14. Thank you! Life seems to like smacking this project square in the face when I drag it back out. Petitioning life to chill out a bit for an at least somewhat consistent schedule. 😒
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