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  1. Zihark is superior to mia in every way doe her level averages are crap (she doesnt even cap any stat but spd and even than she is just a waste of bexp to get to the level where she caps it) Mias bases at level10 23 HP 8.6 Str 1.2 mag 11.8 skl 15.4 spd 7.8 lck 7.8 def 3 res Mias Growths: 50% 40% 30% 45% 60% 45% 20% 45% Zihark starting stats (lvl10) 25 hp 10 str 1 mag 13 skl 15 speed 6 luck 7 def 0 res Ziharks growths 55% 45% 15% 50% 60% 40% 30% 20% She beats him at res def and luck he has more str and better growths (both suck) Adept vs Vantage=Adept 20/1 Averages: Zihark: 34.5 HP 15.5 str 4.5 mag 20 skl 22 spd 10 luck 12 def 4 res Mia: 32 HP 13.6 str 6.2 mag 18.3 skl 22 spd 12.3 luck 11.8 def 7.5 res Because res and mag are praciticly meaningless (Oliver has 9 mag so threatning)Mia is pretty much a worse zihark with more luck (but he has that earth affinity to laugh at mia)
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGSYqhIbt20
  3. Lyn still had 2 votes dummy so corrected (learn to fucking read) Now here is mine again (for today because you ignored mine yesterday for this day so I have to wake up in 10 AM to do this) Celica 11 (My goal is for you to win) Sigurd 17 Celice 17 Leaf 17 Lyn 1(You just made me want to kill my least favorite lord more) Eliwood 4 Ephraim 16 Elincia 8 Micaiah 6 (sorry but I Really want to kick the mediocre lords when they are down Elincias next then its elisedd) Edit:and stop saying buzzards as an excuse people downvoted ephraim and levant down voted sigurd many times I dont see there is a bang wagon for them to be destroyed
  4. Tier list Changes: Lex above quan Dew to below Midir but above levin Midir Reaches High tier (Debateable spot) Beo down to mid tier Current Topic: Beo VS Holyn Guys you seem to forget how retarded beowulfs promo bonuses are and Dew is going above holyn holyns offence may be overkill but it doesnt really matter because there other units who can do what he does... dew has money dumping for every healer and anyone who is short on cash Paragon ring is still useful even in non ranked because it lets units get promo bonuses earlier and level up earlier given that Dew is defenitly above noish ayra and holyn and levin (who is only great at mid chapter4 too chapter 5) Im quite sure that most of alecs contributions early game outweight OP offence and being a footie but thats up too debate
  5. I was not strawmanning you I was just indicating it to everyone as a reminder and yea I get you he goes above midir Quan VS Lex is intersting Topics: Levin VS Beowurf Quan VS Lex
  6. This is my vote for tommorow as Im not gonna vote tommorow
  7. give me a reason why lex>dew and if you mention father potencial once all your points are denounced
  8. Celica 11 Sigurd 16 Celice 16 Leaf 17 Lyn 0 Eliwood 8 Ephraim 14 Elincia 10 Micaiah 9
  9. Its said im 54 and then when I used a diffrent picture it said 24 Very accurate (Im 18...) I also tried to check if papa franku is 52 This is incorrect but this is correct...
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