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  1. As my grandfather used to say "you're a day late and a dollar short" This is more like 2 years late and a couple hundred short
  2. I will say this I have no strong opinions on the matter, what I would have said has already been said. I really just wish S supports weren't in this game to begin with. ____ I will say this, there is no such thing a a wrong opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own. If you see one you disagree with just move on. Don't get offended when someone else gets offended, I can never wrap my mind around how people can be like that. I personally don't see anyone in the past few posts seem like they're trying to start something. I understand there is a strong negative emotional response here to the news about the m|m relationship choices. in the words of a wise man "Take a chill pill"
  3. I don't know, and I don't want to know dude That's what I like to call Borderline furry, like on the edge not all, but some of them are
  4. went to an MTG event once MTG event are known for smelling, there was a furry convention next to us, and it was worse considering of just baking together in a room they were doing the same in a full fur-suit a guy in a suit ran up and hugged me ------ I came that close from body slamming it into the concrete, I just didn't want to get kicked out of the venue
  5. tru nuh, uhh, I'm right thems fightin words I'm going to go and rant pointlessly on Twitter about what you just said it'll be a 67 tweet long thread your comment made me angry, I'm going to go yell at pigeons for the next half hour
  6. dogs are weak wolves who gave up a long time ago, HOLO IS THE WISEWOLF
  7. high and hello, welcome to the forest
  8. I come here with not an opinion, but a fact come at me with all you got, I will wreck 360 no scope ya'll with FACTS and LOGIC
  9. I think you may just be a god if you can handle that candy
  10. don't eat those Warheads then, they're like eating battery acid also some of the candies reached a 1.6 on the PH scale
  11. easy, just chug 15 Monster energy drinks in less than an hour and you'll be able to finish it in a weekend, plus you can punch through drywall if needed to be honest I think this is going to be inevitable if you want to do back to back playthroughs, my best bet is to just do one path and just comeback like a month or so later just so I don't get sick of the game. Honestly if I were a reviewer I might knock points off of it if it's as long as people are saying.
  12. - Shadowverse is one of those quick play games I can never actually get a game in. Somebody always needs to call me, someone comes in to work on a slow day, my opponenet or I disconnect. It's really fun, and I like it more than MTG's standard but I can never seem to get in a single game.
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