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  1. Just had a random thought, what if the reason Sothis appears in Byleth's room during the treehouse demonstration is because the Goddess Revival Ritual happened? There is the possibility that Sothis is the goddess.
  2. Since FE If is going to be released soon, I wondered if any of you guys have switched sides with the information about the game that has been revealed? I'm still Nohr though Hoshido almost pulled me over.
  3. First of all, thanks for translating the trailer for us non speaking japanese peolpe SoC! And secondly, I noticed a few things in the trailer; 1.) The non CGI cutscenes look more cinematic. Which is awesome! Hope this is for all cutscenes. 2.) It could just be me, but the 3D models look more detailed
  4. Oh God! I think I know why her steak is called "murder" steak. *Runs to the nearest garbage can*
  5. I had just had a thought. It was shown in a screenshot from 1-2 weeks ago that Kamui in battle was partially transformed into his dragon form. What if he wasn't partially transformed at all! Kamui was just wearing accessories.
  6. I think a way to balance the pair up system is to reduce the stat boost amount, and to give the unit a unique ability to use in battle depending on which class it paired up with. For example if a unit paired up with a thief, the thief has a 15% chance to steal an item in battle.
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