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  1. One Vision is nice. Sadly it's still TO lol so it's still kind of a nasty and dull grind with constant ineffectual nonsense.
  2. I thought chapter 1 in Hard NG+ was really poorly tuned, but then the difficulty curve afterward immediately made more sense in tandem with the new mock battles. The game has more than enough varied fights with different approaches I'd say. So many tricks, so many ideas put to use. Intensely creative game, probably the most delightful mechanical thing out of SE since SaGa Scarlet Grace. That it also has a cast with some great character writing and a rather thrilling set of plotlines to boot is a cherry on top. The genre rarely gets games this consistently good all around.
  3. Arithmetician Class from FFT except rad af. They're also adorable and has an explanation in the story. Amazing.
  4. It's strange to say but of any game or SRPG, this game reminds me most of a cross between Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2's combat but better balanced than either. I suppose Druidstone is another potential example, but Triangle Strategy is way more flexible and fun than Druidstone, definitely more fun to play with than pretty much any game that draws on the diorama aesthetic of FFT and TO. I actually thought Geela was the least moral person in the cast. She advocates the most ruthless options because it will limit harm to herself. She's not overtly colorful but fairly realistic in her cynicism.
  5. Does it stack up well to the strategy game cano in your opinion?
  6. Why exactly do you like Nohr's plot? It may not reach those who do not wish to listen, but holding back opinions and logic does nothing for those who do want to listen. Then again I also include supports in plot, so if you enjoyed those too, do include those.
  7. I'm curious about how the localization will be handled. It's clear though that there is a lot of work to be done. Honestly, treehouse probably make better screenwriters than That of IS and they probably have the same access to shin kibayashi's script so expect some scenes to be different. I honestly think the game will end up better after localization. However, fan service is a silly thing to censor, especially the amie lines (honestly some of those lines have interesting character and it would be a huge disappointment if they were removed). Camilla's cutscene doesn't bother me in particular and it is in line with the character. The crazy outfits can't actually be taken into the main story (wouldn't it be cool if there was an armor system in the next fe game though) and end up being completely ignorable. The soleil support with kamui needs changing because it's just messily written. I think we should have a bit more faith in the #1 localization team in the world.
  8. You got Chainsaw swords in Bayonetta 2 and its the best action game I've ever played, therefore a similar situation must occur for this path.
  9. I know people complain about the awakening characters, but they're so well written this time around they might as well be new characters in terms of quality.
  10. Now that I've spoiled myself rotten on the plot. The journey to the end is what is supposed to be trying and bittersweet for the protagonist. You're supposed to like it but you just don't. Then the third path explains it and fills the details. It's not dark but it is saddening at times when you realize what the protagonist goes through.
  11. I think I now understand why water is a symbol in this game.
  12. Having read aqua's supports on the third path, the ending to the game is a happy one, but it is brutal and emotional journey (the reason the Third path is released Later is because it loses a lot of meaning if you haven't played the other paths, even if it is the "golden route") It's not game of thrones where anyone can die willy nilly (though the game can be just as creepy as game of thrones at times) but death via plot is impactful in this game when it does happen.
  13. Considering playing as a female actually changes stuff around, it's worth a playthrough.
  14. Because the "You" in one world, isn't the same you in another. A simple illustration of this is kamui actually, he/she made two/three different decisions and from that Ch. 7 those people feel different despite being the same person. Nohr Kamui is far more subdued than Hoshido Kamui despite having similar elements of their character. However, if you're saying that if your world is effectively doomed then just run to another one as an answer, that's the issue of writing. That's why context is important, when establishing interactions between a multiverse, they have to be limited in some way by a created set of rules (in other words, magic has a limit in this world and results in a situation not dissimilar to FE7's Dragon's Gate). But as far as we know, IS has a bit of trouble with writing complex narratives. My theory is that what will happen is most the children didn't come to this universe of their own accord and didn't really have a particular goal in mind when they arrived like the Awakening Children did.
  15. Yeah that's definitely within Joker's Character lol.
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