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  1. I thought the same thing. It may have been miswritten on one of the translations, because I distinctly remember reading that it was Castoria's 1st too.
  2. One detail I find hilarious is that no Japanese release has been announced for Advance Wars. Is it going to be like Days of Ruin and never get a JP release?
  3. We can only hope. There's still a ton we don't know about the game, so we'll see. That said, after the success of Hyrule Warriors, I'd find it strange if Link was the only playable character, but who knows?
  4. Tragically, I don't think we'll be seeing KH on the switch, though I keep hoping to be proven wrong. There was an interview (which I'm having a hard time tracking down, since melody of memory dominates any "kingdom hearts switch" google searches) in which Nomura said they tried to port it to the switch after Dragon Quest XI's success, but that they couldn't get it to work properly. Advance Wars and Metroid Dread are definitely huge hype. Samus Returns was good, but I felt like a lot of the art style was wasted on the 3ds. It was hard to focus on the details in the background because the screen was so small, and the colors needed more pop. It looks like Dread will be a big improvement on that, which is hype. SMT V looks like... SMT V. Not sure what I was expecting, but I'll buy it, I'll play it, and most likely love it, so that's nice. Astria Ascending looks good... we'll see if it's actually good.
  5. The biggest innovation in 3d graphics of the last decade is proper understanding of the Fresnel Effect, which determines how light reflects off surfaces. The complicated explanation can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fresnel_equations Most video game engines now either use it as their only system for lights, or their default system.
  6. I may need to let it go, but I still give KOTOR2 crap for how unfinished the original version was. The Restored Content Mod is more or less essential for that game, but I will admit that with it, it's a fantastic game. For me, though KOTOR 1 will always be the best, just because of how good the plot twist was, as well as some of the side quests. But yeah, favorite star wars game would definitely be the KOTORs.
  7. This is certainly true. Those stories make the news, and you have to remember, transgender people are a minority. Most people do not personally know any transgender individuals, and these stories are all they have to base their understanding on.
  8. Given how deep of a hole that Last Jedi dug the franchise into, this movie is probably the best it could possibly be. Was it extremely easy to make fun of? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Surprisingly, yes. This movie, because of the mistakes the previous movie made, had to A) Be the last film in the Trilogy B) Resolve as many plot threads as they could C) Give a satisfying conclusion that would make people want to see future movies. I did have issues with it, but most of them were things that the film couldn't realistically have done any better on. The Knights of Ren, for example, should have gotten way more build up and development. But the movie was rushed as is, so realistically, they just didn't have time. Similarly, issues with Palpatine, a lot of other characters, etc, had to give way to finishing the story. In a perfect world, the first half of this movie would have been its own, separate film, but we can't make it four movies. They did the best they could with what they were given, it was actually fun, so that's a plus, I give it 7/10
  9. I dunno, I'm really suspicious of these leaks. The "leaked pokedex" turned out to be intentionally misleading, at this point I think the "leakers" are just screwing with us. There's so little on this game, it's not really worth speculating on imo.
  10. They are mostly not covering it. I didn't know what was happening until a buddy of mine in Chile was like, "Whelp, my city's on fire." But yeah, it's rough. I honestly can't sort out what's going on, because there are so many conflicting narratives.
  11. I'd say it's more explicitly "America" in decline than "the west" as a whole. Europe's been on a roll for the last few years. Japan's been hitting their stride as they are finally catching up to the west in technology. Substance Designer suddenly became a thing, and even Nintendo is using it, Mario Odyssey being the first game I know of they used it for, though Nintendo is a bit of a black box even in the game industry. Capcom, similarly, has implemented SpeedTree (first used for Witcher 3), as well as marvelous designer to great effect. Additionally, Japanese companies have started bringing in more international artists, which has helped them greatly. Finally, the a lot of Japanese companies are switching to Unreal, rather than trying to build their own engines. Most of Square Enix's problems for the last decade were either out right caused by bad engines, or were exacerbated by them. By switching to Unreal for everything, they're saving a lot of time and effort, and it shows in DQ11 and Kingdom Hearts.
  12. 2019 has been a great year for gaming, though not a lot of great stuff came out. That said, a lot of great trends have continued, and customers have been able to push companies in the right directions. Big things that happened in 2019: Fire Emblem: Three Houses was a big step in the right direction story-wise, and sold really well, so the series is looking good right now. Astral Chain was great and sold well, so Platinum's still in business. Sega brought back Sakura Wars (FINALLY) and that looks like it'll be good. Kingdom Hearts 3 was a lot of fun gameplay wise, whatever else you can say about it. Capcom has continued its major renaissance by constantly putting out better triple AAA games that completely avoid a lot of the BS that other companies have fallen into. Resident Evil 2 Remake, Devil May Cry 5, and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, have all been fantastic, and it seems that trend will continue. On the European side of things, Cyberpunk and Horizon Zero Dawn 2 are still cranking away, and are probably going to be fantastic. The Sinking City and Blasphemous did well, so hopefully those guys will continue to do good work. And in America, we've got Last of Us Part 2, which is probably going to be great. Blizzard seems to have learned their lesson from last year, and in spite of the major controversy, seems to be moving in the right direction for their games, though time will tell for the company as a whole. Ubisoft got taught a huge lesson by breakpoint's failure, and will likely make some major positive changes. EA is putting out Fallen Order instead of another Battlefront, so that's good. Insomniac's doing Spider-man 2, which will probably also be great.
  13. I'll admit, you do make a really good point here. I mean, it's a bit off topic, but the way we treat our veterans these days is ridiculous, and I feel like no one's addressing that. Or rather, the candidates who are addressing that for either party are not actually in a position to win elections. That said, Excellen is not wrong to say that when you sign up to be a soldier, you are signing up for a job you know might get you killed. I think the main problem with your arguement is two fold: 1.) There are no draft dodgers these days, so you really can't say "that's why draft dodgers exist". There were draft dodgers fifty years ago, but we won't know if there are any now until push comes to shove. You can't judge today's youth by the standards of the 70s. You'll only really know what they'll do when the time actually comes. 2.) Patriotism is not the problem, and you even pointed out why. The army gets more than enough applicants. The problem is, the quality of the applicants has dropped ridiculously. There was a great TED talk by that one general, who was like, "The biggest problem isn't the number of people applying, it's the number of people actually making it through training". And honestly... that's a situation that will take some real work to figure out. I mean, that's basically like asking "how do you stop obesity" plus "how do you make kids smarter?"
  14. Dude. We do this. All the time. Like, seriously, this is what our country does. Literally, our navy spends the majority of its resources patrolling unstable areas. I mean, can you take a second to plan out your argument a bit? I honestly can't tell what your objection is. I mean, your first question is "how long do we have to stay there?" Well, dude, we've maintained an active military base in the UK for 76 years, one in Germany for 42 years, one in FREAKING CUBA for 116 YEARS!! So, in all seriousness, what's objectionable about maintaining one more base for another decade or so? Are you objecting to cost? Number of troops deployed? Why is having a military base in another country a bad thing? That's the first thing I'd like you to answer. What exactly is objectionable about the garrison? Second point: You then go off on the "what if we're protecting the wrong people?" tangent. If you'd like, I can provide you with a thorough explanation of why they're the "right" people, why it's beneficial to protect that specific group, so let me know if you want that. But the basic summary of why we help people is NOT because "we're good people." We help them because they help us. That's what an alliance means. If we don't help our allies, they will not help us. On the other side, if we do help our allies, they will help us. I know this is basic stuff, but I just want to make sure we're clear on that. So, my second question is: if someone is actively helping us, why would we want them to stop? If we are in a relationship where we get more out of them than we put in, why would we stop that? Third point: "By your logic since it is the morally right thing to do, do you just help people in your neighborhood?" Uh, yeah. Do you not? If you're wondering why your neighbors hate you, I think found the reason. Also, please never move into my neighborhood.
  15. I'm... not clear if you're intentionally misunderstanding what I'm saying, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt to try to explain again. The purpose of keeping the troops in Syria was not so that the US troops would fight against soldiers from Turkey, nor was it to defend against Syria. The purpose of the US troops was so that Turkey would not attack the Kurds, as that would involve attacking the US troops as well. Turkey cannot simply "go around" the US troops, the troops were actively garrisoned with the Kurdish forces. There are a few things you seem to be not grasping about this situation: 1. Turkey is not invading Syria, they are attacking the Kurds. Turkey does not intend to occupy the country of Syria, nor do they intend to engage in the mess that is currently going on there. 2. Leaving the US troops that were withdrawn where they were would not have meant involving them in combat. There is no outcome of this situation which would involve an active engagement between the US and any of the parties involved. 3. Trump's promise, as you pointed out, was about US involvement in wars, which the troops in question were not engaged in. The US has many, many troops deployed that are not actively involved in conflict but are purely there for the purposes of either keeping the peace or furthering US interests. Withdrawing them would be extremely foolish. I don't think that needs further explanation, but please let me know if you think otherwise.
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