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  1. Waifus and Yusuke Kozaki continuing doing the art for the series. That all I want and the rest is irrelevant.
  2. Leon and Azura is my vote, it sure feel good when you know for sure that your favorites will be in the top ranking.
  3. Ok, so you guys want some character's ranking and some arts? Right to it when I back from school. It camera quality for reference.
  4. It a guide book and has a lot of info on the game. Stuff like chapter levels, hints on how to beat a chapters, character's rating and characters's infos etc...
  5. Sooo while wondering around in Manhattan today, I came across a Japanese-own book store and found this baby right here. If anyone is interested, I can tried to upload things that you want although they are all in Japanese. Edit; P.S don't mind the dirty keyboard, it caused by my lil A-hole of a brother.
  6. Why does it need to have characters to match? What purpose will they services? To make audience sympathy for Garon and his subordinates?I don't think you guys understand what grey-grey morality is, "current" Garon and his subordinates is not meant for audience to gain sympathy for and to relate to. That job goes to the Nohrian's royal siblings, Garon is designed to be that evil asshole that we should hate. At most it will be a black-grey morality, but it won't changed the fact that Garon and others are still more evil.
  7. Can anyone if possible do a translation of the interview? There really nothing to discuss if we can't understand it.
  8. Hinoka? I know that Hoshido's characters aren't as appealing as Nohr's but I will make sure that beside Camilla, you will remember that you have another onee-sama too.
  9. "cough" "cough" Remember which side announced that there is marriage first, is it NoA or NoJ? NoJ didn't even mention that there was same-sex marriage not even in the part where they announced the marriage is back.
  10. I am not saying that is all it take to make Hoshido bad, but overall no side is truly bad not even Nohr. In Nohr, Hoshido invaded Nohr when Xander retreated after Kamui stay with them and as well as wanting to get Kamui back. In Hoshido, after losing Kamui who the Nohrian royal siblings considered as the savior/light to their dark kingdom proceed to just to invade Hoshido as well as maybe wanting Kamui back. The Nohrians are just as righteous as any good Hoshidans, Nohr didn't even committed anything evil beside wanting Hoshido's land so they can feed their people. I just don't see any reasons to make Mikoto evil or some craps.
  11. They do pander Western's fans, adding in gay marriage is one. BUT remember they will always prioritized Japan over others as Sakurai does as well with Smash.
  12. It service as a plot device for Nohr/Hoshido's conflict until Kamui replace it.
  13. Japan's society is pinnacle of a escapist society and what you know, FE is a Japanese game. As much as people like to complain about the designs if there a survey asking which girl they like better, Titania (or whoever from your "realistic' and "moralized" FE game)or Camilla, Camilla will destroy Titania. People will always either just like or subconsciously like these kind of character even if they complain a lot. Hell if one like fat girls, anime or Japanese's game is the wrong place to look.
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