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  1. Well, it's time for a new family to send to the graveyard! Name: Christopher Acardi Sex: Male Class: Medic Other: He was a med student before joining x-com. He's super panicky and the youngest Acardi sibling. Name: Michael Acardi Sex: Male Class: Shock Other: He joined x-com when his favorite bands tour was cancelled because of the aliens. Oldest and stupidest of the Acardi siblings.
  2. I don't like half of the Fire Emblem games and am indifferent about 12 and 13.
  3. Well I have to sign up after that horrible performance in the 10th game.
  4. The Grand Bishop 15% Strength, 18% Bloodlust, 25% Intelligence, 42% Spirit, 22% Vitality and 17% Agility! The Grand Bishop Grand Bishops often have few skills with weapons and they are probably the least physically powerful of all the classes. However, they are by no means the weakest class. In fact, Grand Bishops utilize some of the most powerful magic in world: the power to control time. By controlling time, Grand Bishops can change and reverse the course of events and defeat opponents that no other class could ever dream of defeating. In fact, Grand Bishops can even alter the time of an object, allowing them to fast forward that object into the future or revert it to a state in the past. As an extension, this can be used as an advanced form of healing, enabling Grand Bishops to restore severed limbs and wounds. Although time may be a powerful ally, it requires a great deal of energy and magic to manipulate, so Grand Bishops use this power sparingly. Instead, they more often use their mastery over light magic and the basic elements to battle their foes. Grand Bishops may be supremely powerful spellcasters, but they most often use their power for good rather than evil. Those who use their power for evil may abuse their power over time and fall into chaos and oblivion. Interesting.
  5. http://www.pleated-jeans.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/when-you-bring-up-politics-at-a-family-party.gif Then: Yes good. Later: Fuck.
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