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    But I prefer that Sain. Heroic. What's the pink thing though?
  2. The PREPARATIONS screen. I'd love this be midi-fied for GBA hacking goodness. However. I did notice some small 'hint' of Final Fantasy Tactics' songs in the second DS game. As if the musicians had been inspired by Hitoshi Sakimoto's style for several of the tutorial chapers. (The hint gets strong in some of the first maps and scenes.)
  3. Not only in South America, I guarantee you that, haha. Me and my fiancee got followed and almost got mugged twice, In Algeciras and Tangier... Only because a bus dropped us off at over midnight in a new unexplored town. We'd be crazy to make mistakes like that again. Pros and cons; third world countries are dangerous, but cheaper to rent = safety. First world countries, like most of Europe, are safer to pitch a tent, but expensive to rent. I do professional freelance game dev and digital art on a Cintiq Companion. Gives me enough to support me and my girlfriend for constant travelling, and she doesn't even work. And we've been doing it for two years now, non stop. It's great, and I can't see myself "going back to the grind" any time soon. (It's easier if you're on your own, though. That's less mouths to feed.) I've heard of lawyers taking their trade on the go, though. And many web design people, and of course, journalists... I'm sure there's many other ways available, to be discovered with some cunning thinking. The biggest problem is getting a reliable job, instead of just a part time labor. Writing is another one, but that one's hard to pull off, unless you're famous.
  4. What, you want to stay in hotels and hostels every day, and dine out just as much? You hear this all the time. Yes. I admit this world is not ideal for wandering. But there's always a way. Many ways to go about it, in fact. Cheapest of which are squatting and dumpster diving, and for transport, hitch-hiking. Which even a fully broke anyone could achieve easily, if they have arms and legs at least. Indeed, knowing the essentials actually means you can just literally wander off to another country without worry of starvation, right here, right now. Sure, you'll live like a homeless person, but you can achieve world travel if you really want to. But that's not really a comfortable option though, (Cept if desperate) which is why having one or more online jobs is essential. Good, well paying ones. In third world countries, for example, everything is much cheaper and exotic. You can cheap-rent anywhere temporarily, and live like a king with what you save in bills, fuel, and all the rest. Or invest in gear like I do, and tent in a mountain or the beach, while cycling foreign countrysides. But those are just examples. Certainly better than being holed in on a house, enslaved by routine, day after day... Where entertainment replaces what life should be, so you can cope with the dullness of it all. Sad. Think of it in a logical matter. If your goal is to travel indefinitely, why not plan to acquire a location independent job which allows the most freedom, and can be operated remotely via the net? Plan it since high school, or college. Big factors in deciding what to study; will it allow me to travel? This is new to the times though, which is why you don't hear about it much. Virtually impossible to do reliably, 20 years ago.
  5. I have several thoughts on the pose: Minor tweaking can go a long way. Observe the legs, for example. I inverted them horizontally, and it affected the stance dramatically. Also detailed some rough spots here and there. Likewise with the hair. Some bits of editing went to the cloak, so it could make sense. Then the palette reds got a slight adjustment off from the violet hues towards the yellows. Big difference there. That's much about it, and it didn't take long. Feel free to take what you like from the edit. She's all yours now.
  6. This conflicts with what was told before, but makes sense. Yet still. I once tried to use GBage to edit palettes before, namely the title screen palette, among others. It managed to screw up plenty of things. Is it because some of these palettes are compressed? (Or it could've been just Graphics Gale being used instead of Usenti, so, nvm.)
  7. Why not go travel the world? Perhaps you need some adventure, and excitement... Or dreams, for that matter. Real, huge dreams. Instead of a job, or a position with aims to have you merely subsist... Or fall into some dull routine. I honestly can't think of anything better than world travel, regarding Planet Earth, in present time. So much to see and live through. But there's also to love and be loved by someone great. The power of close human relations is another worthy life activity. Yet even better is to world travel with an awesome partner, or with friends. But even better than that, is to travel with others, while having a job that you can operate remotely from a laptop. Like freelance arts. Preferably something you like. Then you can truly roam, uninhibited by the limitations imposed by the money system, and bodily needs. Hotels, restaurants, beaches, roads, cycling, camping, mountains, hostels, huts, dumpster diving, getting robbed, tasting odd Moroccan street food, living like kings in cheap-price countries with your western salary, walking London, Paris, Dublin pubs, ect. Whatever. Go wander. And you best do it while you're young and eager. Years sometimes go by frighteningly fast... What will you get out of them? PS: I've already done all of the above I said, and more, and I'm only 23. Had to quit everything (College, sedentary life), but it was infinitely worth it. Why am I here in this forum? Hacking some FE games that I like to play while I'm not either reading, writing, drawing, or doing freelance work... Or whatever I like to do during my over-abundant free time. We are sometimes referred to as "cyber nomads". Thanks to the advent of the internet, such a life of perpetual travel is possible. You'll be fine as long as there's ATM machines around. But if there's not, or you go broke, or get robbed? That's where the real fun begins. Freedom on Earth.
  8. Hex editors... Brilliant. ...I really hate hex editors. (Don't really know why.) I had hoped this would have been possible without looking at the things. As far as I gather, there's like a ton of map palettes around, too. Wouldn't the same 'recolouring' effect be accomplished with GBage, or a tile map inserter? I'm all ears for the Feditor way though, and patience to spare. I'm a pixel artist, after all.
  9. Hello Serenes Forest My question is really a simple one, though the answer I fear, may not be. Especially considering my inexperience. I've just begun using and testing the most basic of hacking utilities out there. Basically, I'd like to go from this... To this~ And this too, perhaps. These are just mock-ups for me to daydream about. I've been all over Nightmare and FEditor, and added a good number of portraits and a custom sprite, not to mention extensive text edits, through plenty of trial and error and a few gigs worth of corrupted roms, deleted in my Recycle Bin. My edits have gotten to the point where I've been getting a bit over-ambitious for my skill level. I've skipped over a specific tutorial here that dealt with extracting and inserting the 'battle frames' seen in the above picture with Sain. (shadowofchaos' "Inserting Custom Battle Frames, to be specific. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=25045 )I thought it was a little bit too much, so I figured I'd do with a recolour instead. Is there any way to access/see/edit these specific palletes, that is also hopefully simple to accomplish?
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