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  1. Oh thank Naga! Time to tip the scales. By the way, I'm working on the Pineamato story, if anyone's interested. Here's the link: The Pineamato and the Failed Culinary Experiment Edit: Finished the story. Now going back to Heroes. Thank you for all the helpful suggestions. Enjoy the story! :)
  2. Your suggestion is definitely helpful, and I might play through some of the older games (Geneology, MotE, etc.), but that image below your post? NOT helpful! XD
  3. Well, I obviously have things to do other than Fire Emblem (didn't mean to sound rude there, it is a valid point), the only problem is I lose motivation for a project right after the planning phase (if it's a long-term project). And I did go for a walk today, the distance from my library to the nearest restaurant is at least 1.2 miles, up-hill, so it was more of a hike than a walk. Granted, I could sit out on my deck and look at the stars, but I did that last night. I already marathoned a WHOLE season of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (which got stale after the first 3 episodes, by the way), and I just watch a slew of videos on YouTube. The only thing left is to sleep (or write that pineamato cinnamon roll story).
  4. Yeah, I guess I could do some strength training. Maybe it'll help my base-stats/growth-rates in FE15 when I get it. Maybe it win't happen, but it's just a potential placebo effect.
  5. Yeah, I guess I'll dust off my GBA and play some FE7. But maybe I'll just dust off my herbal tea collection, drink some tea, and head to bed. And no, the leaves aren't expired; the dust from underused packages in the pantry gets brushed on to my tea-leaf containers by accident.
  6. And more deadly than your average thief, especially if said thief is easily distracted by candy. But, if that thief's steed was an in-heat deer or moose, I'm getting the HECK out of this town because at that point, I'd determine this whole town is crazy.
  7. I do like other role-playing games, both on-screen and off. I enjoy watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on Netflix (on occasion), and I have a few other hobbies that I can't remember as of right now, but might think of later.
  8. I do like writing, I wrote a few-page essay on the creation of the Excalibur tome. Tomatoes germinating pineapple seeds (or vice-versa) would be an interesting breed of fruit to research if it was viable. I think if it was possible, I'd try to make a veggie-cinnamon roll with it.
  9. I'm sorry to hear about your medical issues, Get well soon. Hyper-study for that accounting exam. If you get stuck on a question, skip it and come back to it later. Similar strategy if a cleric uses a rescue staff on a general. Just focus on the other enemies and finish off that general.
  10. True, I guess if you live in a low-crime town, you don't have much to worry about. But it's not the criminals I'm worried about. It's about getting jumped by an in-heat deer or moose.
  11. Yeah, loaded schedules aren't fun sometimes. But hey, we have easier feather access to look forward to! As well as 10,000 other things! EHRRMYGURRDDD-Slap myself with hype arm Sorry, hype overdose.
  12. It's 8:30 at night where I'm at. My walk will have to wait, I guess. But thanks for the suggestion. :)
  13. Yeah, 'twas indeed dark times before FE7. Before the "golden age" (in quotes to avoid debates) of Fire Emblem. And since then, and since later games changed rules, etc., my personal rules of chess have adapted. The main problem with converting chess into Fire Emblem and Vice-Versa is map size. ESPECIALLY when using FE4's maps. But with Heroes, there's a uniform map size, re-making past maps in the process. But am I talking about "Fire Emblem: Checkmate of the tipped scales", or my severe case of overhype? Edit: Thanks for the ideas. :)
  14. That might work. If anything, I might be more well rested for work in the morning. Thanks for the suggestion. Edit: BTW, nice profile picture! Ninian's my favorite!
  15. Hi, everyone: As most of you know, Fire Emblem Heroes is down for maintenance, and I already have an overload of hype for the upcoming Fire Emblem game; so this is a serious case of overhype without a cure I can think of. I'm out of ideas and fear I might go crazy before heroes goes back online. Any suggestions on what I should do to curb this hype? I've tried playing chess on an 6 X 8 grid (assigning statistics to each piece), playing the original Gaiden, and attempting to keep my mind occupied with other activities. Thank you for keeping my sanity in check better than (Fates Spoiler). Edit: Maintenance is over. Thank you for all your suggestions! If you read further into the post, there will be mention of a story I wrote. Here's a link to it. The Pineamato and the Failed Culinary Experiment
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