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  1. It's already been mentioned a bunch, but the map design really scares the shit out of me. Carrying over the originals simply won't do.
  2. I'm betting that the combat forecast in the trailer is an "expert" setting like the ones available in the GBA games, used to make the game look more faithful in the presentation. And I wouldn't be surprised if that setting doesn't show the weapon advantage.
  3. I'm pretty sure Ostia Castle's map is similarly consistent between FE6 Chapter 8 and FE7 Sands of Time, with the long stairwells being dead giveaways.
  4. I didn't realize that 7 had separate rankings for each mode - that's a good way to do it. I'm guessing 6's rankings don't differ, making ranked NM kind of pointless?
  5. I've played most of the games in the series multiple times, but I've never even attempted a ranked run. I'm very familiar with the games and mechanics for the most part, but I thought maybe I'd try one of the normal modes first. However, I'm a bit worried that it'll be too easy. FE6: My concern here is that many of the rankings are just too lenient, and those that aren't will be made easy on normal mode with increased EXP. it sounds like is pretty much only have to worry about Combat, which sounds boring. FE7: These rankings seem a bit tougher than 6's, but the base game is a whole lot easier, which could make it boring. I suppose Hector Normal could be interesting, but... Does anyone have any experience S-Ranking any of the Normal Modes? Is it worth it, or is it too much like a typical playthrough?
  6. It's not about "extra" content so much as it's about "extraneous" content. Too much stupid stuff can absolutely take away from a game's quality. A "feature" that has no purpose and doesn't need to be used is a bad feature, especially if it sucks resources. The fact that FE amie is 100% fan service/pandering makes it that much worse, because it's that much more unprofessional. Sakurai himself shows his inability to understand this in Sm4sh. There's a different between Target Blast, which is a complete mini game I can compete with others in, and making a bunch of clone fighters who should exist as costumes and throwing them all in the corner of the select screen. One of those things is a bonus feature, the other is completely superfluous and looks shoddy.
  7. @Prime: OK, it's not a huge deal anyways, thanks. @Shamison: Are you sure it doesn't work like that already? I know for a fact that's how snow works, and I remember reading that rain works identically, except there aren't any rain chapters with indoor areas in FE7.
  8. Ok, I've pretty much got it, thanks again everyone. There is one minor aesthetic thing I'd like to take care of if possible: I'm using the generic enemies and assigning them a Death Quote so that they "drop" gold. I've made this work, but one thing that does happen is that the battle info clears away briefly, because the game thinks it's about to load a quote, even though I changed the designated text in FEditor to be blank (just says "[X]"). Is there any way to make it so that it doesn't try to load a quote at all, either with eventing or in FEditor? Script: Worst case scenario, I can just give them something minor/stupid to say upon dying, but that could be somewhat annoying for the player. EDIT: I'm also experiencing something else extremely odd. Sometimes, instead of giving gold, the "gold was stolen" event occurs instead. From what I can tell, this happens if the player character scores a critical. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  9. Wow, that's a lot of detail. So would you/others consider this to be a step on the right direction?
  10. I think I'm starting to grasp Events and Conditions, but I'm still having trouble. What I'm trying to do is make it so that when the player defeats a certain type of enemy, gold is sent straight to his funds (the gold item needs to be sold, or at least from what I can tell, so I'm trying this instead). So I tried writing something like this: Assuming that such a code will even work, my question is: where do I put "PirateBooty" so that the game checks to see if 0xD8 has died? Like, what type of event would it be? Even then, I don't think it'd work, because there are multiple 0xD8's on the map simultaneously, and I'm assuming that if it sees one alive, it won't trigger. Can anyone help me either figure out a way to make this work, or provide some alternative? Thanks in advance. EDIT/UPDATE: I tried making it an AREA event spanning the whole map, and that didn't even work at all, even when all of the 0xD8's were dead.
  11. Here's another question: Would it be possible to make "droppable" gold go straight into the player's funds? I know there's a MONE command for villages and other story events, but I don't know if it would be possible to link something like this to an enemy's death.
  12. Well that's good to know. I feel like that needs to be explained in more tutorials, because looking at the area where you want to insert stuff seems kind of natural. Maybe I just missed it.
  13. Posted this on GFAQs awhile ago and nobody cared. I've been trying to avoid pretty much all specific info about this game, but after seeing people debate about weapon effectiveness due to self-inflicted debuffs, I decided to check it out. This basically seems like the "replacement" to weapon weight, except different stats besides speed, and everyone is impacted equally. At a glance, I love this. I've wanted weight or some similar mechanic to return for awhile, because the lack of any drawbacks when selecting weapons was really simplifying the gameplay. So my question is: how does this work out in practice? Is it as good as it seems on paper, or are there some serious balance issues as a result of the seemingly somewhat random allocation of stat penalties?
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