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  1. Since I didn't see it posted yet, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKB92ohXn20
  2. Finally getting to this, anyways I forgot how bad I was at Fire Emblem. Chapter 7, 16/50 turns. Hana got some great level ups here but was pretty annoying keep her alive. Eventually figured out the strategy though. Grabbed the armor slayer from the outlaw too. Bought a kodachi for Hana. Paralogue 1, 12/62 turns. Hana paired with Silas took the lower route to Mozu while Jakob/Corrin took the town back. I should've left Mozu here but she's a bit helpful as a free skill boost for Hayato. Chapter 8, 13/75 turns. This map is pretty easy honestly, biggest annoyance was apparently greens don't actually fight enemies or move to attack them at all. At the end of the chapter I dropped the skill book onto Hayato. Chapter 9, 18/93 turns. Reinforcements suck, and training Hayato sucks. Chapter 10, 25/118 turns because fuck ninjas and I used Tacomeat. Also I decided "whatever" about Rhajat and married Jakob since it was easier. Unit Hp Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Iris 28 11 8 11 17 7 12 5 Azura 17 8 3 16 17 11 5 10 Jakob 25 14 12 19 15 17 9 10 Hana 21 16 2 15 19 8 7 15 Silas 27 15 0 12 13 9 13 6 Mozu 16 6 0 5 7 3 4 1 Hayato 18 4 10 11 12 11 9 6 Kagero 22 15 0 10 12 7 9 10
  3. Soliel. If she wasn't a girl her actions, especially in the Ophelia supports, would have been called out and been a controversy all their own. As is stands Laslow is never married or I kill Soliel off, you don't pull that kinda shit trying to make sexual assault "funny"
  4. Not point honestly. Swords are the best weapon type and he has literally one of the best weapons in all of Fire Emblem. Best thing would be staff utility since it's the only role swords can't fill but no str/mag split.
  5. If it were real life S ranks wouldn't exist silly. Anyways Azura so Tiki doesn't get sad when I die.
  6. Chapter 2: 4/11 turns. Went Kaze's route, really wasn't that difficult to figure out the strategy for this map. Chapter 3: 6/17 turns. Ninja bosses are stupid please why. I just said forget trying for 5 turns and went for 6 because I don't have time to reset everytime someone misses that boss. Chapter 4: 9/26 turns. Iris' lack of strength started to show a bit more here, this map would've taken even longer if Iris didn't crit the boss on the working run. Chapter 5: 7/33 turns. Thankfully when Kaze finally avoided one hit on turn one when he went right I managed to beat it that run through without silly things missing. Also MVP was Ryouma for getting the boss down enough for Iris to kill in one hit. Chapter 6: 1/34 turns. And I know I said I'd post stats after chapter 6 but I'll probably wait until the end of my next update since I'll get Hana/Mozu super quickly.
  7. Well at least we all know what to do when you get a new one. Hack it and get a bunch of shit back.
  8. Since I'm lazy I probably won't be posting any pictures except for what Corrin (named Iris) looks like and end game stats. Anyways. [spoiler=Iris] Name: Iris Birthday 5/27 Boon: Clever Bane: Unlucky Talent: Oni Savage I felt like running a hybrid class this time around and being one of the tankiest Hoshidian classes is a plus. Iris is basically my defacto self I use when I feel like it. Made corn look like me and I'm probably marrying Rhajat because as salty as I am about her I've never done it before. Maybe I'll discover she isn't horribly awful and stupid but probably not. And as for the initial levels, Prologue: 2/2 turns. You'll never guess the new initiative strategy I used here. Chapter 1: 5/7 turns. So here there is actually a nice little trick to do, after the first turn forces you to move on the second turn you can actually go into the options menu so you don't have to wait until chapter 2. No idea if most people no about it or not but nothing else interesting happens here so eh. Iris' first level up was an amazing Hp and Mag only level. I really hope this isn't going to be a thing. I'll start posting full stats once I'm past chapter 6.
  9. Welp guess I get the lil cute villager girl. This'll be fun!
  10. Uh Hayato and Felicia (chapter 15) You haven't failed me yet maid! and thanks Horace
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