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  1. So Fire Emblem If is coming out. They've released all these trailers and leaked all this info, but my one question remains: Will the American version's gameplay be as good as the Japanese version's? I ponder this due to the fact that once the game comes out in 20 days (for Japan, at least) there will most likely be lots of spoilers on the internet. Everyone will post Let's Plays with translations (because some people who know English and Japanese have a Japanese 3ds), so in theory it will be hard to avoid those kinds of things. Now, given the fact I have no prior experience (Awakening is my only game, and I got it last year) on what happens when Fire Emblem games are released and you guys most likely do, how do you think the gameplay will turn out if there's already spoilers everywhere? In my opinion, it might be moderate, but let me know what you guys think.
  2. Woah... this is way better that what I'VE been doing... how long have you practiced?!
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