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  1. I want dark/light mages, they deserve life. Also since I like Griffins I would like Griffin knights.
  2. You say that like a game couldn't have a very pro-landed aristocracy stance as the series has never been hard on the nobility's rights.
  3. I have no evidence to support my hypothesis but I think the dudes surrounding the units are a representation of HP that can be used in formation to add minor buffs
  4. Byzantine empire; Nomads to the north, Turkish Armenian and Arabs to the east and south, merchant Republics to the west. Crusader States that are both Allies and enemies.
  5. I want good surprises, like FE4. Tell a good story and I'll be happy.
  6. I would love to see a FE where we start as a small vassal for the Empire and as we help vanquish Bandits and then we get drawn into Imperial politics where we can play the game of thrones or go out like Sigurd/ Eddard Stark.
  7. If The Nosforatu tome returns then by far Sorcerer is the best choice for him, which should allow him to hit harder and more often than a dark knight version.
  8. He went back in time to crush Heritics and drink tea, and he's out of tea.
  9. After Russian, Arabic, and English I'd go German. But that's likely due to me not liking the Romantic languages anyway. Also no Latin? I mean what is sexier than entering your Girlfriend's bedchambers and declaring "Veni, Vidi, Vici."
  10. Great men are in short supply, it is always a tragedy when we loose one. May you find peace where ever you go Mr. Iwata and God speed.
  11. I can see NoA getting a Manly sounding voice for him.
  12. For Hoshido you can go Hog Wild with the amount of gained EXP, but for Nohr you are limited in EXP so her value rises exponentially which makes her great at getting her "Free" EXP. So her best roll is support bar none.
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