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  1. I think Fates was on the right track with the inclusion of the Avatar as the main character, but the execution was just so, so bad. So, if one must be included, I wouldn't mind them trying that route again, so long as they're well-written and the choices we make actually mean a damn thing. I actually like marriage. I think it's fine for the Avatar to support with everybody, but conversely, I want to bring back limited support pools for the other characters. Children I'm on the fence about. I liked my kids, but not anyone else's. If it's something that needs to be sacrificed for the integrity of a good story, then so be it.
  2. I for one am willing to abandon Pair Up and revisit the old mechanics. Gaiden was an oddball anyway, so it's not like we'll be at a loss for new mechanics to try out, as already seen in the Direct.
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  4. Felicia because bias. Other than that, Kamui's whole entourage (Joker, Gunter, the twins) has some of the best designs, imo. I also love the look of the Mercenary class in this game, and I think Luna in particular rocks it. I might just prefer Nohr's aesthetic over Hoshido, though I think the Hoshido royals are better-looking than the Nohr royals.
  5. I'm not a huge fan of turn-based battling, so I guess my favorite would be the Tales series combat system. It has had plenty of iterations and tweaks throughout the series, but my favorite version is probably the Symphonia battle system. I feel it had the most freedom in the way of customization.
  6. Based on these, I'm overall not very impressed with the voice acting (oh my god what did they do to Elfie). With some exceptions, of course. Most of the siblings (sans Hinoka) sound good at least. I'm just not a fan of this localization as a whole. I'm glad I have my imported copy.
  7. As with others, I was skeptical about the removal of durability, but ended up taking to it rather quickly.
  8. Not at all. It's much easier than Hard mode (I mean, duh), but the better level designs and the ineffectiveness of non-DLC grinding in this game make it challenging enough for me, anyway. Hard mode kicked my ass sometimes, though. The point though, it's harder than Awakening by a considerable margin.
  9. No. Hearing some variation of the actual Fire Emblem Theme every game is really all we ever need.
  10. Fates is far from a complete step down from Awakening's designs. For one, most generic class designs look phenomenal. It seems where he made amends for mistakes in Awakening's aesthetic design (turtle knights & toilet bowl cavaliers), he would also take steps backwards at the same time (aforementioned battle panties). It seems to me that people have been more vocal with their complaints this time around, so maybe (thinking optimistically here) he might compromise and knock it out of the park next time. Third time's the charm, amiright? Also keep Kozaki. Kozaki is great.
  11. Many lines seemed awfully stilted. I just hope that it's better in the real game.
  12. Like most things when I took an interest in when I was younger, it was all thanks to my older brother. It all started with Melee, of course, and I watched my brother play Path of Radiance. One day years back he gave me Blazing Sword to play, and the rest was history.
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