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  1. Are the codes suppose to not work? 1.00,1.01, wiimote, gamecube, all 16 codes make no difference, yes cheats was enabled. Is there a working example of how to use the NSTC code generator to make PAL codes? The excel sheet is so obscure and needlessly comprehensive which has no practical use for people who just want to get some codes working. I understand the theory is important for making such codes but the end user is concerned about the "Can I do it in 3 seconds, and not spend 99 years trying to understand the theory". I =HEX2DEC(F68) =F69+A72 where -2350176 is your number outputted with =DEC2HEX(F70) and changed the appropriate first byte of digits, and still not working.
  2. Holy shit the readme tutorial is the most unhelpful and confusing shit I ever had to navigate across. Even the stackoverflow answers were confusing. I finally got it to work. There is nothing more than a disservice than making someone run around in circles with such documentation... I appreciate the efforts of making the program but not everyone is genius level with knowing what binaries to get, what is shell, blablabla! ZERO: Install python, google, download, install 2.7... self-explanatory. FIRST. To install pip, securely download get-pip.py and save it to somewhere (right-click and save). SECOND: Now right click on that downloaded file and run it with IDLE (Python GUI), open another GUI with one of the tabs on top Windows or something... click run module. It will download the shit and install it. THIRD : Hold down Windows+X, click on system, advanced system settings, advanced, environmental variables, click new, variable is Path, value is C:\python27 FOURTH: Hold down Windows+X, click on Command Prompt Admin FIFTH : Type in cd C:\Python27\Scripts or wherever you saved your C:\Python27\Scripts, hopefully the default same as mines. Might be under C:\Program Files\Python27\Scripts under 32 version... just go for 64 for simplicity.. SIXTH : Type in pip install -U PySide and press enter SEVENTH : RUN THE AR CODE GENERATOR V0.1 AND ENJOY!
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