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  1. Based on Hubert's new trailer it seems many of the characters will have connections to each other(Jeralt and Rea, Hubert serving Edelgard) so I think Linhardt will be related to the guy who is seen with Rea. somehow. I think father or brother is most likely. Many of the Houses have parallels like with Ferdinand, Sylvain, Lorentz being more or less the "Boyd" of the group. I think each House will have their own Tactician or strategist. For Golden Deer I could see Ignace with a tactician role but not necessarily in service to Claude.
  2. The mind is a complex and many layered thing von Hresvelgr, or at least most minds are. Would Edelgard be Harry in this situation?
  3. The "Avatar" in this game has some interesting implications. The pre-rendered cutscenes that actually show Byleth's face really points toward signs that they will not be customizable. However, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude also appear in this cutscene. Later in the trailer we see Edelgard reclass into a Brigand. Her outfit is very different from her student attire in that class. That would make any future cutscene that she is in very jarring. I think we can all agree that the cutscenes we've seen are all very early in the game. Maybe after a certain point we are able to customize Byleth. There was so much emphasis on "you" in the trailer, it seems odd that Byleth wouldn't be customizable except for the form when they are pushing that aspect so hard. How do you think the three house leaders will be affected by their classes and cutscenes?
  4. Mine is as well. I've heard some others have had theirs start to ship: http://imgur.com/Hm4Az5p My arrival date is the 23rd so I hope it changes to shipped soon.
  5. I can't wait to waste my time in mycastle! I'm on my phone so I don't know how to add the spoiler tag:p
  6. I've cleaned up my friends list in anticipation! Please PM me if you add my code so I can be sure I return the favor. 5472-6632-5877 I'll be adding people from the bottom first!
  7. I did request it off of work but that's because it's my boyfriends birthday. He works all day however so I'll have plenty of play time before his party!
  8. I received my call today. At least I got to hype for about a month before they canceled it. The hype will never be forgotten.
  9. Name: Ryuichi Gender: Male Age: 21 Spouse: Hana (But let's be real he's really eyeing Hinata) Class: Ninja (Elite Ninja) Route: Hoshido Asset: Speed Flaw: Res Personality: Ryuichi is a talented Ninja with a carefree attitude. His light-heartidness and childlike attitude has him fitting in well in Hoshido. When it comes to battle Ryuichi becomes more serious and acts more his age. Name: Tyler Age: 23 Gender: Male Spouse: Zero Class: Dark Prince Route: Nohr Asset: Magic Flaw: Strength Personality: Rational and a realist. His confidence is often mistaken for vanity. Think a kuudere archetype. Beneath his serious and sometimes awkward shell lies someone who is willing to do anything to help his friends and to crush his enemies. He's the type to hold a grudge and take things personally.
  10. How tragic. Well I guess we'll see what happens! Good luck everyone.
  11. Your link didn't work for me. I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend pre-order it for me on the 20th. Perhaps it'll be a mad dash on the 19th and those who show up first will get the pre-order. I realize that's a terrible business arrangement but "Hope will never die"!!
  12. Are you able to purchase parallel, friendship, and marriage seals from other players?
  13. Do we know what "bond units" is yet? I think they mentioned that there are six unique types or something.
  14. How many times can you visit other players in one session of My Castle?
  15. Do Dark Knights have access to Dark Magic? If not, does Leo have a "shadow gift" like skill.
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