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  1. 'sides that, it's only 8AM in Japan, so bit too early currently were it today anyway.
  2. I'm certain Famitsu's weekly thing is Thursday, so that's tomorrow.
  3. Ah, really? That's dumb. Unfortunately I've no further ideas, Good luck on figuring this out, though~
  4. Here~ Again, may or may not work, I just pulled some event stuff from something I was working on.
  5. Oh. Hmm... Might I have a look at the event? Uh... Mostly just whatever relates to the spawn.
  6. Uh... I've forgotten how most events work, but let's see if I can help. You could maybe put 'ENUT 0x??' in the boss spawn, '??' being whatever event ID you gave the boss spawn event. i'm likely totally wrong about this working though so don't get your hopes up.
  7. Alm team bias because Kliff/Mathilda/Zeke. Celica team is also really cool, they only lose out a bit, just a tiny bit.
  8. Combat's mostly the same, yeah, biggest differences I can think of currently are magic costing HP instead of needing tomes (Aside from Nosferatu, that drains HP as it should), 1-3/1-5 range archers, terrain bonuses being a very big factor and... Nope, wasn't in the original game, and it isn't here. ...No idea on weapon skills, only what I recall from the original.
  9. Hmm... In relation to co-op things, maybe like, for battle preparations both players choose a team equal to half of the map's deployment spots (16 spots in main-game, 8 for each player in co-op), chosen from their own game file or something. ...i dunno it'd be interesting playing through the game with a second person. but this is probably just a dumb idea that'd never work.
  10. Wait, sorry, what? Pardon me for popping up here, but... could you at least try to show a little more tact?
  11. Alm, Kliff, Zeke, and Deen for guys. Mathilda, Celica and Delthea for girls. I dunno why, but the first three lords of the series are my absolute favourites. Kliff because he's so adorable. Zeke because... well, Zeke. and I love his attire. a lot. Deen because I love his hair, and Swordfighter bias, that too. Mathilda for being the best Cavalier type character, aside from Zeke, and she looks really cool in this game too. Delthea for also being adorable.
  12. Pfft, Kliff of course! I mean really, he's just so adorable~
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