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  1. Sorry, My brain derped on that one. Brb fixing it I luv u bby no homo plz <3 In all honest, this will surely help~ Congratulation, you are the first! Have a Cake! Will do! Thank you~ But that's what make this fun, the harder it is the more pleasurable the end will be. Oh wait... But still, Thank you very much
  2. My name is Onee-nee I am here to introduce you to the idea of Fire Emblem x [email protected] Basically, we are thinking of modding Fire Emblem (Maybe FE7 or FE8) game to add [email protected] Character like Haruka, Chihaya, Takane, and so on with an original story all together. The Story might be the hardest since we are making an original story from a scratch. But I believe we can make this a reality. For starter, I aimed for all 765Pro character to be playable with Cinderella Girls character added to fill the character slot. I was thinking that maybe we can acquire some people who is capable and/or interested in it. Though, digging for the idea only seems to be a very good idea~ To be honest, while I know a basic programming and some adobe flash+Photoshop, I am quite incapable of making this a reality. But I can still pour a lot of idea. For now, let's dig some idea and so on~ Story: -Need Idea- Character: 1. Takane -Lord- The main lord for the first ten chapter (Aka Tutorial Mode) A Regal and Mysterious Maiden of The Old Capital, she wields a Lance, Her growth is based around Skill and Str with good Def growth and great Con yet average speed growth at best, making her an Accurate Tank. 2. Haruka -Lord- Your Main Lord from Chapter 11 to the end of the story. The normally normal girl who is also an idol, she wields sword. The Lord with Eliwood/Marth growth, her growth is basically average at everything except Res (Good Growth), Luck (Bad Growth), and Con (Quite Low) 3. Miki -Lord- Your main lord from chapter 11 to the end of the story when you do second playthrough. The Born talented yet Lazy idol, she wields Axe. Basically Hector expy with a stat that doesn't resemble him much, her str has the best growth but her skill and def are falling behind. 4. Chihaya -Myrmidon- The Myrmidon you need but you don't deserve. The Skilled yet shaken Idol, her class is Myrmidon. Your standard Myrmidon with great skill, great speed, and decent str but plagued by low def and low con. 5. Hibiki -Wyvern Rider- The first flying unit you can use. The Wild and Animal-loving idol, her class is Wyvern Rider. An All-Around and balanced unit that excel at everything except Res. So far, that's the current idea we have. Maybe if you have any idea you can speak up and discuss with everyone. I will be very thankful and pleased if you want to help us, even a simple praise is very supporting for us. Thank you and I hope this can become reality.
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