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  1. My favorites before Shadows of Valentia, which prompted me to go back and start really experiencing the old games would be: Marth Lyn Eliwood Hector Florina Ninian Serra Lute Tana L'Arachel Ephraim Lyon Valter Ike Black Knight Katarina Lucina Robin Cordelia Lissa Frederick Walhart Tiki (Older) Say'ri Nyx Scarlet Flora Azura Beruka Kagero
  2. I don't see a special 3Ds being made for Fates. The Special edition and carrying case is more than enough, for now. for now.
  3. I don't know. There's not really an easy solution to this. Admittedly yes, several of Awakening's conversations do end up rehashing each other. I felt like having unlimited supports was a blessing and a curse. After all, I could get all the C-A(S) supports and find out my favorites in one long grind session for each character, but at the same time those character's problems within those supports was generally the same. I began to wonder why I felt like limited supports were better. So I went back to play Fire Emblem and Sacred Stones to find out why. I was genuinely surprised by what I discovered. There really isn't a difference between Awakening's supports and the supports of old. In grinding Supports, I found many characters in 7 and 8 retread the same character traits as it is. Sure, there are a few unique ones, but approximately half or more of Lyn's potential supports are about how she misses the plains (Florina, Kent, Rath). Hector's supports are about how he's a big unsociable lug (Lyn, Florina, Farina, Matthew), Eliwood's are all about how pure and innocent his is and how that attracted said person to him (Marcus, Ninian, Fiora). The difference is, there just weren't as many. So, do I want them to cut out the support system to limited numbers like the old ones. I don't think I want it to go that far. Admittedly, I don't want people to romance/support EVERYONE EVAR, but I also recall 7 and 8 having some dynamics I wish I could have seen (Lyn/Guy and Lyn/Karel and Lyn/Karla being examples off the top of my head). I think, though it's likely not going to happen, the first step should be the cut of the children characters in the next game. This would allow characters to stop at A, go to S, have a separate increase for love supports if those are separated from friend supports, improve the S supports in general so they aren't immediate marriage proposals. Question is, how would they do this? I think a remake of 7 or 8 would give them that opportunity. I don't believe it's likely to happen, but that way they could test the water on seeing if fans will stick around if the child mechanic is removed so they can narrow the support field in the next iteration by a bit. By the way, gems in awakening for the supports? Maribelle/Gaius, Gregor/Tharja, Lon'Qu/Tharja, Lon'Qu/Cherche, Gregor/Cherche are probably my favorites.
  4. I want to comment, but I'll have to wait until I've played the Nohr story in the english version. Who knows, maybe they'll have addressed one or two of the issues people had just enough without drastic changes to make people a tad more accepting of it.
  5. I ordered mine in store, but I'm trying to push my friend to grab his before it vanishes. He has a 3ds with the default memory card so he can't really afford to download those alt paths since Monster hunter takes up so much of it.
  6. My guilty confessions: I spoiled most of the game for myself on all the paths. On my first playthrough, most pairings I'll think I've planned wil likely never happen and it'll just kinda be whoever and whatever. Later on, I will establish my 'cannon' pairings base don how the children act and which mother's would most contribute to that behavior (Same thing I did in awakening).
  7. This would be very difficult to do, but my wish for supports is actually this: I can't see them getting rid of the Avatar system. Admittedly this is mainly because I love the concept myself, as I've always been a fan of it ever since the Tactician from Fire Emblem 7. Awakening was essentially a realization of this (Also the FE 12 we never saw, sadly, which I personally think did it a little better than Awakening). However, I hope they step away from the overly naive character to some extent. But how could they do this? Add in some choice. The choice doesn't even necessarily have to majorly affect the outcome. Some of my favorite scenes in Awakening are where you as the player have a choice. Sure, events unfold the same either way, but do you make the harder choice to save more lives, or refuse it? It felt like it gave your avatar more personality, even when events played out the same. I would improve this. Not only put choices in the main game, but also in the support conversations. If you have even one choice per conversation (3 for a C-A rank) you can feel a much more personal experience. Secondly, it's not impossible to assign relationship points to choices. Depending on how your character *clicks* with another (Cause say like, you're trying to romance a very militant person. If you make all the choices that are 'bashing' or 'against' military, he's not as likely to like you, right?) you can unlock an S rank between the Avatar and that character. The potential problem with this would be people complaining that they have to make certain choices to make characters like them, but to be fair that's like real life. If you keep telling the military their wrong, they don't magically come around to your way of thinking, they just stop liking you. That way you could have different feeling A supports. Rivals, friends, confidants, while perhaps giving a better way to connect to the S supports when characters work better together. Again, I know it's not likely to happen and a long shot by far, but that's what I think would help.
  8. Ouch. Was hoping they'd add more variation in those paralogues. Also, while I'm glad there's variation, I guess I'd be lying if I didn't say I hoped there would be a bit more. Which is weird, because I'm pretty sure there's more variation here then there ever was in FE7 and Sacred Stones, not even to touch on awakening. It's nice to see some maps will even have choices between whether you want to finish it one way or the other. I assume on normal it might be easier to say, clear the map, where on harder difficulties it may be too hard to do that so focusing on the boss before they close in may be the more important thing (or escaping or whatever.)
  9. I'm actually fine with exclusivity. Mostly because I want reasons to play all three routes beyond the characters maps and stories. Unfortunately, the third route is shaping up to have a majority of characters and likely the weapons and the most interesting story, though I think I'll play all of them first before reaching my final decision on that. The maps thankfully are unique which is pretty cool. But yeah, I think exclusive weapons will hopefully give each route that extra flair it needs. Although yeah, it's weird to see Brave and Killer weapons exclusive to routes now rather than available to all. Though to be fair when I did buy them I never used them cause they would break. Maybe I'll finally have reasons to use them this time.
  10. Definitely agree with you there. Or at least trimmed the cast more so that it didn't make people feel like the Invisible kingdom was the one true path since certain units (More units than there are, I should say) would be Nohr and Hoshido exclusive. Also, with the ending to both Nohr and Hoshido seemingly being more bitter-sweet at best, the all happy ending would've had more weight in the third path if a lot of the units that don't join you (Or some that do join you) were still to die anyway. Because drama and they did that on the other paths.
  11. I put other. I think it's only fair for there to be some fanservice for girls as well as guys, so if Camilla gets that outfit Odin gets his. It's only fair. Even if neither armor is practical.
  12. Syalla on Hoshido, because I was never a fan of Tharja so her expy is on my least favorite list right out of the gate. Also, tsukiyomi looks like he's ten. I had enough problems with Nowi last game. Éponine on Nohr. Mostly because Zero is the bi option, so on my first play through I probably won't marry him to a female just because I'll run out of people to marry others.
  13. You know what they should have done? Had a special edition with all three paths for the new nintendo 3ds. Just to make everyone who didn't buy one hate themselves. Joking, by the way. I'm pretty sure they just couldn't' fit all three routes onto the cartridge, which is why they didn't try to, but it also let's them release the third route a little bit after the first two to keep the hype going and I'm sure help them sell more DLC down the line. At the end of the day, still getting 3 games for the price of 2. I can live with it.
  14. The main issue hasn't been about Soliel herself, but about Kamui slipping the magic powder into her drink without her knowledge. Even for someone naive to the ways of the world, it's a pretty not okay thing to do. Though this does make me recall Tharja cursing people without their consent in a lot of instances in Awakening. That's just as not okay as this, right? So I can finally be justified in my dislike of that character?
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