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  1. Also, isn't Xander a red unit? Even if he's mounted, I think the effective against and WTD would cancel out each other. So I highly doubt they would release Xander after saying F!Robin is a counter for the next GHB. EDIT: Nvm, it apparently results in Atk x 1.2! Thanks to the poster below for correcting me.
  2. I was planning to upgrade a 4* Niles, but he's been lagging behind on higher levels. (And frankly, his 5* skills don't look too appealing.) So I'm probably going to use them on 3* Felicia for her healing skill and meanwhile use Lissa as a replacement. That still leaves me with ~9,000 feathers, which I'll probably hoard until I have a better idea of what to do with them, lolol.
  3. Idk if this counts, but I'd be willing to use up the points I collected through Google Survey. I'm going to wait until a banner features Leo though, lol.
  4. Did the Tier List update? Last I checked, I remember Lyn and Leo as SS, but now I see Azura there! Which makes me really happy for discarding a Lyn roll for an Azura roll, lolol. Also, another question: How useful are debuff units (e.g. Kagerou, Saizo, Felicia) for arena battles?
  5. Are you planning to update the page to reflect neutral stats (without the -1/+1 variations) in the future, or sticking with what's up right now? It looks really nice, btw! I'm going to continue posting duplicates because I get bored rerolling, lol.
  6. Would the group chat(s) be for FE:Heroes players in general or just for ASU students? Because I really like the idea of a FE:Heroes group chat; the forum is nice and all, but it's different from actually talking to others about it.
  7. I would go with the second team. Your first team doesn't have a single blue unit!
  8. Woo! I was worried Leo had lost his popularity, but he's still made it to Top 10. Glad to see that Gaius did nicely as well, although I'm a bit surprised at how badly Inigo/Laslow did. (I hope they create banners based on these results, because I'm still hoarding all my orbs for Leo.) Also most of the Male Top 10 are red units, which makes me really happy. I was worried the meta would change, but with this my Azura can continue wrecking. -^-
  9. I see, thanks! And huh, I should start leaving walls/rocks intact to bait them to use up their turn.
  10. How does the AI prioritize its moves? I jumped into an Advanced Arena match with 3 5*s and I was scared shitless, but the enemy's four units kept using up rallies and approaching my team at a turtle's pace. That made it really easy to exploit WTA and snipe the enemy one by one. It seemed rather odd for the AI to value rallies above all else (except for attacking when a unit was in range). Does that always happen?
  11. Ah, that sounds plausible. I prioritized completing the February quests first, so I hadn't unlocked the hard quests yet at that point. So I do have to replay it then, aw. But thank you for the response(s)! :)
  12. Really? It simply says "Clear Chapter 2: Part 5 on Hard." But either way, none of my units died the last time I cleared the map, so I don't think that's the problem. ;;
  13. I'm not getting the quest reward for completing Hard 2-5, even though I completed it a while ago for the February quest with Alfonse. Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to redo the map? While the map doesn't take too much stamina, I don't want to waste it by replaying Hard 2-5 if I won't get anything out of it.
  14. We'll all get him someday, eventually... But in all honesty, I'm expecting that one of the future banners will feature Leo, given that he's a Fates royal and ranked #1 on the Fates popularity poll. (Idk how he did on the Heroes poll since he lost a chunk of voters with the Camilla revelation, but I'm guessing he still performed decently?) They've done Camilla/Takumi, so I don't see why they wouldn't do the parallel-- Hinoka/Leo. I'm going to save up my orbs for the day Leo shows up on that banner and then blow all of my orbs on 3* rolls and cry myself to sleep.
  15. This is painfully relatable. I was in an Arena fight and accidentally made Azura move back instead of attacking Lucina, who she would have wiped out. This mistake instead sent her straight into the range of an Axe user and Lucina proceeded to kill off my Felicia, orz. I'm probably also going to look into that Auto/Tap feature on the settings, because I didn't know that existed. Another mistake I made was overestimating Subaki's Atk (vice versa, underestimating enemy Def). I was trying to complete the "KO 20+ enemies with a flier" quest and Subaki was my only choice, and I figured I could have Subaki chip off 20+ enemies to death and created a higher leveled team structured to bring down enemy HP (without killing them off). Alas it turned out Subaki could only deal 0/1 damage, even with a rally from Sharena and a debuff from Felicia. Also, the very first time I started the game, I pulled a 5* Lyn and a 4* Florina, but I threw the account away because I checked the pull thread and figured 2 5*'s/3 4*'s were plausible and that Lyn wasn't worth it... to be fair, my 5* Azura serves me well because most arena superstars are red units but still..!
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