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  1. To be fair talking about how Takumi is gonna be more op is already being speculative, so posting some ways around it does no more harm. Of course this game is random, is a gacha game, and lets be real there are people who dont have units to deal with Hectors or Takumi consistently, and this is a reality since the game came out, is not because skill inheritance itself. Not defending the mechanic itself since we dont really know how it will turn out, just pointing out that it is not bringing any problem that doesnt already exist. Luck? Already here since start, Takumi? Is already op, if the mechanic allows free skill inheritance between all units then that means there are some ways to deal with him more consistently, if the skill inheritance is heavily restricted then nothing will matter and the meta will surely remain the same. So in the end I think skill inheritance could be better for other units more than it is for Takumi, and requiring Setsuna for Bowbreaker is no bigger than the current meta needing things like MRobin for Takumi or Red Lords for Hector.
  2. The big difference being that the number of threats of Heroes vs the ones of OU in pokemon is much less, adding that some units blanket check a much wider number of units(Azura countering every Red which means she alone can handle half the current units in the meta) , the problem in pokemon is when you need to use a mon to handle an specific threat that is otherwise useless(gimmicky crap like AV Klefki for checking Greninja in ORAS being an example), putting bowbreaker on something like Lilina or MRobin is different because they still can do work even if Takumi is not on the enemy's team(similar to how Landorus-T was used against CharX and still could blanket check other mons and support the team), so even if it is centralizing is not something that stops your unit from working against other teams. Vantage doesnt matter since you are killing him, that is why I said just put bowbreaker on your mage and Takumi stops being a problem, there are other units that can deal with him with bowbreaker like Roy or other hardhitters. Takumi is getting cool tools but believe so are other units, Lilina with Deathblow is a good example of a unit without Bowbreaker that can one shot all the variants bar +RES/+HP with neutral on HP/RES, with a buff it kills all of them and also things like Lucina or Hector.
  3. I usually run Roy so 4 hectors are no prob. Roy takes around 7 damage from hector, so even without defense boosts he can kill them.
  4. You are not getting the point, is true that Takumi gains more tools, but also all the other units, and access to bowbreaker+mage just means that it doesnt matter what Takumi setskill is since you can kill it now much easier in return, so in the long run I can see units like MRobin or Lilina being able to deal much easier with him with Bowbreaker without caring what skills he has at all in the arena.
  5. I dont think Takumi is gonna be more OP since he already has almost the perfect skillset, and breakers work both ways, you would just need to stick bowbreaker to a mage and kill it, so infact is gonna be more easy to really counter him, since as far as I know there is no skillset he can run to avoid it.
  6. Lilina got through this chapter on first try alongside Dance support, kill the green axe on top, next turn obliterate everything alongside Anna for the Lance user.
  7. What I am pretty sure is that Passive&Specials skills will be allowed to be inhereted at least from units of the same color, like the wording from Leo's Special that says ATK-DEF/RES mostly supports that physical units can have access to it. I think that Weapon skills will be untransferable. Dance and Sing may not be as OP when transferred, since that just means that the unit cannot be danced also, with this into account I dont think people will run more than 2 max. I dont think this will cause such a huge impact on things that are already OP(like Takumi), but mostly on units that have bad skillsets mostly because the units that are OP already have almost godlike skills. I get the hype of Takumi getting Vantage, but Lilina getting access to Death Blow and the like seems more meaningful for me, since OHKOing him is just easier than it already is with her.
  8. I just want to say I called it before, not about inheriting skill per se, but the fact that characters could learn more skills on top of what they already have, since some having special artwork and not using it, there being 3 types of passives when heroes can only learn 2 max, and Nino's weapon that slows special countdown when she doesnt have one. I also think that maybe it is not between characters but instead there is like a "shop" for this, you pay 1 orb then hero gets the skill in his skill tree and then it needs to learn it through SP.
  9. As a Lilina user I would say that is dependant on your team, because with the right team it can make wonders, for example a +ATK Lilina with an attack buff (through FCorrin, Eirika,etc.) can one shot Takumi,Lucina,Ryoma,Hector,etc some of the variants dont even require the buff. Lilina also deals with mages pretty well aside from Linde, and including non +SPD RobinM variants. With a Dancer/Singer Lilina just gets much better, because she 2OKOes basically everything, even things like Effie and Abel,and aiming for setting up a Growing Flame is more reasonable. So Lilina is good if you can use units to reposition her and buff her to reach certain ohkoes IMO.
  10. The map is not that hard tbh, I actually dealt with it with my Lilina(obtained since day 1 through rerolling) and Azura(she only dances so Olivia works the same). I dont know why people complain that you cannot pass it as a F2P player when rerolling is possible, "But I dont like to reroll" well then just dont complain about not getting X unit because in theory anyone that spends its time from the beginning can get 2 or 3 good units from the start, like the game has thrown around 200 orbs atm for free, 10k free feathers and getting 1.5k or 2k from arena is doable a week+arena quests , so as long as you pull a decent 4* mage you can upgrade it and pass the map, which with around 100 summons I dont think there is someone that has pulled 100 3* Virions in a row, heck you can use Cecilia+ Olivia at worst(which doesnt involves Orbs at all). Also, I think RobinF has some potential, maybe not in the current meta but having a super effective weapon against a certain type of unit does give it a niche, especially if in the future more cavalry units become a threat.
  11. Agree with that, especially if your team has 2 units with the same color or weakness.
  12. Interesting I have 4,420 points and I am at Rank 4864, pretty amazing that 100 points make like a 3000 difference in ranks.
  13. I think around +5 or +6 without counting ATK, since usually at 5* you gain access to a new Weapon skill that makes the difference in ATK even wider from a 4*.
  14. Thinking it a little more I would take out CorrinF or Robin, mainly because they both deal "Blue" Magic damage, Ephraim or Effie could go instead of CorrinF. I recommend to focus on the unit you want to use then building from there, for example Julia+Tiki sounds fun for healing a good chunk on a turn if needed. Somewhat agree in that Julia could conflict somewhat with Lucina, but sometimes is better to experiment since in practice some weird gimmicks and/or combinations are found, like I use my Roy to bait out Robins, inflict the -7 Def then kill with Azura, and in theory Roy should not help to deal with Robin, so yeah experiment so you can know what you are comfortable playing with. I would give it a try to Effie/Ephraim+Julia+Robin+Lucina though, have all colors, 2 ranged and 2 close combat, 2 magic damage and 2 physical, I would try Effie first since she could work pretty good alongside Julia and help to create a choke point.
  15. Split map has all my hate, half of the times I cannot win without sacrificing someone.
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