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  1. Oh man, the Ursula quest is such a friggin' grind. It'a great for quickly gaining affinity with common blades, though. I've been sitting on my game in chapter 8 because I feel like I have to complete the charts for a bunch of my rare blades or their related side quests will reset or glitch out (although that got patched, right?). Am I worrying needlessly? Should I just finish the story and power through on new game plus? Apparently it's just way more convenient.
  2. I often fantasize about being a supervillain in the classical comic book sense (super smart, an army of minions, infinite money, and a sweet secret base) so that I could actually make the world a better place. Trying to change big things will instantly earn you the label of villain from those in power because they like things the way they are, even if you are doing things like curing diseases and planting super crops in starving countries. They will use excuses like, "You didn't go through the correct diplomatic channels," or, "You violated a trade agreement," or, "You stole some corporation's patents to do this (my absolute favorite made-up excuse, because copyright law is so screwed up in favor of corporations that they don't even have to have a legit claim, they can just say they do and immediately ruin everything)." And if I had to genetically engineer an army of mutant super panthers to protect my hard work from the corrupt and the powerful, so be it. All I want to do is make a post-scarcity society, where people focus on self-improvement instead of accumulating wealth. History will remember Dr. Ultrapocalypse as a futurist and a humanitarian! *Shakes fist*
  3. Anybody here old enough to remember the ancient (by internet standards) webcomic Megatokyo? Way back in 2001 it was the bee's knees. Then an extremely erratic update schedule and a series of questionable creative decisions pretty much tanked its popularity. I went back and looked at the site a few years ago, just to take a trip down memory lane, and the comic was still going, to my surprise. No idea why anybody still reads it though. I saw somebody mention Shoryuken.com and I can't disagree there. It also reminded me of a sister site, called Eventhubs (yes that is one word in this context). They put up a paywall to access the site a few years ago and it killed their reader traffic. Actually, I used to cruise through a whole bunch of fighting game centric communities, and they went through something of a renaissance after Street Fighter 4 released. Almost all of them have since deflated back to their default state of half-death since then due to the fact that fighting games don't get annual releases and are not popular with the tween and college bro crowds.
  4. Bayonetta 3 (switch) The Takeover (PC) Dragon's Crown (PS4) Fire Emblem (switch) Devil May Cry V (not announced yet, but I'm calling it for PS4) Also, any Wii U exclusives that are not Smash Bros, Zelda, or Mario that get switch rereleases, I will encourage with my money. I'm looking at you, TMS#FE.
  5. The "bullet sponge." This is the kind of enemy that has a truckload of life, damage reduction, periods of invulnerability, and super armor. Their attacks are hard to avoid at first, but easy to see coming after you get clobbered once or twice. Then the fight becomes a boring slog as you dodge their massively damaging attacks and chip away at their deep well of life because your weapons and attacks are universally like hurling ping pong balls at a tank. These guys are most often associated with the fake difficulty that @Hawkwing was talking about. For a fine example of a game built on bullet sponge enemies, and how it fails to make the game any fun, look no further than Devil May Cry 2.
  6. Right in the first chapter they make a big deal out of the torture attacks. These are good silly fun, but largely unnecessary unless you really like using the angel weapons that enemies drop. The real big damage comes from Bayonetta's Wicked Weave attacks (the giant demon fists/feet/etc typically at the end of a button string). Don't worry about racking up style points at first, and just focus on landing those big hits. They give you breathing room, do a lot of damage, and are worth plenty of points. Also, really small enemies and ones that fly are mostly not worth chasing down with your melee attacks until you get pretty good at the game and buy the rest of Bayo's moves. Just use your lock-on gun attacks to clear them out. Also, since you're just starting out, do not neglect the lollipop creation! breaking furniture and stuff around the stages nets you a whole bunch of materials for free, and using an invincibility lollipop to just wail on those really troublesome enemies while they slash at you in vain is a great relief. Using items tanks your score, but for your first time through the story, who cares? Save your pure platinum aspirations for after you unlock all the stages. Invincibility lollipops will make your life so much easier, and so will the life refill lollis. You can mostly skip the magic refills, though, unless you really love the torture attacks. One final thing: The accessories in Rodan's shop are fabulously expensive, so it's best to aim for one and buy it, then kind of ignore the rest until you buy out all of the witch hearts and moon pearls. Most players, myself included, recommend the Moon of Mahakala(sp). It gives you a parry with no limits that grants total invincibility... provided you can time it right. It's also one of the few accessories that doesn't cost any magic to use. In all likelihood you're not going to unlock a more useful accessory until well into the postgame. Once you get that, the flock of bats, and the aerial dodge, your umbra witch will be much harder to kill. I keep thinking of more advice, but it's starting to get granular. Just enjoy it, and be prepared for a challenging, but rewarding, action game experience!
  7. After blowing over 120 orbs on the fallen heroes banner without even a pity breaker, I got mah boi Grima. A timeline of my thoughts: Welp, I've got 9 orbs left. I haven't gotten a green orb to show up in a while, so this will be my last desperate gasp Oh, hey there green orb! Where ya been? C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mooooooooooooon! YES! Ooh, a SPD base of 8! Is he a speedster? That'd be weird and awesome. Oh, nope. No he isn't. Aaaaaaaaaand he has a RES bane. And it turns out RES is his superbane. Well, at least I got one. Would it be worth sacrificing a Valter to give him Panic Ploy? That is a lot of HP. Hmmmmmmm...
  8. I can assure you, Astra makes a world of difference on Camilla. I haven't tried out Minerva yet, but if she shares her moves with Camilla, it will have the same affect on her too. The wyvern rider type gains the most benefit from Astra in your army. It is like playing a different character.
  9. Ugh, that reminds me, the first six rare blades I got were Zenobia, Dagas and Agate on Nia, and Boreas, Floren, and Kora on Rex. Gatcha elements! F#$&'em, right?
  10. Whoops! You are right. I guess I just missed it when I gave a cursory scan. My bad!
  11. As a self-described crusty old man by internet and videogame standards who grew up playing and loving beat'em ups, this venture pleases me. If you play some of them on weekends (say, Fri-Sat in the US) I might even be able to join in for some co-op action. I'm starved for people to play these games with. I would ask that, if you stream them, maybe put a VOD up on your youtube pretty please? I live in Japan and have a soul-sucking full-time office job on a school network that blocks darn near everything on the internet worth looking at, so I usually have to catch up after the fact when somebody does something cool. Also, you already have a massive list, but have you ever played the 90s Capcom Dungeons and Dragons arcade games? They've been remastered and put on PS4/Xbone/Steam as a 2-game package, and there is a ton of fun to be had with them. Six playable characters (up to 4 player co-op), a truckload of secret areas, branching paths, a frankly ridiculous amount of items, equipment, and magic spells you can pick up along the way, and it combines that 90s Capcom magic with a bunch of classic DnD stuff. I know you're probably already full up on titles to play, but I recommend you check it out.
  12. Yeah I've got Gorg on my Rex, and it is a really nice feeling when somebody breaks a hardcore unique monster and I can just topple-launch-SMASH and watch that life bar lose a chunk all at once.
  13. This is just opinion based off of my experience so far, but would it be possible to switch Agate and Wulfric in that party? Rex is reeeeeeally slow with axes and Zeke's megalance arts have so much wind up I swear it's a private joke by somebody who coded them. My only other advice would be that variety is the spice of life, and thus Theory and Aegeaon on the same driver might be a little redundant, but if you like chroma katana, more power to ya. I personally like the weapon type so much I'm trying to get a rare one on each possible driver (so far I only have Aegeaon and Newt). Has anyone tried experimenting with reflect damage builds? Every time I fight a unique driver enemy with a katana they instantly KO one of my party with spike damage or reflect damage or something (why did spike damage have to come back?), so I'm guessing there's got to be a pretty simple blade/accessory/aux core combo floating around reddit, but my work computer blocks all the fun social media sites.
  14. Yes to Command Mission, please! I know objectively it wasn't that great, but I was in full-on MMX fanboy mode when it first released, and I loved it. Among the features I thought it really should have had was a new game plus feature. There is a bunch of cool stuff you can only get from the final boss or after you beat the game, and you never really have any use for it, because there's basically nobody and nothing to use it on. Axel's final morph and weapon, all of the super force metals, and even X and Zero's ultimate weapons (okay, ultimate other than the OP as hell turbo buster) are basically just trophy prizes to say, "You did it!" It would have been really cool to be able to blast through the game again all tricked out with your postgame equipment and powers, but eh. I also would have really liked a sequel to tie up the truckload of loose ends in the plot, and to give us more time with the new characters they introduced but you never see in any other game (except for Cinnamon, but that's mostly my distaste for all the tropes she exemplifies). I have devoted many hours of imagining what a new X game set after Command Mission could play and be like (For example: Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams-style action RPG where you could also play as Marino and Maximo, and Cinnamon is your mobile home base feature for saving/healing/item creation), but these days I think Capcom is done with any Megaman that isn't just classic blue bomber. We'll see if after they rerelease the X series about five more times they feel nostalgic and decide to make a single new X game that forgets about all the unanswered questions and gameplay refinements the latter games left behind and reverts to 2D SNES style game design, wherein all the other cool main characters become NPCs or just disappear with no explanation, but games media praises it for its, "Back to basics," approach, while simultaneously throwing shade at longtime fans who just wanted some closure, using such incredibly reductive phrasing as, "Was all that convoluted continuity really the reason we enjoyed these games in our youth?" I had two or three more paragraphs of ranting about the X series' unfortunate fate inside of me, but I deleted them before posting, because It's not like I'm bitter or anything.
  15. Sorry @Armagon, but I couldn't help myself. I put XB1 on the backburner because, honestly, the Mechonis section of the game is a chore, and 2 is flat out more fun. I forgot how hard it could be to even see what was happening in combat sometimes in the Wii game. I'll still grit my teeth and trudge through it at some point, but I have enough frustration in my life currently, and XB2 has a kind of narrative momentum pushing me to keep going for the time being. I'm currently treading water in Ch. 8, trying to find the last several unique monsters to slay for Zenobia's affinity chart (I can't believe how lucky I got in getting her fairly early on), and I have to say, it feels like I must have left the game running while doing some household chores or something, because my playtime is about to hit 120 hours, and I feel like I've got a crap ton of sidequests I haven't even touched yet.
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