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  1. Thats wierd because the my castle menus when you press start were completely translated in the last patch. Also I can't seem to find any of the files you mentioned from the last patch.
  2. When I patched my rom and installed it some of the my castle menus got detranslated. Is this normal?
  3. Ahh thats unfortunate. I haven't been looking at the updates on the projects to have known about this. But i'm sure the team had their reasons why they unmerged. Thank you for correcting me on that and good luck to the several Team IF members who are working on other translation projects.
  4. I know that the FE Fates translation team have merged together for a while now but this is a beast of a project to tackle (So much text to translate). I'm really looking forward to their work on The Great Ace Attorney translation.
  5. Either that or they moved on to the Great Ace Attorney translation project.
  6. Quick question. So if you guys are able to hard write JP voices to the USA Version, can we do the same for using the USA cutscenes and skinships to add subtitles if adding subtitles to the JP version isn't possible? Or this that to technical to do?
  7. Same here. Is the Marx paralogue translated on your game as well?
  8. Both Marx and Leons paralogues are both translated on my patched game. Haven't looked at the Hoshido side of the paralogues to see if I had a similar result. I know for sure that none of the paralogues are translated in the current patch.
  9. I'm not sure if anyone is having the same issue i'm having but when I completed Leon's Child side story there is normally dialogue when the chapters completed. However it never shows up and it goes straght to the save file screen. Not to sure if its my file that is having this problem or something else.
  10. Its definitely more skill based cause of the new battle system and varies changes to weapons and classes. As for luck the RNG is pretty horrid in fates from my experience. High hit rates have a good chance of missing and low hit rates, even low crit rates, should be taken into consideration its not even funny. Skill is definitely present in fates, just get ready for a few dumb miss/hits down the road.
  11. Hmm interesting. If cutscenes are possible then i'm sure others that require subtitles. But yeah skinships have subtitles but the dialogue of whatever character says right after the skinship is finished have none same as the confession scenes. Which is pretty puzzling to me.
  12. Also has there been a solution on how to patch DLC in the future?
  13. Quick question is it possible to add subtitles to cut scenes, confessions and the end of skinships or is that out of your power to add without an already existing speech bubble?
  14. Well considering that they're nearly almost done with the main stories i'd say pretty soon. I'm looking forward to the next patch when it comes out. I wonder how they're going to handle the dlc.
  15. You guys except reddit posts of translations? Like supports and skinships?
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