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  1. So it would made more sense if both of them were Earth Dragons. On another topic, it would be very interesting to see Kaga's reaction to this remake.
  2. I believe that it wasn't even in the original plans to have all FE games linked into a timeline, this just opens more questions like: and so on. And to respond this question: Fanservice, simply as that. Hell the original Gaiden was just a "side history", so my questions above doesn't even needed to be responded by the game! If there's something that I loved about the "Kaga Style" FE plots was that he simply let a lot to the player to answer by himself and create their own theories, something that is getting more and more uncommon in the new games (and for the record I think FE 11-12 did a very good job at that, introducing new plot elements, like Nagi, while not giving exact answers for them). TLDR: Fire Emblem doesn't need a timeline, let the players make their own.
  3. Some little ideas here, nothing special: Bishop - S - B An magic user that has dedicated his life to Staff. A dedicated healer with superior resistance. Stat Caps: HP: 50 Str: 20 Mag: 33 Skl: 33 Spd: 33 Luck: 35 Def: 25 (lol) Res: 35 Skills: Level 1 - Serenity: Halves stat staffs hit rate. Level 10 - Purify: Select the "Purify" command to clean the target of all of his debuffs Level 25 - Faith: When under half HP, half of your remaining HP will be turned into damage. Level 35 - Enlightenment: When using one healing staff on an ally, Str, Skill and Spd + 4 for the target during one turn Summoner - A A user of dark magic that can summon undead warriors. Have decent combat capabilities. Stat Caps: HP: 50 Str: 20 Mag: 30 Skl: 34 Spd: 32 Luck: 33 Def: 30 Res: 33 Skills: Innate - Summon: Choose the "Summon" command to call an undead warrior with one HP (Max 2 on map at time) (Bonewalker, Faceless(!), Entombed, Golem(!), Gargoyle) Level 1 - Shadowgift (for males now!) Level 10 - Magic Drain - Enemy - 2 Mag while user receives +2 magic (Max 10). Level 25 - Undead Leader - When one summoned monster is on the map, all stats + 1 Level 35 - Wrath (yay!)
  4. Master Knight, Mage Fighter and Bishop plessssss!!! Oh, Nihil, Wrath, Continue and Charge would be nice as DLC skills. For some strange reason i want to play as Iago, just sayin
  5. Nah, it's more like Hypertension. LOL Now seriosly, people just have to grow and learn that's not everything in life will be the way we want. It's simple really.
  6. I think Nintendo tried to avoid polemic with the skinship removal because of the Soleil saga....... But, as obvious by now, it didn't work.........
  7. Seriosly, It doesn't make sense all main magic users having high resistence. Like, imagine if all weapon users have high as hell defense? It doesn't make sense! The solution, in my opinion is re-balancing the classes, for example: - Anima Mages having mercenary type stats, with a good spread empathizing skill (with some spells acting like a "Light Mage slayer") - Light Mages having low magic and high res, but really shit defense, like always. - Dark Mages having low res/skill, but with high defence and magic. The tomes should be changed a little too, with Nosferatu going back to his rightfull place (The light tome Resire), and with my favorite magic making a return! (Aircalibur)
  8. I'm seeing some streams of the English version and looks like they changed all the kunai models for dagger ones. It's real or my mind is tricking me?
  9. Same with Nihil Make a Luck% of negating all battle skills!
  10. Is pretty good that skinship is a deal breaker so i can snatch the special edition! So, anyone who will cancel the special edition, please tell me so i can snatch it from you! lol But here people don't like FE, so will be very easy to buy the special edition
  11. Nintendo will await all the flame die and the salt dissolve to give an official statement. But anyway, if they removed the skinship, probably they will add again as a free DLC after all the flame wars it generated.
  12. More suports (RyomaxCrimsom and JokerxFlora come into mind, giving Izana a few more suports will be very nice since he's my favorite character). A Talk game with the skinship assets, or perhaps some unique items?
  13. I think is more of a cultural matter. Otakus are creepy as hell. And i'm 100% secure that if they remove the skinship, there will be a better addition But again, the only thing i'm interested right now is if they will up the HP growth rates that are awful in this game.
  14. It's funny, then the debate about skinship started, people say it has none importance and "hey it's optional" Now, that's been speculated that might be removed, people get enraged and say it's a fundamental part in the game. This whole mess gave a huge ERROR 404. Look the bright side : they may gave a Waifu Flip to us instead :)
  15. OH MY GOD! Both for the news and the amount of replies in this topic!
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