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  1. You're not using the same version of radiant dawn as most other people are, most people use ntsc 1.01 and you have something different
  2. Most likely you're using codes for different versions of dolphin I have a few for NSTC 1.01 and Dolphin 5 which i'm assuming you're using >AR codes Infinite BEXP 023CAB5C 00006000 023CAB60 00006000 023CAB64 00006000 Infinite Gold 043CAB50 000F423F 043CAB54 000F423F 043CAB58 000F423F Infinite Mov 04053508 7C601B78 Let me know if these work
  3. Okay! New patch, it's been a while, yadda yadda. Please don't load the old save, text is mostly the same so don't worry about story. Just play through it and let me know if it's okay so far. Right now there's no game crashing bugs but I may or may not have added a few things that could've done that so uh, yeah. Anyway, Have fun!
  4. Ah dangit, I missed this years FE-E3 Welp there's always next year Anyway, still having some work on it here and there, I'll try to get the next patch out by christmas. Have fun everyone
  5. OK so small problem, max file size is 2 MB. Patch is about 4 MB so uh yeah let me see if i can work that out Edit: Added dropbox link to main post
  6. Hey guys, it's been a few months. First of all, sorry it's been a while since I've made any big changes with the hack. I was diagnosed with psychological depression right after the semester ended so ive been dealing with that. I'll get back to working on it soon-ish. No date for the next patch, but as of right now, the chapter after the route split on Andrew's side is complete. An update will be released after about 2 more chapters. Thanks for holding out!
  7. Been a while, couple things to note 1. Just had an idea for to finish off the game, it's gonna be a little generic, but it'll suffice 2. Been having a lot of schoolwork recently, also a lot of other games, so work is slow 3. Haven't been updating the patch notes cause nobody reads them, if you guys want me to, i'll start updating them again 4. Working on the beginning of the hack, mostly fixing up some grammar and making the sentences flow better. Plans: 1. Custom Icons for everyone planned, lower priority but it'll happen 2. Revamping maps, lower priority than custom icons simply because i can't think of anything good for now 3. Weapons will have very little tuning, only small icon updates/stat readjustments/things i've missed will happen 4. Memes, I've been studying these for the past few weeks, be prepared. You have been warned.
  8. Posted the same thing twice Probably because of a bug, I don't blame you
  9. Tried that out the first time, it didnt immediately change the max upload size, turns out i had to save the post and then edit again. Was hesitant cause the upload size is carried over to comments as well. And I no longer have access to the old patches since I swapped computers. So in the event that something horrible happens I lose almost everything. Main post should be updated with the patch now
  10. Ok, uh small problem, I can apparently no longer upload files more than .6MB up here Strange since I was able to post the other patches fine and those were .023 kb smaller than the current patch. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13JbZ6XxA5NXDRR6OIP-e-eXu-FASl8YY/view?usp=sharing Patch is now available on google drive, it should link you to just the file
  11. Update: Patch (0.2.7) will come out when I get home tonight, in roughly 4 hours from the time of this post Patch notes are up to date so please look at them if you have any immediate questions, or if the link doesn't work, let me know as well. Edit: Am tired, going to bed, will update in the morning
  12. I can make storm weapons like radiant dawn, I'll see if i can squeeze them in borrowing some previous animations for wind Update: Added Storm Sword and Tempest Blade from Radiant Dawn, I squeezed down the original icons by hand and they *should* work fine, I'll see where I can shoehorn them in. The wind sword will also be available earlier and will be slightly toned down to compensate. Animations are reused from other spells. If there's any specific animation thats free to use, let me know and I'll see if I can add it in. Update 2 electric boogaloo: Been busy with school and streaming, so progress is a little slow. I'll see what I want to do with the rest of the Andrew story before I get started I'm looking at overhauling chapter 2's map as well as chapters 5x and onward.
  13. Small question: What do you guys want to see in the future chapters? An actual cohesive story line and ***PLOT*** or do you guys want a lighthearted meme-y style like how it's been so far, Do you guys want custom maps or weapons, or a rebalance with older weapons? If I do this, I'll have a google docs sheet of the changelist alongside it Bunch of things I'm willing to try out the more accustomed I get with the editor, just let me know and I'll try to get stuff in. Also, 1 thing I completely forgot to mention, As of right now, there are superboss levels in the postgame dungeon the Lagdou Ruins. Those feature some people who were kind enough to let me use their "OC's" in this and are extremely difficult to beat. These chapters are not 100% fleshed out, but have some work put in so you guys can try it out if you like. This is in the current patch as well as the previous patch and have not been worked on since the date of the original post. The next patch should be out, maybe next week, I'm starting to stream on twitch so thats taking a bit of time from my schedule and I still have college, so patches will be slower from here on out. I will update as soon as I can in the event something horrible happens. If I am incapacitated enough to not be able to let you know, Ultrayoshi will let you know.
  14. Cyclopses shouldn't be able to do that, I'll take a look at it I was planning to buff the magic weapons as they aren't available anywhere else in the game, so either its unbreakable, or I'll have to make them purchasable later on into the game, probably post. Either way, I'm looking to either nerf their power and make them unbreakable, or buff them and make them breakable. This is the first iteration Update: Turns out that it wasn't Cyclopses who can use all 3 triangle weapons, it was just EvilMcEvil's profile not being changed from Orson, so Orson's base weapon levels carried over. This is important because it means that enemy cyclopses won't be able to equip all 3 triangle weapons in the current patch
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