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  1. Azura/Ophelia was so cute! It's nothing special, but it's still really sweet imagining Ophelia singing a song with her various vocabulary
  2. I didn't consider squires or apprentices. Those are great options! Just curious though, how would the inheritance work? Like if A marries/A ranks/friendships/whatever in the next game to B, then does the apprentice inherit from that? Children worked because it was a parent, but would the squire just look up to the variable parent and inherit stats from them? I'm looking at this from a mechanic standpoint so that's why I ask
  3. Yeah. Story wise they're not that great, although I can't say I dislike more units, even if it is poorly written. Doing a future mechanic like Genalogy of the Holy War could work, but I'd also miss the old units, which I know is a small nitpick but whatever The deep realms honestly weren't TOO BAD. I mean it's bad, but I always felt people freaked a bit much in them. Yes it was forced, but still... I'm not sure of another way to make it work besides time skip
  4. The reason I like children is more so as a mechanic. Having a customizable unit that you can build to be whatever you want, and also having lots of them, makes the game have more replay ability and options. Even if it's poorly incorporated story wise, the children mechanic adds a lot to the game's replay ability, whether it be building your own units, filling out the support log, etc. I know a lot of people will say they won't want kids, but in my opinion they're really fun as a mechanic
  5. You smell like a goat!! But reap what you sow is a close second
  6. This theory is very interesting and cool! Question though, just like how Kamui/Corrin was conditioned to forget Silas, could Felicia have been conditioned to forget she was a hostage? No offense to Felicia, but Flora seems like the more competent twin of the two so it'd make sense in a way for her to either remember or have her be the one trusted with the information by her father. Also, where did it say that fake Garon, Iago, etc didn't know they were Kilma's daughters? Edit: Nevermind. I reread your post and see what you're saying now. It's a very good point and the only reason I can think of is that Kilma just finally got fed up with Garon's rule that he now decides to rebel for the good of his tribe
  7. I have an appreciation for Nina/Caeldori because it's a Nina support with no gimmicks and it's just these two girls bonding over strategy and admirin each other's qualities
  8. This. I wish Fates had much more world building. Certain aspects of Fates have me invested to the point that I've started world building myself and wanting to make a separate topic just for it XD
  9. "Fall so that others may live" is one of my favorite quotes in the game honestly so... It's just so cool and he delivers it so well
  10. Awww! That was so cute and thank you so much for translating that!! Shigure acting like his dad is just amazing XD
  11. I'm so sorry eclipse. I'll try to avoid making those mistakes again
  12. I wish Odin wasn't so hard to translate because now I'm really interested in his conversation with Shigure and him mentioning the brand
  13. I think I can settle on Female Corrin being right handed since she holds her sword in her right hand in every piece of official art she's in
  14. It seems they're married, but just didn't get to have a big celebration with a wedding.
  15. That makes sense and I really like that idea
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