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  1. No worries, these things are bound to happen. The point of this experimental draft is the work out kinks in the rules to make future drafts run more smoothly. Sorry if I seemed accusatory, I didn't intend to.
  2. Pretty much that. This type of drafting in FE6 is inherently unbalanced; the vast majority of available units range from bad to mediocre (niche uses but unsatisfactory in general gameplay), and there are very few good early units. I knew this when I signed up for the draft, however, so I'm just being petty, especially since because my best clear of C4 is 4 turns behind yours due to the presence of one solid earlygame unit (albeit with rigged growths). It wasn't anything against you, I'm rigging pretty heavily myself, it was more annoyance with the situation. You just got lucky with first pick, so no hard feelings. For the most part. I wish I could be lucky too.
  3. Or Ogier, as he's apparently called now. Are undrafted units allowed to die while not countering? C1: 9/9 only went <10 turns because rng abuse. fuck roy. and those super accurate 30%s. and that village. C2: 10/19 rip Lot and Shanna (Thany was cuter). I couldn't find a way to 10 turn without their most honorable deaths. please tell me they're allowed to die. also why is the rapier running out of uses already. C3: 12/31 all my turncounts are probably wildly inaccurate due to all the cheating rn abuse I will invariably do. if I'd been a true cheater I could've rigged 2 3% crits in a row to get 11 turns but then I'd feel too guilty. C4: let's be honest if I somehow finish I'm going to be last place. also fuck roy. ಠ_ಠ
  4. With displeasure, Cath. I strongly fourth the reversed last round notion. I also can't seem to finish C1 under 10 turns, and 30 hit %s seem to be hitting more often than they miss.
  5. Could someone clarify the rule 6? I'm not sure if the latter part of the rule is an extension to the Roy one (Roy can't be rescued under those circumstances), or if implies that warp/rescue chains are banned for everyone.
  6. Goddamn second to last pick. I'm too tired to think of a good Fir pun, but yeah, Fir.
  7. /in /glances at piles of unfinished drafts Warp should be available for people who draft a earlygame healer, (so really only Ellen or Saul) since they need all the turncount help they can get. Ban it for Sages/Druids/Yodel, and ban the use of Warp on Roy.
  8. Are you too short a funds to pick up a javelin/handaxe or two, or do you not need any ATM? How many do you have left?
  9. The only way I can see that happening is if he gets the kill on Cameron. He'd also need to get speed every level to double with the Heavy Spear.
  10. Mandatory Skasashssasherehrr mention. I'm still not sure how to pronounce Neimi, I say it "nay-mii."
  11. ruadath is probably going for Fiora instead, in which case EXP for Florina becomes less relevant; he already changed the topic poll. I thought 2 keys were needed for the quickest clear of Dragon's Gate? One for the first door and one for the door leading to the throne?
  12. There's a Tutorial Slayer patch floating around in the Fan Projects forum, which makes the game more bearable, I'd recommend checking it out. Compared to the SNES games, GBA gameplay is a little bland, but easy to adapt to.
  13. don'tdoitdon'tdoitdon'tdoitdon'tdoitdon'tdoit Ahem. I got pretty close once to a 3 turn + Warp by getting Boots!Fiora to the village on the second turn and dropping Warp in the convoy, and then getting Priscilla, Serra, and Pent to warp important people (IIRC Sain, Florina, Heath, then Priscilla herself) to give them a boost. My issue was that if Heath or Sain went for the boss, they wouldn't survive even with a Pure Water, and Linus did too much damage to Florina and Priscilla. Ninis' Grace (yes, I'm going there,) could have helped, but I'm Ninian was needed elsewhere. I didn't know about the trigger zones, which probably would have helped. However, I didn't do the previous chapters as in absolute LTC format, and I recall spending a few turns to get my staffbots higher magic, but you should be able to cover that by rigging. I doubt you'll be using both Serra and Priscilla either, but hopefully this helps you.
  14. Eliwood probably wants Spd/Def at this point, he's probably still being doubled by myrmidons and maybe a couple of mercs. Edit: Actually, the enemy stats page says that the mercs have 10 attack speed at most, but doubling increases your damage output more. He also still can't double enemy cavs.
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