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  1. Why do comics so often have my husbando crossdressing? ...It's okay, Xander. I still love you in your maid costume or Azura's dress in Elise's weird reverie.
  2. Most of Soleil's supports are pretty bad. I really wanted to like her since that one comic I saw where she was so sweet to her father, but she's so one-note and the Ophelia support REALLY didn't sit right with me. I don't like Xander x Charlotte, mostly because I really like Xander and hate Charlotte with a burning, fiery passion. It's a good pairing for stats, but the support is a bit overrated. Ship-wise, I prefer her will Benny or Laslow. Maybe Niles. Xander x Beruka is bad, too. I rather like both the characters, so I was a tad disappointed. It was just weird. "HAHAHA I REFUSE TO DIE BECAUSE I MUST PROTECT NOHR" and her being hired to kill him...? It was just strange. Ryoma x Camilla is bad. Too much Corrin worship. Same goes for Camilla x Jakob. Elise x Niles is surprisingly sweet in the localization, but it was really creepy before. Elise x Silas doesn't sit right with me, though. Nyx x Subaki because she rejects him...for some reason?
  3. I would go with Niles. I know Nina wants a +Mag parent more than Ignatius.
  4. Kaden's insane cackle is a personal favorite. I also like Niles's, "Ohhhh, yes!"
  5. Xander - 29-31 Ryoma - 27-28 Camilla - 24-26 Hinoka - 21-23 Leo - 18 Takumi - 17 Sakura 14-16 Elise - 13-15
  6. I'm very much in love with Xander in Conquest and Revelations. I'll probably marry Azama or Yukimura I'm Hoshido, if I ever get around to playing it. In Awakening, I married Virion.
  7. Hi there. I'm playing my Revelations file and intend to download Boo Camp soon to grind. I like to take my favorite units to their maximum potential and have currently zeroed in on Xander. He's A+'d with Lazward and S-ranked to my Samurai Femui. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for a good skillset for him?
  8. I'm on the fence about Xander's voice. How do you guys feel about it?
  9. My roommate should be getting back with the car soon to take me to pick up my SE. I'm terrified Gamestop won't have held it for meeee. Calm my nerves.
  10. So I'll be going to GameStop tomorrow after class to pick up my SE pre-order. Was going to lay out, but I have an exam and an audition, and I'm paying too much for this. If anything has happened, I will make a scene. Gah, can't think, worrying about it. Someone comfort me.
  11. So, I've asked around and keep getting different answers. Is Revelations playable on the SE immediately, or does it become playable for free once Revelations IS released? Do we even know?
  12. What do you think of Xander!Kana? It's non-negotiable that I intend to breed with him on my Revelations and Conquest playthroughs, but I'm unsure how to flesh out my avatar for this. Would it be best to focus on optimizing my avatar and Xander, or our potential children (as in, which have more potential in this arrangement, and which are better units)? I'm thinking a +Spd, -Def avatar with Samurai as my secondary, but this could easily be subject to change. Do you have any recommendations or comments?
  13. All I want is Xander's body. Is that so much to ask for?

  14. I concur. And now I have the desire to rewatch this show to pass the time until this game releases.
  15. But he committed no wrong to earn his banishment, is awkwardorable on his date, and trusts in his father still against all odds and just wants to be loved--oh dear, do I have a thing for guys with daddy issues?
  16. No way, man. I can't allow that. Zuko has to remain innocent and precious forever and Xander is mine.
  17. Oh God, you're right - it's even child Zuko. I never thought about that. Now I have to change my profile picture.
  18. Just four days until I can S-rank the fuck out of Xander.
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