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  1. You know ,OP ,we are still waiting for another post. Do you need help with replacing?
  2. Sure, I will when I can. My avatar is a male and his name is Robin(TOTALLY ORIGINAL) Difficulty: Hard( Why do they make Lunatic so hard?) Mode:Casual( Yay, here comes in all the hate.) Fire Emblem Awakening is fun. Strategic. It's chess on steroids. Its story is pretty good. Sorry, I would have written more, but I need to go play Fire Emblem Awakening. And I won't be posting for about 3-4 days. I am going sightseeing and stuff.
  3. 1. How are you even getting these characters anyway? Money? Or battle? 2. If you are using money, how are you getting it? Golden Gaffe? 3. What happens if you don't have enough space for all the Spotpass Characters? 4. It's Jamke5. Do you plan to use any paralogues? Or main story only? 6. Are you allowed to do stuff with streetpassed people? 7. May you use the avatar logbook? 8. To renown or not to renown? (Renown awards) 9. Can you use Bonus Box items? 10. Can you use auto-battle? 11. Can you use DLC? 12. Can you buy items from streetpass teams? 13. Can you hack in items?( Probably not. XD)
  4. I usually check what weapons the enemy units have and fight accordingly. Low resistance = Magic Low defence = Anything that's not magic Bow = Close up Sword, Axe, Lance (not including throwing and magic weapons) = Far Away Since I don't really have a strategy I will post stuff that's new Before Chapter 1: Achievements: First time Avatar eats bear meat! First time seeing Frederick NOT eating bear meat! First earthquake! (How is this related to the story anyway? Has pretty much no purpose except for dramatic effect.) First time Lissa brandished a staff out of nowhere! (No, seriously. I didn't see Lissa have a staff before that.) First time seeing "Marth" First time Chrom can't recognize his own sword feet in front of him! First time this is sounding like an "Everything Wrong With" video! First time Lissa has no pupils! Chapter 1: Achievements: First Risen battle! First person in Fort! (Chrom) First Dual Strike! (Avatar) First Kill! (Chrom) First Sword from event tiles! (Glass Sword) First time Sully calls Virion "Ruffles" ! First Cavalier! (Sully) First Archer! (Virion) First Kill! (Virion) First Miss! (Frederick) First Block! (Virion) First Death! (Virion) First Boss Kill! (Chrom) First Level Up! (Chrom) Chapter 1-->Chapter 2: Achievements: First time seeing the exalt! First time Chrom is introduced as a prince! First support! (Chrom,Avatar) Before Chapter 2: Achievements: First time hearing Vaike burp! First time seeing Sumia trip on nothing! Chapter 2: Achievements!: First Critical Hit! (Chrom) First Death! (Vaike) First Level Up! (Lissa) First Kill! (Stahl) First Death! (Miriel) First Level Up! (Sully) First Level Up! (Frederick) First Level Up! (Virion) Chapter 2-->Chapter 3 First Support! (Stahl,Sully)
  5. I am posting this just for fun. WARNING: I may do some stupid things in this playthrough. DO NOT attempt to copy me in case I make mistakes. Avatar: Asset: Speed Flaw: Luck Premonition was easy as usual. Prologue: Achievements: First Kill! (Frederick) First Heal! (Lissa) First Dark Tome! (Aversa's Night) First Kill! (Avatar) First Level Up! (Avatar) First Critical Hit! (Avatar) First Enemy Critical Hit! (Garrick) First Death! (Avatar) First Game Over! First Dual Strike! (Chrom) First XP bonus (Frederick) First Boss Kill! (Avatar) First Win! Prologue-->Chapter 1: Achievements: First Move on the map! I will post later for Chapter 1 and 2. Tell me if I did something EXTREMELY bad. Stats: Avatar Lvl 4 Chrom Lvl 1 Lissa Lvl 1 Frederick Lvl 1
  6. Flee: You flee and replace your unit with another one. Theives and Assasins only.
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