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  1. Maybe if they bundled FE6 and 7 together, the child characters who are already in FE6 could still be recruitable in the same way they were in the original, with stat tweaks depending on the variable parent like Awakening and Fates, but if they aren't A Supported by the end of FE7, the kids who are already in FE6 have their normal stats. As an extension, more kids could be added through optional Gaiden chapters at different points in the story.
  2. If FE7 got remade, it would 9.5/10 have voice acting in a similar way that Awakening and Fates do. So here's something that got me interested, who do you think would voice the awesome characters that FE7 has to offer. It can be VAs who already do Fire Emblem like Laura Bailey or Matthew Mercer, or just dream roles. DISCUSS!
  3. Well the hardback artbook that America gets is better than our paperback one. And in my opinion, the steelbook is much better than a case, for collection's sake
  4. The only reason I like the fact that Effie can get Troubadour is that she can be a powerhouse in my Revelation-all-Maid/Butler run, even though she can buddy Elise, so no, I retract my statement, she should have gotten Wyvern Rider or Fighter.
  5. I feel like Maid/Butler will return, as well as maybe Malig Knight, I see most of the Nohrian Classes returning since there weren't many which were new in the first place. As for Hoshido, I do think that Onmiyoji & Basara are kinda at risk, as much as I do want to see them come back, Onimiyoji is far to similar to Sage and Basara will most likely get a massive overhaul if it does return later on down the line. Kinshi Knight is a really nice class which I can see getting a western design change, and we could see Apothecary come back, it isn't too Eastern-y.
  6. So…. that happened. Yeah, I put both Ophelia AND Nina in this week’s poll, yet, they didn’t win, I guess this week’s subject ate her competitors(Don’t do Cannibalism, kids). Anyway, this week’s character is one who as won the hearts of her allies, yet still manages to strike shuddering fear into her foes. So, it’s the big-hearted, big-stomach-ed Armour Knight, Effie! Effie is a complete powerhouse, with absurd Strength making her very useful throughout the Conquest and Revelation routes, and the fact that you get her the Chapter after picking sides, you have plenty of time to make her into one of the most useful units in Conquest. Effie is the subordinate and best friend of the Nohrian Princess, Elise, who is in her service alongside the Unluckiest Soul, Arthur. Effie has a big place in her heart for food, and suplexing boulders, and her gargantuan strength stat is reflected in her personality. Let’s break her down. Class Sets: ———————— Base Class Sets: Knight, Troubadour Marriage Class Sets: *Male Avatar’s Talent*(Corrin), *Nothing*(Jakob), Cavalier(Silas/Xander), Fighter(Arthur/Benny/Keaton), Dark Mage(Odin/Leo), Outlaw(Niles), Ninja(Kaze), Mercenary(Laslow), Shrine Maiden(Azama)-Revelation Only, Diviner(Hayato)-Revelation Only Buddy Sets: *Nothing*(Elise), Archer(Mozu), Dark Mage(Nyx) Personal Skill: Puissance- When user’s Strength is 5 or more points higher than the enemy’s Strength, damage +3 during battle Base Growth Rates: -------------- HP: 35% Str: 60% Mag: 0% Skill: 35% Speed: 50% Luck: 50% Def: 35% Res: 30% Max Cap Modifiers: -------------- Str: 3 Mag: / Skill: -1 Speed: +1 Luck: / Def: -1 Res: -1
  7. Yeah, it's just that if those two did support, that's probably what it would be like
  8. Ones that needed to happen: Jakob & Flora- LUV Gunter & Flora- "NO, I LOVE CORRIN MORE" Reina & Subaki- Who's the better flier Reina & Orochi- Mikoto development Yukimura & Reina- More Mikoto Development Yukimura & Orochi- Even more Mikoto development Yukimura & Ryoma- Talk about Raijinto and Sumeragi Izana & Orochi- Izana: Look at my hair Orochi. Orochi: I'll make potions to make it shinier *fails miserably* Izana & Hayato- Magic Contest Scarlet & Ryoma- Wasn't it awesome when we teamed up?
  9. Yeah, I ship Flora and Jakob so hard. I'd imagine that their supports would be somewhat similar to Saizo & Kagero's, because I remember hearing somewhere that Flora had a crush on Jakob, so maybe it would be like Flora is reluctant to talk to Jakob and Jakob is completely oblivious that Flora had a crush on him, and when he confesses his love, she is shocked that he feels the same way and reveals that she never stopped loving him, and was jealous of his close relationship with the Avatar and also Felicia.
  10. Jakob is one of the most relatable characters in this game(for me anyways) XD
  11. One of my main things I don't like about Fire Emblem supports sometimes is the Gen 1.5 characters(or Kamuisexuals), don't get me wrong, Scarlet & Izana are two of my favourite of Fates' characters, but in general, 1.5s usually get the bench due to their forgettableness, such as Reina, who doesn't appear again in the story of Birthright after her text in the Chapter she joins. So this thread is for ideas and things about possible support conversations between Gen 1.5 characters, some of the male 1.5s possible children, and ideas to flesh them out as characters. For example- In Subaki and Reina's supports, they would constantly compete with each other to see who the better flier is.
  12. The opinion that I have is that the curse's effect started when she was around 12/13, and she had just started puberty, so she can have children, but the eternal youth thing prevents her from maturing from puberty, what I'm saying is that she is basically stuck in puberty(poor kid), so she can have kids, but she can't ever enter menopause. This also kind of justifies her moodiness sometimes, she could have the mindset of an older woman, but she is still prone to moodiness and mood swings due to her still being in puberty, or she could just be a cranky old woman. That got kinda wierd kinda quick.
  13. Is there a CG of Siegbert with the Siegfried like there is with Shiro, Kiragi and Forrest?
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