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  1. For whatever reason, the game won't run for me. It's not that it crashes, but literally nothing happens when I attempt to run the game. Anyone have any theories as to why?
  2. Just gonna say that Hatterene has been a blast to use. Yeah, she's slow as balls and has low HP, but her other stats are fantastic. I don't know if Trick Room is still in the game, but she would make excellent use of it.
  3. You have to catch a G-Max Pokémon in a raid. You can't breed the G-Max trait. I find that dumb, but oh well. As for ribbons, I don't believe they've ever been for anything other than fluff. Except in Gen 3 and its remakes, where it serves as a proof of Contest victory.
  4. Yamper is kinda crap until it evolves. Boltund is significantly better.
  5. Farfetch'd becomes amazing upon evolving. It's totally worth going back for one.
  6. If you're going for looks (though you might catch a Gossifleur for backup just in case), try hunting for Bounsweet, Oddish, Budew, or Cherubi in the Wild Area.
  7. Eldegoss walls Nessa like nobody's business. It's really tanky for a Grass type. And as someone raising a Dreadnaw, it's fast for a heavy ass turtle. 71 Speed at level 40 is shocking.
  8. The Pokémon found in the Wild Area are supposed to rotate. I think it happens with the weather changes.
  9. Yep, I do. I visit the casino every now and then, when I have enough money to safely gamble without using up critical funds.
  10. Yeah, that worked. You shoulda seen my face when the tutorial on the wiki said the same thing. Good lesson here, folks: always check tutorials.
  11. I downloaded the editor, but I can't run it for some reason. I managed to get a screen of the error given (which was tedious as hell, given that the error was up for a microsecond), but I don't know what I'm missing.
  12. You seem to be the only one talking about DQXI around here. Kinda sad, but at least there's some mention of it here. So, what are these feelings you have? Though if you have any specific complaints about plot beyond Hotto, hold off on that, as I just got to Gallopolis.
  13. Once you get past Arcadia, you can get Curer. Little dude's invaluable for B rank and beyond, though a team of Talos, Dumbking, and Hackzilla should be able to clear C rank.
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