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  1. If you guys can attach an ID to everything like for the things in the opening post i'll update it with the new info tomorrow or monday.
  2. The chapter names thing kinda bugs me though. Maybe changing the file names part from Chapter XX to Ch. XX would be better and prevent it from overlapping with the title.
  3. you don't get at endgame: one kanna (same gender one as your avatar) izana Yukimura Crimson
  4. some questions: How do you get more mage turrets? Or can you only place the 1? How do you rank up the character statues?
  5. Character skills seem linked to character portraits. There is a section in the skills block for those character skills but they don't show even if they are "learned".
  6. Character block, address 0x00000004, 00=nothing, 08=Dragon's vein. B3AE8F00 00000000 20000004 00000008 D2000000 00000000 Gives first character dragon's vein.
  7. Mikoto, Garon, Sumeragi, and other "Enemyfied" 3rd path unit(s) (you all should know exactly who i'm talking about) have no universal character data. They are only loaded in the chapters they are in. Any playable character will have their data in a section that is always loaded.
  8. 0004003000009402 (USA) v4096 0004003000009D02 (EU) v4096 0004003000008802 (JP) v4096 for use with 3DNUS Depending on what region your emunand is. I'd recommend regionswapping it to JP for the DLC though.
  9. The logbook data won't shift around if all you do things in this order: Save game. Hard Reset 3ds Load game Dump data Shut off 3ds Turn on 3ds apply made code.
  10. Theres a DLC scroll called "attack and guard stance" It gives your units a skill that lets you dual attack in guard stance. Then have the nohr skill. Theres your broken pair up :v
  11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jEe9wL8rHI0LmYmG2_gUAD_2rHZj1iy4MDIQVg96bZo/edit#gid=0 His ID is with the other characters that appear in my castle. i'd assume such is how he joins.
  12. Got flora in my castle 3rd route. Characters i'm missing:
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