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    I have a keen interest in video games, comic books, animation and being a dirty great hoarder. My preferences in games are pretty broad, but I always tend towards the RPGs, with my favourites of course being SRPGs, with JRPGs a close second. I also extremely enjoy platformers of any kind, roguelikes, shmups, third person shooters, fighters and puzzle games. My favourite comic book artist is Jeff Smith, author of BONE, with Lewis Trondheim being a close second.
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    Binding Blade

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About Me

This is basically just a dump for whatever shit I feel relevant. Although most of it probably isn't.

Fighter Mains


64 = Luigi, Captain Falcon
Melee = Bowser, Luigi, Captain Falcon
Brawl = Ike, Toon Link, Luigi, Bowser
Project M = Bowser, Ike, Roy, Captain Falcon, Luigi, everyone else(too damn fun)
(There is something wrong with me for not having Smash 4 I know)

Guilty Gear

GG = Millia, May, Sol
X = Millia, May, Sol
XX = Robo Ky, Millia, May, Dizzy

___ vs. Capcom

Marvel 1 = Mega Man,Hiryu,Morrigan,Venom
Marvel 2 = Amingo(all of my yes)/Hiryu+Venom/Morrigan+Mega Man/War Machine
Tatsunoko = Mega Man Volnutt+Yatterman2+Viewtiful Joe/Morrigan

Soul Calibur

2 = Nightmare, Yoshimitsu, Sophitia
3 = Nightmare, Aoen Calcos, Yoshimitsu

Speed Run PBs (spoiler alert: no WRs)

Super Mario World any% = 11:47:36
Super Metroid 100%= 1:27:34:76
Super Metroid 14% = 48:12:06
A Link to the Past 100% = 1:59:28:19
Mega Man X 100% = 39:54:21

What I'm Playing Right Now

Odin Sphere

Beat Hazard

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Phantom Brave (replaying)

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