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  1. Although "depends" is the "can't be bothered thinking about it" answer, It's gonna have to be the one I go for, and varies largely depending on what genre I'm playing. Most of the time however, I'd lean towards a hard but satisfying experience. I generally prefer to play "older" genres, like shoot 'em ups, platformers, fighters, RPGs etc. as tough as they get, so in that regard I'm a big fan of the likes of Treasure, Arcsys, Atlus etc. That also extends into the few competitve games I play, such as Puyo Puyo, which can really only "work" as a difficult experience. Easy but laid-back games however, I generally prefer for more "modern" genres, like FPS, MOBAs, Sports, Driving (I'm not blind to the existence of excitebike etc. but I think these genres have only fully developed much more recently than the platformer for example) etc. to be on the easier scale, because, for some reason, I tend to get more frustated with these kinds of games. One thing that bugs me though is this stigma that hard games are better designed than easy games. Whilst I can certainly agree that Dark Souls is a much better designed game than the Call of Duty single-player campaign, I wouldn't go that far with something like Yoshi's Island. Design goes far beyong challenging a player to their absoulte limit, and a lot of laid-back games show this really well, such as Yoshi's Island and Super Mario Galaxy. These are some of the highest regarded games of all time, and are all piss easy. Instead of difficulty, I look for control from than anything, though it's certainly arguable there's no better way to feel in "control" than by defeating a hard enemy. /semi-relevant rant over
  2. Mostly SMT4 Final, Star Fox Zero, Persona 5, Ace Attorney 6, The Last Guardinnd and Mario and Luigi Paper Jam. Other games I got excited about, but got subseuently dissapointed in, were #FE for otaku pandering (he says after stating he's exctied for P5), Fates for being in two seperate versions, Horizon: Zero Dawn after finding out it played like TES and general Final Fantasy stuff because I realised they still had to be made by Square.
  3. I always hate making lists like these. 1. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 2. Chrono Trigger / Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The Legend of Zelda (Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, A Link Between Worlds, Link's Awakening) 4. Shin Megami Tensei (P3F, DeSu, SMT: SJ, SMT 2) 5. Radiant Historia 6. Metroid (everything except 1/2) 7. Phantom Brave 8. Fire Emblem (FE6, FE5, FE12, FE4) 9. Mario and Lugi: Bowser's Inside Story 10. Sin and Punishment: Succesor of the Skies Honourable Mentions - Valkyrie Profile - Pokémon Black and White / Emerald - Hydorah / Gradius 3 - Seiken Densetsu 3 - Mega Man 2 / 3 / 4 / 7 / 9 / X - Pandora's Tower - Azure Dreams - Final Fantasy 5 / 9 - Etrian Odyssey 2 - Super Smash Brothers Melee I'm going to count VNs on a seperate list because some people don't consider them "games". I only now realise after writing an essay that nobody is going to read this. Ah well.
  4. For a lot of people, there's a purity aspect to it. Some people want to experience something as close to how it was originally intended as possible. I treat things on a case by case basis, but unless the English VA (like in Xenoblade) is really good, I'd much rather have that sense of "purity". That's not just Japanese either, no matter what it is, I'd much rather experience something in it's original accent. I think that there is, most of the time, a real sense of loss in something that has a dub. That's nothing against dubs, but take a film like Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky (as I'm sure you all know), is an incredibly Russian film, and just thinking about watching in anything but Russian is a simply perverse. Then take something like Persona. It's highly rooted in Japan and it's culture (somewhat), and it just sounds jarring to hear people talk about Japan in English. I don't remember any examples in Persona, but it's like whenever someone in some High-School Anime talks about "failing English" or anything else along thse lines. I just think "oooh, no stop. You're embarassing youself". Of course that's just my opinion. Which is literally the only deciding factor here. I can justify my perferences all day long, but at the same time, giving reasons for why English VAs are better is equally right. There's nothing wrong with having an opinion, and I think it rather bigoted to have an actual distate that some people have a fucking peference.
  5. I thought I was a goner on day 1. I enjoyed deceiving you all, I'm looking forward to batmafia with you guys.
  6. The Izhuark wagon started really near to the very end of the day 2 phase (the last two hours of so iirc), and I was asleep at that point. Before that, he had I think one vote, and there wasn't really any reason for anyone to vote for him at that point. It was after Elie brought up the flip-flop that Izhuark began coming under heavy fire, which, again, iirc, happened very close to the phase end. The beginning and end of each phase is a shit time for me, unfortunately. It might mean very little, but Izhuark actually voted for me right in the middle of the time I was under heavy fire. iirc he was the fourth vote. Despite my post about my skepticism being cleared up on them, I was still somewhat suspicious of the fact that they hadn't really voted. I wondered if there was something going on, and decided to track them. Considering that Poly got an anti-town role, I really didn't track with that many expectations as to what the results would yeild. Being a new player, I don't really know how to use power roles, and how to use the results beyond someone targeting the player who was night offed. I can't find it, but when I was reading the thread I think I remember someone saying something about the fact that I got a sub right after Izhuark got lynched was suspicious? That was the real world, and before anyone asks, I believe I retain the liberty to withhold that information.
  7. Crap, I didn't realise how close it was to the deadline. Now I'm making the assumption that SB. has played mafia before, and if so they know a lot more than I do on how to process reads. I felt like my posts were all fairly helpful, but if that's not true then I'll try to fix that. That being said though, I understand that line of reasoning more than the previous unexplained one. I'm aware that you're not speaking what you think about me, but I don't really understand how you'd come to that conclusion. I think I've been acting more scummy than players like Refa, so by that logic shouldn't that make him more scummy that me? I may not remember correctly, but I think Bakura said that his scumread on Refa was purely a gut read, so that doesn't really make much sense in context of your theory. Now that I think about, Bakura seems to have opposite reads to most of other people's reads. There nothing wrong with that, and It's good to get a clashing opinion to refine your own, if it's backed up. A lot of his points just felt like he was saying "it's just the way I felt" which, to me anyway, makes him lack credibility. Those feelings are fine to have on players, but when it's every read you have, and you don't explain further than that, is when it makes me suspicious. I feel bad for Bakura, as I feel like I'm picking on him when I make these points, and he sems to get quite angry at them, and I don't mean to make that happen. It's just the only real read I have that I can comment on. Sorry Bakura, no ill feelings towards you, you're just who I see as scummy at the moment.
  8. I worded that poorly. What I meant to say was, do you disagree with the read or the logic. For instance, I don't nessecarily see Gaius as that scummy, and disagreeing there would be disagreeing with the read. I see you as scummy, but if someone gave a reason for thinking you were scummy that I didn't think, I would disagree with the logic.
  9. Then drop out then, if you're allowed. If you're not having fun don't force yourself, don't blame it on other people. I don't ever recall people saying outright "post more you super obvious scum" (that's not what I think, it's just an example). I can't speak for anyone else, but the reason I voted for you had very little to do with your "lack of posts", but moreso your aggression and tone. Acting that way doesn't help anyone, and just leaves bad tastes in everybody's mouths. LIke I said before, if you're really not liking the game just drop out. Do you mean you don't agree with the actual points or the reasoning behind those points? If the former I'd argue that's not a good strategy, but if the latter then that's fair enough.
  10. Reads (since I have nothing else to post) Refa - I see them as pretty positively town. Nothing they've said has rubbed me the wrong way, and they've been contributing from the very beginning. Because of that, I don't really have that much to say. Clarinets - A negative netural read. When they started posting, they started to really try to contribute and formulate opnions, but then it went sort of downhill. It seemed to take pretty long for them to give a list of their top 3 scumreads. Their could be reasons outside of the game for that I'm sure, but it sort of seemed like he was taking his time a little too carefully. Still not a lot going off of that however. Bakura - From day 1 I didn't like the way the way he was posting, and that's carried on to day 2. He seems just too, unwilling to post. He's said he has been trying to post more, and if so that's great, I have no way of knowing. It's just that it seems he wants to bring that up at every oppurtunity, and with a tinge of reluctance. I don't really like it, and he's my top scum read as a result. Izhuark - His voting seems a little insinscere, and it makes me a bit suspicious. Though he hasn't posted enough content for me to get a solid grasp on his intentions. He's the person I'm most conflicted about, as whilst I do see where the suspicion is, and agree with it to a certain extent, I'm not really that convined by it. Gaius - Very slightly suspicious of him, although his attempts to be able to communicate with SB. do make me feel better about him. He seemed to put a lot of effort in to that, not an amount I think scum would put in. He even had a fail safe, which really show initiative. That being said though, nothing he's done has made me think town. Tiny Goddess - Despite some early game skepticism, that's more or less cleared up. I'm seeing that early skepticism is very likely connected to her brother being in hospital, and obviously since that takes priority over mafia, it makes me feel bad, and the skepticism is starting to dispel. That being said though, it's still a netural read. That post about hospital really shifed my opinion about her. SB. - Despite what people are saying, I have more a netural read on him. Whilst I certainly appreciate he's trying to communicate as much as he can, but due to the vague nature of hiscontent, there's nothing I can really pinpoint as "town", and likewise, nothing I can pinpoint as "scum". Although it's on the positive side of the netural read. So far, my personal lynch order would be Bakura>Izhuark>Gaius>>Clarinets>everyone else.
  11. What about his play in particular made you suspicious of him, or was it just a gut feeling? I think that's a bit too harsh. He can only comment through quotes, and the only way he can show signs of suspicion is through a vote. I assume he's voting and unvoting to show who he suspects the least to most. Which would be Tiny Goddess>you>me, I suspect anyway. He might not be able to speak but that doesn't mean he's useless. He has a vote, and that's more important than anything in my opinion. You're basically telling SB. to stop talking, and therefore stop contributing, which seems pretty scummy to me. ##Vote: Bakura
  12. I don't really have any reads on anyone right now, and I was wondering if it would help if we got opinions on why Rapier might have been chosen to be murdered? I don't think anyone had anything but a townread on him, but it might help to see what other ideas people might have. As for me, re-reading his posts, could it be related to him trying to find ways for SB. to communicate more effectively? If so maybe people who voted SB. are to look out for? (I say that with full knowledge I fall in to that category) I don't really know if there's anything to get from that, it's pretty small post in the grand scheme of things.
  13. "I'm never scum" is a pretty weak defense. It's got nothing to do with the game being played, and if mods are assigning roles randomly like I assume they are, has absolutely no grounding, as probabilty doesn't think, it's random. This is gambler's fallacy. You're also assuming that I voted for you despite your inactive reputation, therfore I'm suspicious; a reputation that I have no reason to know about or have heard about. Once again, a defense based on nothing but previous records that are completely based on chance. That applies to literally every other player though. We're all just as likey to have gotten a helpful role, and being inactivte doesn't suddenly make that more so. If you did have a helpful role, wouldn't it make more sense to say that you'd contribute something to get suspicion away from you to help the town at night? Obviously not contributing isn't reason enough to lynch someone, and isn't that strong evidence, and you can't blame people who might have more important real life events going on, but as we have very little to work with, I don't see the harm in voting for people who are inactive, and thus aren't helping to find scum this early in the game. I could easily accuse you of doing the same thing. I'm not saying there's no reason for people thinking I'm scummy, it's been pretty well established people don't trust me, but you haven't scumhinted either. You've just jumped on board the majority's opinion, exactly what I did, but apparently that's worse? Obviously you haven't posed enough for me to get an idea for how much you want to "self-preserve", but you seemed to really eager to attack me for voting for you, which doesn't go down well with me. I don't mean to sound overly aggressive, but I just don't really see how some of your logic holds up. You seem to be too caught up in "what roles you usually get", which I could prove to be true, ultimately doesn't mean anything because of random role assignments, so I'm a bit confused.
  14. Oh I forgot. This might be obvious to everyone else, but I've been trying to work out what SB.'s different repones mean, so far we have "...", which I think means something along the lines of "you're getting somewhere", "...!" which I think means something along the lines of "you got it/yes", "...?", which pretty obviously just denotes confusion, and no response to a quote, which I think means he's using it as a point to back himself up, although he doesn't agree/disagree with it himself. If anyone has any other ideas on the limited examples, because if we can find out what the all mean, it would make communication much easier.
  15. I haven't really had any strong feelings about him, apart from that he's trying to establish himself as a bit of a joker, saying that he hadn't even read his role PM. Although that seems pretty bold as a starting statement, something I doubt scum would do at the very start. I don't think there's anything to be read from him voting for a silent player when he was quiet too. The one thing that has struck me about him though is that he's often said things like "I can't be bothered to do x". I suspect that a town player might say something along the lines of "I haven't had the time to", and the way he says it makes me think he doesn't really want to help, and in his posts, he hasn't really made a big contribution. As for who I think are the most scummy though, It'd have to be the inactive players. Although some players like Bakura, Tiny Goddess and Izhuark haven't been posting that much, they still are well, posting, and thus contributing even the tiniest bit. Of all the players that have been inactive, Poly has been the most inactive, and so I think he's the most scummy.
  16. I'm just gonna lay everything down. (different time zones sure makes it hard to communicate...) This is my first time playing mafia, although in the other games I've read, people acted like it all else failed, it was best to go for the person who could contribute the least. If they were scum, that's great, and if they were town, it was a loss, but it hurt the town the least. I essentially just projected that reasoning into " but if push comes to shove, I'd day we should vote him". My reasoning was that, if we had no other leads, I thought we should vote SB, as in the case of town, it would hurt us the least. If this line of thinking is flawed, then that's fine, I'll change my voting strategy. I'll take that advice on board, thank you. As this is my first game, and take this as you will, I want to try to survive as long as I can, outside of doing anything to actively hurt the town. This is obviously a game of trust, and I've gone into this game thinking that it's the most important factor, so I've been trying to have a "good image" by not trying to commit to any votes. I'm trying to protect the only person that I know to be town, myself. Like in my first point, if this is flawed reasoning, I'd appreciate some help. I don't really know what constitures as a bastard modifier, but I'll just go with you that it's not. After replying to Izhuark the way that he did, I think I'm gonna have to agree that there must be something stopping SB from talking. I assumed that if no one responded to my points that they must have been null and void, and then that made me think my line of thinking must have been flawed. Maybe that's feeling too self important, but I thought that they were points not worth mentiong, and so I dropped my vote, as those intial thoughts were only things I had going for the vote; I didn't have any incriminating evidence. I guess you could say I was "scared" to make an impact, because at that point I didn't belive my own reasoning, so I didn't want to vote for someone that I didn't think was scum anymore. Another point to make is that I don't really know "how to vote" so to speak. I might be playing the "n00b" card too much, but it's really the stem of my reasoning behind my votes. Especially in RVS, I don't really know who is "safe" to vote for, how "long" to commit to a vote and even really know to properly justify. I've been trying to, as I said above, not commit to any vote to get a feel for the game, and how to get people talking. This is very much a learning experience, and I'm very much a headless chicken. If this is warrant enough to lynch me, then fair game. A quick question, does Miller show up as mafia only on searches or on the post-lynch reveal as well? Finally, I'm gonna vote ##Polydeuces as he hasn't made any contribution to the game so far. Although I don't like how Tiny Goddess needed to be "told" to expose scumreads she may have.
  17. What I was trying to say was that if we have no other leads, It would be better to vote for SB. If we have scum leads, obviously we should pursue them first. The reason why I was so quick to change my votes was because I don't have any strong concrete leads, and so I don't want to give the wrong impression that I'm commiting to a vote that has very weak evidence.
  18. Although if he legitimately can't communicate with us, he won't be able to help the town, and will essentially be dead weight. I'll ##Unvote for now since everyone else who's voted for him has, but if push comes to shove, I'd day we should vote him, since, even if he is cop, he wouldn't be able to even communicate his results with us.
  19. Although in the rules it did say no "bastard elements". Not being able to communicate seems pretty bastard to me, so I'm gonna keep my vote on him.
  20. ##Unvote ##Vote: SB Instead of randomly guessing, it actually is a lot better to vote for people with an unwillingness to participate.
  21. Gonna ##Vote: Polydeuces to get some variety in here
  22. /in, why the hell not.
  23. Surprise surprise, I'm gonna have to go with JRPGs. There's just something about the way that WRPGs are designed that I can't "get" in to. If anything I guess it would be focus? When I an Elder Scrolls games, I just end up going around murdering everyone and stealing everything. I know this is the way these kinds of games are supposed to be played, but it makes, for me at least, a much less satisfying experience. I'm given the task of doing anything, and frankly I find it a bit off putting. I rarely feel a genuine sense of satisfaction or progression through any of my actions, because most of the game is open up to you from the start. People always go on about more engaged gameplay too, any this really may just be fan-boying, but I also personally find them more engaging. A lot of the WRPGs I've played have been simple hack-n-slash affairs that have left a very similar, if not worse, feeling to a bare bones turn-based battle system commn in many JRPGs. Though it's important to note that I don't actively dislike WRPGs, I find them fun now and again and are great "chill out" games. Though I'd never expectantly antcipiate a release or hold in them in high favourabilty, although there's nothing wrong with a game that's just "fun", I obviously just don't find them as "fun" as other people do. Also cute anime grills. TL;DR - Too much freedom intimidates
  24. I would be inclined to believe so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBm_dzykbAY&feature=youtu.be Now granted a part of that is luck, but any player can do that with the same setup, it's really not that hard. As for my personal "that one bosses" I'd have to agree with Xenoblade's Third to last Boss being one of them. Shit took me much longer than it'd like to admit to beat. Although I also struggled more on Jade Face than I should've for the utterly stupid reason of not knowing that there were mechon damaging weapons for the other party weapons. That's just not fun, and thankfully I realised that they existed before I fought the tougher mechonis bosses. *cough* Yaldabaoth/Egil *cough* As for other bosses, I think it's safe to say that I can place the entire SMT series as one. For a brief list; Belial (Devil Survivor) : Not only would this boss be incredibly infuriating on it's own, it's also an escort mission! Make sure to stop this one character from dying by using a party number purely for healing them. Don't forget he can attack thrice in his turn! World Balance (Persona 3) : Everyone's favourite Tartarus boss. A boss that actually uses the Once-more battle system also has full elemental coverage, including dark and light skills. To top it off, Megidoloan! I just love it when this boss knocks my entire party down and then blasts me with megioloan. I think it's a feature many games are lacking. White Rider (SMT 3: Lucifer's Call/Nocturne) : Whilst the World Balance may very well wipe your entire party out in one turn with it's elemental coverage, this guy just has an insta-kill attack to anything not immune to expel. Not to mention healing and buffing respawning minions. I also really enjoyed that you get a fucking heart attack with this boss coming right out of the save room. There's plenty more bosses that I'm not thinking of, but I can't be bothered to think about it more.
  25. I'm back from my hiatus

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