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  1. I would say maybe we would get a Mystery of the Emblem release, but honestly how much hope can we have in Nintendo? I'm still holding out hope for a full fledged Jugdral saga enhancement/remake.
  2. I agree with most everything here, but I would also add that if we get a Gen 3, please give us some way to use all the Holy Weapons. It worked really well to only be able to use half of them and be fighting the other half of the holy warriors in the final chapters, but it would be cool to see the descendants of all the crusaders fighting together.
  3. Earthbound. I got to the third song or whatever the things you're collecting are and I got bored of it. I love the music, and the story is interesting, but I just couldn't get into the gameplay.
  4. I really love FE4's story, so I would like something that has the same kind of epic feel. I don't necessarily think they need the generational thing, that's been run into the ground enough with the past few games, but the political manipulation and grand scale of the story are mainly what I'm looking for. One of the things I really like about FE4's story is how the conflicts, for the most part, are completely human based, making it a bit more grounded in realism, or at least comparatively. It didn't feel like high fantasy, it felt more like war. Again, that could be just me, but I personally would love a return to a story that doesn't pull any punches.
  5. I would personally prefer if they, for the most part, reverted the classes and such back to a more traditional style, unlike Fates' various changes, and put more effort into the story and characters, but if I were to give some suggestions... Fuck balancing, I want one unit that sucks until I promote him to Master Knight and give him the strongest weapon of every type in the game. Just one unit though. Also, I second bringing back Light and Dark Magic types, and bringing back the magic triangle. Honestly, I thought that the changes Fates made were okay, but overall I just didn't find myself liking the new weapons and such as much. Could just be me though. Idk, I just kind of really want a more traditional FE with a few not too major gameplay innovations and a really big emphasis on a great story and characters.
  6. I played a bit of it, along with a little chunk of FE1, awhile back out of boredom. It was fun, but I quickly got distracted by some other game.
  7. I beat it around two years ago, and I've fully played through it two more times. The first time with Gharnef's patch, the next with Twilkitri, and this past time back in October on the new (ish: been out for a few months now) Project Naga patch. I've half played it countless other times.
  8. For me: Aideen: I like Midir, but I also like Jamke if I end up pairing Holyn with Briggid Briggid: Jamke or Holyn, depending on who you want with Aideen or Aira Aira: Holyn, but if you paired him with Briggid, Jamke is cool, but if he's taken you can also use Lex. I've also heard Noish is a really good pairing for her. As said in the previous post, most fathers will result in great kids for Ayra Fury: If you're already doing Levin for Tiltyu, which is still a great pairing, I have heard Noish is a good father for her, which makes sense since Sety is going to be OP anyways and Noish's skills and everything really work great for Fee. Lachesis: Beowolf if only so Fin can keep his stuff in Gen 2, though some people say Fin is better. Personally, I found Nanna the only Lachesis kid worth using, and Beowolf works for her just fine.
  9. I would say FE4 overall is probably my favorite OST in the series.
  10. FE3: Holy War FE4: Lionheart Eldigan, Doors of Destiny, Light and Darkness, and The Final Holy War always stood out most for me. FE5: Don't remember much of Thracia's OST since I never got past Chapter 10. I did listen to the soundtrack on YouTube, but from what I remember, it stood out much more for its cutscene music and recruitment theme than the majority of the the map themes. I remember them being good, but I always loved the other music in the game more.
  11. Huh, yeah that's weird. I'm probably just remembering wrong. Either that or the ROM I use now is jacked up.
  12. That's really weird. I guess I could be remembering wrong. Idk though, maybe I do have a glitched rom.
  13. I know for certain that you can do 0 damage as I have done 0 damage to enemies before. Not talking about great shield. Try using Dew to attack any enemy with higher defense than his attack. For instance the general in the beginning of Chapter 2.
  14. A unit can do 0 damage. I think it's probably impossible to kill Alvis without hacking. Here's a question. In Chapter five, what happens if Velthomer gets captured and you seize it? The event is triggered by conversation not seizing the castle. So would it break the game?
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