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  1. LetsGoForIt

    Toa's Sprites

    I like the messy hair! It's a nice breath of fresh air compared to the usual perfect hairdo.
  2. But seriously, later patches should be more obvious that you would be best off keeping Sally alive. Also, which portraits are in the most need of fixing? Our artists and spriters are quite obsessive with their craft and will happily take any constructive criticism!
  3. I'd actually say that there's not any plothole regarding the poison. As you mentioned, Cedric likely had to slip the poison into a drink or a food, which would cause it to metabolize more slowly than a direct dose would. If Cedric cut himself or drank the poison straight, it would go directly into his system and not have to be diluted with anything else, so it would work faster. It's a lot like Cyanide actually; small doses every day mixed-in with a meal can keep someone in a slowly-weakening and dying state for weeks or even months, but the same-sized dose is enough to send someone to the hospital if you were to eat it straight, or worse apply it directly to the bloodstream.
  4. June's also using the male cavalier sprite, I assume because she has short hair and the default female cavalier has long hair in a ponytail.
  5. Perhaps I've just been spoiled by FE Midori's version of Vanessa, who has Big Shield/Aegis innately. It makes her a great Wyvern Knight for sure!
  6. See, I've never got that. Every time I play FE8 Vanessa is a way better unit compared to Tana, and I can't understand why.
  7. What's bothering me more is that people voted for it, but then are all "UGH THIS IS AWFUL WHY DID I VOTE FOR THIS" It's like nobody did any research and just assumed it would be funny to make Moniker go through this. Sadists who can't take what they inflict on others, all y'all. poor Moniker ;~;
  8. I too like the symbols in place of the mini-portrait; it makes a nice logo/insignia that can be easily identified as 'aligning' with that specific character.
  9. Going back a bit, I'd enjoy seeing a 'de-remake' of PoR and/or RD because there's no way I can actually play it. My toaster of a computer has trouble running Shadow Dragon, let alone something like a Gamecube or Wii game. And a video/screenshot LP doesn't quite have the same effect as playing it myself. Being able to get the general mechanics and functionality of those two games while actually having the ability to play it at higher than 30 seconds per frame would be great!
  10. I say go with Mages, Shamans, and Monks. It covers all the traditional magic-using classes in the GBA games and gives an idea as to what the character could look like, while still allowing for things like Mage Knights and Summoners.
  11. I'm really liking the spritework for most of these characters. Even Willow has some charm to her. But Judith's mom is... those eyes are kinda creeping me out the more I look at them.
  12. Nan actually has a pretty neat design, I might want to take notes; the round face, hairstyle, and face-tattoo all mix together pleasantly, and would probably look good in GBA format.
  13. CopyBotJ is currently hacking his way through the next arc of the story, which by the end of it will mark the 1/4th to 1/3rd mark of the game! Several bits of re-balancing based on feedback we've received have also gone into the game, so that everyone is more usable and/or not so broken. I'm not quite sure when the next patch will be released, but do not fear; we're still hard at work making this whole thing come together!
  14. Oh boy! Awful Emblem is one of those things that always is surprising to see; a bunch of unconnected people looking at hacks and going "... yeah, we can do better". shameless plug for The Queen's Lament once we get more done goes here
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