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  1. I'd just like to open up discussion on the Chapter 21 outro. I'm afraid if I say any more than that, I'll be reported for spam or trolling.
  2. I did that once. I arena abused the hell out of it. Honestly, I feel so goddamn messed up, like if someone gave me No Russian, I'd play the level until all my ammo ran out, and then just start knifing for 3 minutes before I made any progress.
  3. ...What should I do to make up for it? I can't just play normally anymore; cheating is just too easy! Maybe I could try doing FE12 Maniac legit?
  4. Maybe...Anyway, like I said, I lost my 3DS. And I'm more in the preference for just loading up Nightmare, making all my units automatically stat capped, and dominating the entire game. It's easier than thinking or reading.
  5. You mean the units that could all be 2HK'd and doubled right from Chapter 2?
  6. Aren't all the monster fights promoted stat-capped zombies with Pavise+ and Counter?
  7. What does that mean?Anyways, I just give up on this branch of the conversation. I play for fun, I have no credit card, and I lost my 3DS last year anyways.
  8. The problem wasn't that I couldn't tolerate all the save scumming. The problem is that there's literally no way to train any of your units outside the ones that have to beat the level. That was what the fun of FE8 was for me: That every single unit I obtained could be trained into a functioning long-term unit.
  9. Whatever the problems with FE13 are, I have no idea. But I can still say that I literally cannot play Lunatic. It's too luck based, and it literally requires you to buy DLC to win. I can never get past Chapter 2. From what I've seen, you have to have MU up to at least level 7 with a bunch of stat gains take on every single enemy on the map alone. That is the worst precedent I have ever seen in the series.
  10. Man, I may rag on everyone boiling FE7-8 down to "Marcus/Seth does everything while Lowen/Franz mop up and Florina/Vanessa carries Hector/Ephraim to the throne", but at least their luck boils down to LTC crit procs, not 99% dodges and 1% crit Dual Strike procs.
  11. And that's yet another thing: What people call a "swan song" is really just a sellout. Wait, I think I said that already... Anyways, they could've set it in Tellius just as easily. Would help make Priam and people knowing about Ike seem like less of a plothole. I meant that they never do anything special with Akaneia or Valencia's backstory. Akaneia had dragonkin, divine dragon sages, an entire country of desert-residing scholars. Instead, the only thing that's truly lasted is the Falchion, yet even that is questionable, since hey redesigned it for no reason other than an obsession for overdesign that the rest of the game suffers from.
  12. They still used Akaneia and Valencia as their world map, and did nothing with them. It's wasted potential. It's like a game billing itself as a sequel to Chrono Trigger, and doing nothing to build on it, instead making to overconvolute what happened in the aftermath. OH WAIT.
  13. Yet while Martha and Rei!Tiki are clear homages to FE3, everything else FE3 was has been stomped on. They put a desert oasis in Pyrathi, a huge-ass divine mountain in Talys, a Water Temple in Thabes, a dueling ground in Flame Barrel, Ylisstol is obviously a rebuilt Milennial Palace, Lefcandith Valley was turned into a forest flatland, Plegia's castle seems to be a rebuilt Dolhr Keep, all of Altea, Gra, Macedon and Dolhr was turned into a freaking desert wasteland, while Law's End is just your average village, Carrion Isle was Olbern Keep's location, the Fane of Raman has disappeared...the only real similarity is that the Dragon's Altar is still around, and that the Border Wastes bear resemblence to FE1's version of Anri. And the game is taking inspiration from just about all the games, not just 3. The Breeding system from FE4, the World Map and infinite class changing from FE2, the movement stats of GBA, the zombies and dual promotion branches of FE8, FE9's prep screen support convos, FE10's stat cap enhancement, FE11's lack of canto, magic trinity and rescue, and FE12's ditching of the weight mechanic.
  14. Meanwhile, Hardin just stands in the top-right corner of the map, doing nothing. If Astram wasn't recruitable, a lot of drama would go to waste. A lack of motivation for the antagonists, none of the recruitable characters besides Say'ri getting screentime, the Gaiden chapters having no goddamn rhyme or reason, a Bad Future whose only real role in the story is creating Martha, no real stakes. Just read the scripts on the resource pages.
  15. I can't really do this any other way. This game emotionally hurt me. Everywhere I look in it, I just see shrewdly recycled concepts, neglect towards worldbuilding, and a script that cares more about boosting the reader's self-esteem than any desire to tell a story. Okay, then I'll just roll out my second-biggest gun in defense of 3 to 11 and attack of 13: The story absolutely refuses to be reasonably serious with what goes on in the game. And the DLC is just a wide variety of not-Ike giving lame sarcasm, with the occasional grimdark instances of Death's Embrace and the Future Past instalments.
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