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  1. So I've been playing around for awhile with the idea of De-making Shadow Dragon so to speak into the GBA games, I know there was a project floating around a few years back but it seems like it has more or less died off. I've been working on it for a few months actually, worked out how I'd do Growth Rates and Base Stats depending on a couple of scenarios. Right now I'm trying to determine if I'd be better off making the game using Fire Emblem 7, or Sacred Stones there are pros and cons to both for sure. Fire Emblem 7 Has a lot of material as well as the way it's designed is closer to the Vanilla Game in which each class had only one promotion. Sacred Stones however, has less reference materials for me to work with as well as myself being less familiar with editing it. But as a pro it has branching promotions which could allow me to get more creative with gameplay as well as help with unit diversity problems which is something I'd really want to somehow fix with this (I mean seriously, 7 Pre-Promote Cavaliers? If you were to promote them all you'd potentially have 10 Paladins). So I guess what I'm wondering is, should I try to use Sacred Stones as the base or Fire Emblem 7? My goal is to keep it close to the source material but also flesh out some characters with supports, and in trying to keep it close to the original experience should I try to go with Fire Emblem 7 which would make the experience more similar to FE3 in a sense, or should I go with Fire Emblem 8 which would likely prove more difficult but also allow for characters to be more unique in their development as well as make the project a more unique experience? EDIT: I also realize now that the title is likely inappropriate as neither is truly "better" but I can't think of a much better title.
  2. So I guess I'll ask these questions as I'm sure outside opinions will help me greatly. I just pulled Elincia (+HP-RES) and I was thinking of finally getting my flier emblem team together, I've got Cherche with BA+, and I've got a Caeda (Who will probably get replaced with Michalis or somebody else.) I also have a Summer Corrin (+ATK-SPD, she is also +1.) who I already gave Blarblade+ in anticipation of building the team, however it occurred to me that I'm not sure what to do with the A-Slot. I have access to Death Blow, Swift Sparrow, Life & Death, and Fury at their max levels for inheritance. But I'm not sure which one is the best for her, given the IVs. (I'm also not sure about inheriting Swift Sparrow on her as my fodder is a spare Brave Lyn I have who I'm also considering just merging with my other Brave Lyn. The Same goes for Life & Death I suppose since I could merge my Jaffars together, though realistically I don't use Jaffar all that much anymore.) My second question might be a simpler one, I am now sitting on 100K feathers as I haven't exactly had a unit where I went OMG I have to 5* them (Excluding Cherche when I finally get a +ATK IV.) I've considered making GHB units 5*, and I've considered a couple other units as well, but I haven't really been able to decide. The main appeal I have for upgrading the GHB units is that I hate making units 5* when there is a chance that I'll pull a 5* later. (And most of the units that are 3* or 4* only pulls, aren't all that great to me.) So I guess I'll provide a list of units and the reasons in the spoiler and get an opinion on who is worth making a 5* (I'm also considering greens more heavily than other colors based on the 5* units I have, which as of posting this is: 13 Reds, 14 Blues, 5 Greens, and 13 Colorless)
  3. So I did last ditch effort to pull Brave Ike or Roy when the CYL banner was going. I unfortunately had to give it up as I got slapped across the face with a +ATK-DEF Caeda, which while I'm happy about the IVs, I'm annoyed because she has no useful skill to inherit and now that Elincia is out there is someone who does what she can do (with alot of inheritance), but better. I guess she makes a good placeholder in my Flier Emblem though. (I've got Summer Corrin, Caeda, and Cherche, who will take that 4th slot, guess I'll have to wait and see.)
  4. So I've been playing around with FE11 for a little while now and have had my fun playing with Growth Rates and Base Stats as well as playing around with item stats. (Still haven't cracked the limitations on certain items, but I'll get there.) Anyway, so what I'm currently trying to do right now is change portraits in the game. Specifically remove portraits from the game and replace them with custom ones I made. (There were just a couple of changes I made with some of them and I made one to replace post-prologue Marth, nothing wrong with his face really, it's just a really awkward angle.) Naturally as one might expect with my limited knowledge on hacking and what knowledge I do have being provided by Nightmare. I'm not too sure how to approach this. I keep looking through the decompiled data but I can't seem to even find the portraits and I'm not sure how I'd go about changing them, since Nightmare only gives me the ability to swap between pre-existing portraits and not replace portraits with something else. If anyone is has knowledge on the subject and has the patience to explain to me what to do I'd greatly appreciate it.
  5. *Sigh* I really should use my Free Pull on Lyn and just stop pulling Colorless... Anyway got Sniped by a 5* Leon (+RES/-SPD... I swear the RNG gods hate me.) I guess I'll have to put more effort into clearing those Chain Challenges I hate so much if I wanna get a couple more tries in.
  6. So I decided to Whale so that I'd have 200 Orbs and just accept whatever I get... and honestly I'm learning that I'll never prosper as a whale, I get punished for it every single time. In 200 Orbs I got a total of 3 5* Units, My first Hector (Which is honestly awesome despite not being what I wanted.) His IV's were pretty decent too with +DEF/-SPD. However, that is where the goodness stops. My other 5* Units were Neutral Boey (Literally made me wanna die) and +RES/-SPD Hawkeye (Good IVs, but also made me wanna die.) On a small hand I am happy because I now have 5 5* Green Units from 2. (Julia and Anna) On the larger hand, 2/3 of those units are really not good and not what I wanted right now. I was expecting to be stabbed by Colorless Hell but instead I seem to have been visited by a Evil Green Pity-breaker Fairy.
  7. I'm probably gonna choose Lyn to avoid colorless hell. (Lucius sniped me for the last time.) However, it honestly depends on confirmation on Ike's Weapon Skills as far as what it reduces EXACTLY. If it's just good for Desperation, Brave and Ranged Doubles that's fine but if it's any enemy that doubles him I might actually free pull him. (Though if it's any attack after the first I might benefit trying to pull a -SPD.) I'm not sure, I hope I can pull them all, but after struggling to get Ninian in the Hero Fest Banner, I get the feeling I won't be getting one-two of them. So long as I get Ike and Lyn I'll survive. (I'll admit though, each Black Silhouette in the Catalog eats away at my inner collector.) All I know is that, less than 12 hours before the release and I am pumped for this banner; I hope I don't get IV screwed this time since I know I could really use good IVs for once. (Especially Ike since I only have 2 Green 5-Star Units.)
  8. I've tried various different strategies, but I can't afford to waste too many potions on this. I'm probably gonna have to give up on Infernal (Honestly I'm more upset over the 2k Feathers than the extra 4* Valter, kinda makes me wish Infernal rewards were a 5* unit rather than another 4* and feathers. But that's probably too much to wish for.)
  9. I have seen a significant decrease in my luck and I've been pulling in Hero Fest! (Hell I even whaled a bit and was definitely not rewarded for it.) It's all luck at the end of the day. Though I certainly would like someday for there to be an increase to the starting 5* rate. (Maybe raise it to 4% and Hero fest is 6%) Though that may just be because I've been seeing sky-high pity rates lately.
  10. Well I guess it depends on if you need/want any of the focus heroes? I've been pulling for Ninian and finally decided to stop pulling non-blue orbs. (Mostly because I got sniped by Genny 3x now and am just sick of it.) I mean there is no harm I suppose? Though, you may wanna consider saving for the CYOL banner. Also... if anybody has advice on what I should do with 3 Gennys... I'd greatly appreciate it.
  11. Well so far the recent changes have definitely made my Tempest Trials better. (In the sense that I can actually feel my progress.) My bonus unit is Gray, so those horsies beware! The rest of my team is "Marth" and Bridal!Caeda who I stuck Renewal on. (Caeda has Blarraven and T.Adept as well.) and also Azura to cover my dancing and lack of positioning skills. So far I've had 4 Lunatic runs and I've only gone to a 2nd team once. (Which is better than my usual teams.) I'm hoping the next Tempest Trials is Archanea with actual Marth (Only because I've got one ready.) Though I know realistically it's probably gonna be either Hoshido Fates or Nohrian Fates (Because we all know they are probably gonna split that between two trials like SoV.)
  12. Which would you go with if you were running Death Blow instead of Fury?
  13. Just pulled a Julia from Hero Fest. (Kept running into Gray orbs, they were really trying to choke Genny down my throat, but I wouldn't have it.) Now I'm just trying to decide whether to go with my +Atk/-Res or my +Spend/-Res.
  14. So I have a bit of a conundrum and I was hoping someone might be able to help me make a decision I suppose. So recently I cashed old birthday gift cards for more orbs in preparation of the Nohrian Summer and Hero Fest banners and now I am sitting close to 200 orbs. Now that I know for sure who is on the Hero Fest banner, I find myself debating a bit. On one hand the Nohrian Summer banner has seasonal units that we have no way of knowing if we'll ever get again, and I really want Corrin for Flier Emblem (I missed out on Camilla and didn't want that to happen again.) On the other hand, the Hero fest is currently featuring 2 units that are often in my main team, Ike and Julia (both of whom could probably benefit from better natures.) not to mention focus units of course have a slightly higher rate in Hero Fest banners. So I'm currently having difficulty deciding on which banner should take priority on my orbs. Obviously I'm not gonna summon until at least the 7th when the rarity change occurs, but I'd like some advice on which others think I should prioritize.
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