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    I'm a weirdo who loves the vidyas and drawing. I'm a fanboy of Gaius and Laurent from FE:A and Zero from FE:if and I'm not even ashamed. Also loves to design stuff.
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  1. Personally for me it usually depends on the game, but I tend to have some general go-tos: For Favourites: Mage/Sage, or any Tome-using lines, including (and maybe especially) healers with Tomes. They've always been good to me, even if they're a bit silly early-game. They always turn in to powerhouse units later on in my runs, so I usually begin a new FE with high expectations for later-game Tome users. Flier classes are also fantastic, thanks to ridiculous range and they usually can dodge well. Though, as noted, this depends on the game. For Least Favourites: Base Archers. They're squishy and die too often in my runs because of terribad RNG. I usually try to reclass my archers in to something that can counter close-range stuff, and keeping their bows stashed until I know they wont become fine red meat piles the next turn or I absolutely need a man dead. Also Base Knights. You clunky bastards. I love your high Def, but you're worthless unless staying put, and let's hope no one has an Armourslayer.
  2. I generally prefer Japanese voices, but I do have exceptions at times depending on how close the voice is to the character. Most of the time I feel the Japanese voices hit it better (due to being cast with the original character designs in mind even if the females tend to have ear-piercing voices) but I've seen a fair share of games who cast more fitting English counterparts. (Not to mention I'm trying to better my listening skills in Japanese.) So I'll probably keep them in Japanese for if/Fates, and then briefly flick over to English for curiosity's sake. If I like the English VA's better, then heck, I'll keep 'em English.
  3. [spoiler=Hoshido potentials] and or (maybe Invisible Kingdom for third one?) [spoiler=Nohrian potentials] or Fantastic work though. Loads a funsies, way too much fun for someone like me. (Hello indecisiveness/millions of stories!)
  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Oh oops. I didn't notice the edit, since before it just said "FE." Oooh, okay. I'm still new enough to the series to make dork mistakes so I'm glad people are helping to clarify stuff.
  6. Sounds fair! I'll keep that in mind. Though does the marriage bit from FE carry in to 3 since 3 is a remake and a sequel or am I being dumb again?
  7. I'd be mighty impressed if I managed anything but a bad ending on a blind run tbh. I just started it up so here's to a misadventure!
  8. I just wanna know before I dive in if FE3's not going to entirely beat me up for not learning some little dance routine trick or something. If it is possible to do so (even if frustratingly hard) then I might do a play log of it for luls, including times reset/reasons for reset if they're significant enough to note. I've never done a play log before to be quite honest, but they seem very interesting to do. I'm just curious as to if anyone would be interested in watching someone semi-new to FE stumble about an older game.
  9. I'm gonna just sit down and take a good, hard look at my brain because this suddenly made the guide snippet click. ::Throws 3DS across room and leaves:: But seriously though, thanks. I've been strangely unable to comprehend some small, key parts and I just feel really dumb for absolutely no reason. Time to go wreck a chapter. EDIT: Cleared Ch.3 finally, then thoroughly wrecked 4 with my own strat first go. Feels good, man.
  10. I thought about that too but that means baiting the enemy to follow, though the guide noted "[From here, it's very easy to make a death-zone choke point, since you can sprawl your ten remaining units out behind a face-tanking Avatar that only faces one enemy at a time.]" (Taken directly from the guide's Ch.3 route, bolded part is what is slightly confusing me.)
  11. Man I feel dumb. Either my brain isn't functioning, or I'm severely misreading stuff. So I'm following Interceptor's Lunatic+ guide somewhat and on Ch.3 they note that there's a spot where the Avatar can tank with their face on the top-half, but only need to face one enemy. Where the heck is that spot again? Btw, I'm only partially following because A: only playing Lunatic, not +, and B: planning to DLC grind like the cheap bastard I am.
  12. Varied voices, even just a couple new skin tones, accessories, and definitely more hair styles. I found it rather frustrating trying to design new Avatars for each playthrough when a majority of the selectable choices were weird or downright silly. I'm looking at you, Build 2 FeMU with the crazy lion's mane hair and eye patch! What were they even thinking? Selectable personality would be neat too; I don't need 50 million choices, just gimmie a few that stand out against each other and I'll be content. I also dig the suggestion of customizable armour palettes for Kamui. I want my blue magic-caster, dammit!
  13. Yeah, now I'm just trying my hand at Ch.3. Having the pincer attack start is not very fun at all.
  14. I usually have the first wave under control because I hand off the Elixir to Avatar and then pair her with Frederick. The issue is though if I move north and east of the Merc to hit with Thunder, Avatar gets thoroughly wrecked (I'm trying to not rely on Fred too much, which MAY be my issue) but moving north and to the west of the Merc, I get THREE enemies tailing my squishies. Freddy's not good enough to OHKO the Merc either, but I'll see about potential other pairings. Maybe I can sit Avatar with Stahl adjacent to Freddy to give her his Pair-Up boosts on top of Stahl's and reduce potential facings? EDIT: Axe guys aren't TOO bad if you pull The Swordening act. I found often that getting people equipped with a Bronze Sword significantly helps, since the lance guys don't tend to do too much damage. EDIT 2: Finished! Did Frederick/Sully and FeMU/Stahl. Kept them next to each other, gave Frederick FeMU's Bronze Sword to fix Axe WTA, RNG played fair. I even managed some TERRIFYINGLY CLOSE scrapes that usually shouldn't be survived haha. I wound up using all three Elixir uses to keep my tanks alive though, which sucks massively.
  15. Thankfully my Avatar is something akin to a gigantic pile of DEF (thanks to Def Asset) so that's not too bad of an issue. I guess the main issue is the damn Mercs i said mym on accident gg me tend to double whoever they chase, or haxxors their way to the squishiest of my team. Or crit. I am not an RNG-friendly man.
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