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  1. It's been a long time since I've posted here! Hope you're all doing well. I just discovered that Cipher is coming to an end, and decided that I wanted to complete my Jugdral collection. I'm not having much success on eBay, so I thought I'd try my luck here! I missed series 17, so I am mostly looking for the N and HN cards from that one. I live in Canada, but I'm willing to do international if you are! I can pay with paypal. And also gosh I hope this posts the way I want it to, cause I have no memory of how to do this. Apologies in advance if I post this and it takes up the whole screen or something. EDIT - Okay well that was not so good, hopefully this will fix it Why is it in a box I don't know what's happening I'm so sorry Thank you for looking!
  2. I'm looking for a few series 12 cards! I live in Canada and can do trades or PayPal. Have: B12-075SR Eldigan B12-059SR Nowi P10-005PR Finn x2 Looking for: B12-078SR Lachesis B12-083R Sigurd (priority) B12-085R Beowulf Thank you for looking!
  3. +1 eccentrica_19 Very well packaged, wonderful communication. Thanks again!
  4. So, Canada Post decided it was very nice and good to lose my box, and 2 months later, I have decided that it's time to accept it is not going to come ;_; I'm holding on a bit longer before I buy HN and N cards, but I thought I might see if I could buy some of the SR and R I'd been wanting off people here. I'm looking for: B10-001SR - Leif B10-004SR - Nanna B10-007SR - Finn B10-046R - Ced B10-059R(+) - Shigure I also have these things if anyone is interested. B08-079SR Patty B08-097SR Julius x2 B08-091SR Altena x4 B10-002R+X Leif An Eldigan figure from that exceed a generation thing - I think his hand is broken off (these guys are super brittle) but I can glue it if you want Rubber straps - Lissa, Kjelle, Jakob - new, but without box
  5. +1 LunartailSteffi Everything arrived quickly and in great condition. Thank you so much!
  6. My box came in today! I ship from Canada. I can also do PayPal, but I would like it if I could get rid of a couple of the series 8 SR I've been hoarding. Have: B08-079SR Patty B08-097SR Julius x2 B08-091SR Altena x4 B10-002R+X Leif B09-065R+ Raigh a bunch of R cards from series 7 and 8 This weird little vending machine toy of Catria - I can show pics if anyone is interested An Eldigan figure from that exceed a generation thing Awakening rubber straps - Inigo, Lissa, Kjelle, +Jakob - new, but without box Wants: B09-010R Tobin - pending B09-041R Zeke - pending B09-025SR Mae - pending B09-046R Berkut - pending B09-085SR Ena B09-097SR Jill B09-099R Dheginsea - pending B07-041R Jaffar B07-007SR Lyn Thank you for looking!
  7. Is it just me, or do the cards feel... "different" this series? It's like they're heavier or something. I'm probably just imagining it.
  8. My series 8 finally arrived! This time I have a lot to trade. I am also willing to sell these cards. I live in Canada. For Trade: B08-054SR Julia x 1 B08-079SR Patty x 1 B08-091SR Altena x 3 That marker card thing with Celica Sumia and Lissa Sleeves I also have some awakening rubber straps of Brady, Kjelle, Lissa, and Inigo (unopened, but no box) as well as Jakob (unopened and with box). Wants: B07-007SR Lyn B08-009SR Frederick B08-028SR Cherche B08-051SR Seliph (high priority) Marker card pack with Alm (high priority) Deirdre Sleeves (high priority) Thank you for looking!
  9. Art-wise, I love B01-013HN Gordin, B06-004SR Deirdre, B06-006SR Quan, the Febail R and R+, and the Seliph and Julius joined art from series 8. Utility-wise has got to be Patty, simply because of how hilarious her ability is.
  10. Rika Suzuki has just made my life. Her lovely sketch of the scene I'd always wanted to see.... I now am very glad I have 8 Julius.
  11. So... Do you think Tristan and Jeanne instead of Diarmuid and Nanna is another jab at Lachesis' brother complex? (Not that I have a problem with it or anything! I love that subs are being included! It's just that they've been doing some weird things with Lachesis lately.)
  12. I'm not sure how accurate this will be later, but yesterday I bid on a SR+ Julia on Yahoo (I lost it though, lol). She went for 5,500, which is the same price as SR+ Deirdre on Bigweb. I'd say they're going to be about the same.
  13. I love Julius so much I am going to die He is the only one I wish to pull now
  14. But Larcei is B08-059R, unless it was changed and I didn't notice. So probably an uneven SR ratio? I cannot imagine any of the remaining girls having one over Larcei.
  15. Does anyone have any thoughts on who the last female SR will be? (Assuming it will be a girl, which it would be, cause 4 male R cards have already been shown?? In both sets with uneven ratios only 3 male R. Could be wrong there.) It could only be Patty, Nanna, Lene, Tine, or Lana (2 cards with N/HN borders have been seen, but after Larcei there is no trust). 2 of them will also be R. I figure Lene will be one of them, but other than that, I am stumped.
  16. Thought I might try and trade away a few of my duplicates before Series 8 releases. I am also willing to paypal my wants. I ship from Canada. Wants: Haves:
  17. She looks so pretty! I'm confused though. It unmistakably says R, but... Isn't that the SR border?
  18. My series 7 cards have finally come in! My luck was a little less than good this time, so I haven't gotten much to trade. I'm willing to paypal my wants. I ship from Canada. Have Wants
  19. Hooray! Thank you so much for translating this! But I think there is an error with Trabant. It lists his age as 18 at Barhara, but 44 for Celice's Rebellion? That's 26 years. Was he supposed to be 28 during Barhara?
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