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  1. I think it's going to be Altena. All of the colours except yellow have a SR flier. With Fury and Mahnya already covered, the only fliers left are Altena, Fee, Femina, Karin, Misha, Eda, and maybe Areone and Travant. I might be missing one there. Out of these characters, I'd say Altena is the only one who could realistically get a SR card, unless Cipher intends to revisit Gen 1 and give Fury a SR or something (I think this is not very likely). Maybe they're planning on breaking that pattern though. I hope not.
  2. Speaking of alt children, how do you think they'll be handled?
  3. Oh my gosh, that Julius! I adore it. I think I am dying.
  4. Updating my list. I can buy or trade for my wants. Will also sell any of the cards in my "For Trade". I ship from Canada. For Trade: Wants:
  5. My cards finally arrived! Overall pretty happy with my pulls, but I'm still missing a couple I'd hoped for. I can trade or buy cards. I'd prefer to trade right now, just because I have so many duplicate cards lying around that I don't need. I live in Canada. For Trade: Wants: EDIT: Updated list
  6. Oh my god, that Lewyn! I need that in my life. He looks amazing. Time to spend all of my money on more booster boxes. This series will be the end of me.
  7. I figured it might be a good idea to try and get rid of some of my extra cards before series 6 comes out. I ship from Canada.
  8. +1 Omegaweapon +1 Dv_US Cards needed: Cards I have: I live in Canada. I can buy cards, but I would really like to get rid of my second Sophia SR so if you are looking for her and have someone on my list, hit me up!
  9. Finally got my series 5 cards in! I'm only missing 5. Needed: I don't have very many valuable cards to trade (I think I would prefer to buy), but I have: I live in Canada. EDIT: Should also mention I will be out of town for a couple weeks. I can buy during this time, but shipping will be delayed if I work out any trades.
  10. God, I love those Narcian cards. I need them both. Hopefully I'll get at least one of them in my boxes, he'll probably be expensive. This is a pleasant surprise! I didn't think Narcian would be getting a +. Thanks for uploading this!
  11. Oh my gosh, the pen and tote bag! I really love those <3
  12. I'm almost done series 4! I just need SR Robin. I haven't gotten much to trade (I have a list, I'll update this later.) so I am looking to buy probably. I also have a few spare awakening rubber straps (Lissa, Kjelle, Inigo, Sumia, and I might be willing to trade Jakob. All unopened, but without box) if anyone's interested in those. Not sure because it's not cipher, but figured it couldn't hurt to ask. I am willing to trade or sell them. Prices are negotiable. Alright, I have my full list now. B01-075SR Cordelia B02-058SR Camilla? B02-080SR Jakob* Those SR Corrin from series 3 (I do not have their numbers at the moment) B04-065SR Robin* * = higher priority I have these: B01-070R Lon'qu B02-004R Azura (x2) B02-024R Oboro (x2) B02-026R Hana (x2) B02-064R Laslow (x3) B02-072R Odin (x3) B02-095R Soleil B03-072R Selkie B04-013R Yashiro Tsurugi
  13. Very close to completing Series 4! I'm only missing the very rare cards now, so I'm mostly looking to buy, because I don't have anything good to trade. B01-075SR Cordelia B02-060SR Leo B02-080SR Jakob B04-051SR Itsuki B04-063SR Lucina B04-065SR Robin B04-072SR Cordelia Also I accidentally bought 2 Roy amiibo. I do not want 2 Roy amiibo, so I want to sell one. It is Japanese. Let me know if you are interested in him. I have these: B01-070R Lon'qu B02-004R Azura (x2) B02-024R Oboro (x2) B02-026R Hana (x2) B02-064R Laslow (x3) B02-072R Odin (x3) B02-095R Soleil B03-072R Selkie B04-013R Yashiro Tsurugi
  14. Does anyone want a B02-056SR Xander? Because I don't. I really would like to trade or sell him (mostly for either B02-060SR Leo or B02-060SR Jakob, though I'm not sure if he's worth as much as Leo?). Anyways, if you're interested, please let me know.
  15. Okay, thanks guys! This helps a lot!
  16. So, for a long time I've wanted B01-046SR Tiki. But she seems to be low print or very popular because she's very expensive. Is there anywhere that lists the average prices of cards, because I've found one but it seems pretty expensive. (It's Canadian $32, or $24 USD) Or would an importing site be cheaper? I'm getting a little antsy about it, but I don't like wasting money. If there's a better option, I'd rather use that. I apologize if there is already a topic for this. I did check, but I can be pretty blind sometimes. Thanks for any help!
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