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  1. Hey! I've been out of town for a few days, so I'm sorry to everyone whose PMs I haven't yet replied to. Anyhow, I got a box of series 2 today. Mostly happy with what I got, but I think I'd rather have Camilla or Leon than Xander. So yeah. If you're looking for a SR Xander, I might be willing to trade. Looking for: I've put * next to the highest priority ones. Buying is best for me, but I can also do trades. I live in Canada. For trade: SR
  2. It's been a while since I posted here! I'm sorry to everyone whose PMs I never responded to. I'll get on that right away. Anyways, I'm missing these: I've put * beside the ones I want most. I mostly prefer buying. I live in Canada. I can trade: B01-070R Lon'qu B02-004R Azura (x2) B02-024R Oboro (x2) B02-026R Hana (x2) B02-064R Laslow (x3) B02-072R Odin (x3) B02-095R Soleil B03-072R Selkie B04-013R that edgelord Navarre dude Oh! I should also mention the SR I got in S4. I pulled a Lon'qu, but I don't really like Lon'qu. I might be willing to trade him for a SR on my list, if anyone's interested.
  3. About Camilla, in that OA, she's leaning on it. Not wielding. Just leaning. If she were to pick it up, would her left hand be on top?
  4. Oh, no! I don't mean like she has trouble walking. Just sort of like a staff she carries around. I am not exactly sure what I'm trying to say here, it's late where I live and I should probably go to bed soon. Think about it this way: if you were carrying something large around all of the time, would you be more likely to hold it in your dominant, or non dominant?Just look up lance/staff wielding tutorial. It'll most likely be right handed. Then you can compare the stances.
  5. And we do know that Shigure is right handed, thanks to the new DLC. The thing that troubles me is how she's holding it. Like a cane. Lots of people hold canes in their off hand to leave their dominant free.I'd really like for Azura to be left handed. I am myself. But I thought Leo might be lefty for the longest time (tome theory) and he turned out to be righty...
  6. All of the animations in this game are right handed, correct? (I'm not sure)So spear masters hold their lances with their left hand in front. I asked somebody about it once, and they told me that when you wield a lance, you put your dominant hand closer to the back, because that's your main power source. All of this is so confusing. Lances are stressful.
  7. Just thinking about something. I don't know much about lance wielding, but.. would holding a lance be like holding a pool stick? In which case the dominant hand is the one further back.
  8. ^ oh, okay. I guess I'm mistaken. Hinoka is probably rightie then.
  9. Looking at some more cutscenes- Camilla holds out her left hand to you after she knocks you down. That's a very left handed thing to do. We never get a video of her fighting, so I have no idea what her handedness would be. In Hinoka's right facing portrait, she's cracking her left knuckle. Also a lefty thing. But I'm not sure which is default. Edit: in Camilla's OA she leans on her axe. If she were to pick it up, it looks like her left hand would be on top. Maybe Camilla is left handed? Also that her left eye is covered up. Many left handed people's dominant eye is their right. Another character, Shigure also has one eye covered. It's his right. Shigure is known to be right handed.
  10. I love this sort of stuff! I know for a fact that Leo is right handed. He was shown writing in his valentine's artwork. I think Elise could be a lefty. She holds her staff in her left in her artwork and in the opening cutscene in game.
  11. It's her mirage costume. By that I mean the one that she does fighting in when she does the thing with Tharja.
  12. Has there been any news on what the promo card for the series 4 guidebook is? (I'm assuming not, since I can't find anything in it, but couldn't hurt to ask)
  13. Just Candace for me. I like her because she is pink. The men are kind of scruffy looking, so I just don't bother with them. My Orochi got stat screwed..
  14. I'm missing 7 series 1 cards, and I don't really want to buy another box. * = priority I'm missing: B01-004SR (Caeda) * B01-040R (Catria) B01-046SR (Tiki) * B01-050SR (Camus) * B01-075SR (Cordelia) B01-084R (Cherche) B01-091SR (Owain) I have a SR Tharja and Chrom that I'd be willing to trade, but since I only have one of each, I'd rather buy. I also have some of the Awakening rubber straps (Lissa, Brady, Kjelle, Inigo) that I would like to trade for cards, if anyone is interested in them. I'll be on the lookout, but if you're interested at all, please pm me!
  15. Oh, wow! Thank you for posting these. Seeing that Roshea will be getting a card after all really cheered me up after a bad week. Now I have something to look forward to again!
  16. +1 Aquantis I don't want to double post, so I'm just going to post my needed cards here. After getting my S1 box, I still need: B01-004SR Caeda B01-040R Catia B01-046SR Tiki B01-084R Cherche I can buy or trade. For trade, I have: B01-070R Lon'qu B02-024R Oboro B02-026R Kazahana B02-095R Soleil B02-064R Lazward B02-072R Odin B03-072R Kinu My SR are not doubles, so only trade. I have: B01-001SR Marth B01-051SR Chrom B01-080SR Tharja Please PM me if you're interested!
  17. Sakura Takumi Elise Leon Ryoma Xander Hinoka Camilla I like all of them really. But Camilla's possessiveness makes me feel a little uncomfortable, so she's last I guess.
  18. I tried my Gmail and my sasktel. Neither of them worked. Then I remembered I had a Hotmail account when I was 8. I tried that and it worked. I am so angry. Anyways, I voted for Sakura. She and Elise match a little, being counterparts and all. If she does end up getting a nendoroid, then both Nohr and Hoshido fans can get a fates nendoroid. The reason I did not vote for another royal is because nendoroids are very cute, like the little sisters. Sexy/elegant/stern doesn't have the same effect on a nendoroid. Besides, I'm sure many of you would prefer scales or figma for Xander, Ryouma, Camilla, Azura, etc. I don't know, Sakura just makes the most sense to me.
  19. It tells me my email address is invalid. What type of email address do I have to use on the Nendoroid voting poll?
  20. Elise is a troubadour, right? Do you think she might come with a horse? Maybe that would be too complicated. It would also bring up her price by quite a bit..
  21. I hope that they make a Xander one to go with her. Just kidding. I hope she sells well and that Sakura will get one, too. That way both Nohr and Hoshido fans can buy a figure of their cute little "sisters".
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