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  1. I love nendoroids! This is great news! Though tbh I was hoping for a nendoroid petite set with all of the Royals. But this is almost as good! Elise looks so adorable!
  2. I also got a special edition. I am playing Hoshido first, but my main file I plan to be Revelations. Like most people probably will do. If I were making the decision in real life, I'd probably pick neither, arguing makes me feel sad :( Neither side is exactly in the right, either.
  3. I've decided I want to finish up my series 2 rares. I'm only missing one of them: Gurei. B02-449R Because of finances, I can only trade atm. I have: B02-004R (Hoshido Azura) B02-024R (Oboro) B02-026R (Kazahana) B02-064R (Lazward) B02-072R (Odin) B02-095R (Soleil) I live in Canada, so if you want to trade with me, you have to be willing to do international (unless you also live in Canada).
  4. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Or something like that. Even if their names are different, they're still the same on the inside. Unless they got Henry'd.
  5. I'm only 5 cards away from completing Series 3! I'm still in need of: B03-021SR (Mia) B03-040R (Ranulf) B03-058SR (Suzukaze) B03-085SR (Flora) B03-086R (F Kanna) The cards I have are quite pitiful, but I have: B02-004R (Aqua) B02-024R (Oboro) B02-026R (Kazahana) B02-064R (Lazward) B02-072R (Odin) B02-095R (Soleil) B03-072R (Kinu) As well as a bunch of N/HN. I can trade or buy. Given that most of my list is SR, I don't actually expect to be completing anytime soon, but it would be nice to get Kanna and Ranulf.
  6. I think that some bad decisions have been made. Crimson - Scarlet is just change for change's sake. Why do things have to be this way?
  7. I'm wondering about what they could use the models for now. I mean, it's such a waste. Probably cost an arm and a leg to put in, too. We better get something real great to make up for it. (I didn't even care about skinship, but now that it's apparantly gone, I'm mad. Inequality.)
  8. Whatever, petting was kind of creepy anyways. But also, sad. What will they replace it with? Such a waste.
  9. Thanks everyone for all your help! I will be getting boxes in mid March. Truth is that I'm only really interested in 3 of the SR cards, but they are among the most expensive, plus I could not trade due to lack of my own SR. Ugh. Just checked the conversion rate for yen to cad. $60. I remember last year when 5000¥ = $50 CAD.
  10. Oh! Just remembered - how much does shipping cost for 2 booster boxes on Amiami? (I usually get the cheapest tracked option). I figure that if I get series 1 box I may as well get it at the same time as series 4 comes out.
  11. To get a series 1 box at this point? Somehow I've managed to acquire all but the R and SR cards of series 1, without buying a booster box. I think the SR cards of this set are the most aesthetically pleasing, but I don't really have any of them. Because I am Canadian (falling dollar), most of these cards would cost me $40+ to buy singular. Not an option for teenager. So, senior card collectors, is it worth it to buy a whole box just for R/SR? I apologize if there is already a thread like this or if I am not supposed to post threads like this here. I cannot find anything :(
  12. Wow, this is great! I never realized how much Garon's sounds bothered me. Thank you for making this and sharing it!!
  13. I heckled up. Just found the topic about this. Can this one be locked please?
  14. It's been a while since I've posted here! I am willing to both trade and buy. Here is a list of cards I am looking for: Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 I have no SR, so I'm looking to buy those too, but because they can be very expensive, I probably wouldn't actually buy. For trade, I have: R Soleil x 2 R Odin x 3 R Lazward x 3 R Aqua (Hoshido) x 2 R Oboro x 2 R Kazahana x 2 and a bunch of (but not all) N and HN cards. Not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but I also have some of those Awakening key chains: Lissa, Kjelle, Inigo, and Brady. I'd be willing to trade these for cards. ALSO: I live in Canada, so you'll have to be willing to trade internationally.
  15. What type of tome is ragnarok? In gaiden it was dark, but I was under the impression that nosferatu was the only dark tome in Fates.
  16. Stupid question time - what's Ragnarok? Last time I saw that was in Gaiden, as a dark magic spell. Thought the only dark tome in Fates was Nosferatu.
  17. I love archers, they are my favorite class. Gordin is my absolute favorite.
  18. Gordin or Sumia. I am similar to Gordin because I look a lot younger than I am (people younger than me talk down to me). Plus bows are my favorite weapons! In terms of Sumia, I'm very awkward and clumsy. And girly.
  19. If they do, that guy who voiced Gordin better not be voicing anyone in it. Mikey Mouse does not belong in Fire Emblem.
  20. It's true that Toma doesn't have his own song, but close to the end He has very nice tone, his voice would be acceptable to sing in other genres than pop. If you can't hear anything wrong with the songs, I envy you. Please never study classical singing!! You'll never hear things the same way again.
  21. That's more or less correct. If you don't understand swooping, just listen to Tsubasa sing anything. Literally every second note is swooped. To most people this doesn't matter at all (some even like it) but to someone who competes at an international level, it is incredibly annoying. The other characters don't really do this. Only Tsubasa. Just for comparison, maybe listen to Toma then Tsubasa. Toma does an acceptable amount of swooping for pop music. I'd consider him the best singer of the group, but that's just my opinion, please disregard it.
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