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  1. That's a good point. Well, in any case they look like they would be the same rarity.
  2. http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/fireemblem/images/5/55/Toma_Cain_card.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/185?cb=20151112215151 It doesn't say the rarity, but because it is in two parts like the fates royals and Ike/BK (all of whom were SR), I assume Tsubasa, Itsuki, and Toma are also SR. I could be wrong (probably am).
  3. I also kind of hope the songs get dubbed. Tsubasa, though she is not a bad singer, does an excessive amount of "swooping", which is a BIG no no and quite cringeworthy in most musical settings. You ARE allowed to do swooping in pop music, but Tsubasa does it to the point where it is downright infuriating.
  4. We've already seen a Toma and Cain that I think was super rare (two parts), that means #FE is getting at least half of the SR cards. Hopefully that will be all of them, then Awakening and Mystery of the Emblem can each have 3. (Personally, I don't think it makes much sense to have more than Itsuki, Tsubasa, and Toma as SR, they are supposed to be the main characters. Everyone else is more or less secondary; that's what the game tries to say anyways).
  5. I have no idea why FE6 is my favorite. I don't care much for the plot, and tbh I only like about 10 of the characters. It does, however, have Lugh and Ray, who remind me of bananas. Are there mage in other games who resemble bananas? I think not.
  6. Hmm.. they aren't twins, but.. I guess they are similar with the blue hair and stuff, and the weapons they use. And they both like Elincia a whole bunch (Elincia is like their Lyon?) Oh my gosh, the parallels! Cool observation.
  7. Why don't you have them play FE7 sometime before Fates releases? That way they'll at least have a taste of what they're in for with Conquest. If they can't handle that, then it might be easier to talk them into Birthright.
  8. I have the 4 fire emblem amiibo, lots of cipher cards, most of the key chains, lucina figma, exceed a generation figures - tailto, the thracia postcard book, gekka ginyu art book, radiant dawn, shadow dragon, new mystery, awakening, and I have the special edition and marth/caeda nendoroids preordered. So not a whole lot.
  9. I bought a series 3 booster box because I wanted Shigure. But I did not get Shigure. I am not going to be buying another box, since I am only missing Rares, but I still really want him. The the cards I'm looking for are: Because most of my cards are not very rare, and I cant guarantee when i can ship anything, I'd prefer to buy, but for trade I do have: Please PM me if you could help me out!
  10. FE 1/11/13 is going to get another series of cards, I think it's the one after smtxfe. I think most of the remaining characters will be covered in that. But before I knew that, I was very disappointed about Roshea and Norne.
  11. I'm going to be adding anyone who posts here, so feel free to just add me. My hand is getting tired from all of the typing. My friend code is 0018-1306-0132 for anyone interested!
  12. Wow, it's coming up so fast! My friend code is 0018-1306-0132 I wrote it out wrong the first time, so I'm sorry to anyone who tried to add me!
  13. He wasn't even lucky enough to get a nendoroid; he got a charaforme, which is pretty much a nendoroid minus the fun.(zero posability) I don't think that nintendo hates Chrom, he is just overshadowed by the other protagonists, as mentioned by others in this thread.
  14. I read vulnerary as vulenary for the longest time. Also, how do you pronounce Carcino? I've been pronouncing it car-chee-no.
  15. Xander shares a birthday with my dad, and it's one day before mine. Also noticed all Hoshido siblings are fire signs except for Ryoma (earth) and all Nohr siblings are water signs except Camilla (fire).
  16. Why does localisation change so many of the Hoshidan names? Chances are if you play fire emblem you are a weeaboo, and know how to pronounce that sort of thing. A lot of the changed names are cringe-y, can't wait to see what they've changed Oboro or Shinonome to. But whatever. We'll get used to it eventually.
  17. I can't say I especially like Corrin. Too much player worshipping. I'm not really keen on avatar characters in general, much less having the player character being the absolute main. Hopefully they'll be written better in the localization.
  18. I think some of you might be doing shampoo wrong if you think it would take a whole bottle of shampoo for Ryoma to wash his hair?? (My own hair is long enough for me to sit on, and it takes me about a month to go through a bottle). What has led you to this conclusion? Actually, looking at the posters who've mentioned shampoo, I can see most of them are men, who most likely have short hair. It makes sense now.
  19. Has anyone from Canada gotten theirs cancelled so far? I cannot check on mine. This is more stress than it's worth.
  20. I am so angry. Why are all of the stupid self-insert characters getting in smash? If they really wanted another fire emblem rep, why not Aqua(she's plot important and fights with a lance. LANCE!!) Because unless they're utilizing the dragon transforming stuff, Corrin is just another sword user. Gosh Sakurai.
  21. This is not necessarily true, my hair is longer than Ryoma's. I only use a little more shampoo than average. But my hair is only medium-thick. It might turn out different for others.
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