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  1. I feel connected to Shigure because -very quiet -likes to paint -won't let people see work until done -does a lot of singing but only sing one song usually -teen angst -people like my mom better Also am apparantly similar to Aqua -stupidly long hair -very quiet and serious -makes bad decisions all the time -mom says my singing voice has similar qualities to English Aqua as well (;_;)
  2. Hey if anyone lives in Saskatoon Midtown Plaza's EB Games still has a couple left. I just got one right now.
  3. Let's see.. I beat Lunatic mode somehow last year, and I found that if you focus experience on just a few characters (like around 6 or so) the game is rather easily "broken". Avoid skirmishes. If you want to grind and have DLC use that instead. The skirmish battles I find to be much harder than the chapters. But possibly you already know this? If you aren't doing this already, then check ALL of the enemy's skills before putting a unit in their range. An enemy with the right skills could one shot even your strongest unit, then you'll have to restart, which gets annoying after a while. Anyways, that's the way I sort of strategized it, I hope this can help you a little!
  4. Okay, thank you! I guess that I was confused because I'm in an all girls choir singing alto and the notes I have to sing range from low f to high g. (Like from middle c. Going to go review the terms because I'm confusing myself over them again) *Edit: Got it. I mean F3 to G5 I think
  5. Ugh, should have caught that! Stupid mistake.
  6. I'm curious about whether Aqua is a soprano or alto. In Hitori Omou, the highest note she ever hits is D2 (I think? I mean the d above middle c) which isn't very high for a soprano. The lowest note was B, which is usually the lowest note sopranos can hit with a quality tone, but because the lack of "soprano notes" (F2 and above) I'm sort of leaning towards alto? But I don't know and I've been confusing myself over this for months. Does anyone have a guess at what her vocal range is?
  7. I find myself somewhat disliking player characters for the same reason as many others: the character development sucks. I don't like it when all of the characters are obsessed with you in some way or another (really, all of the royals are. Takumi is obsessed with you in a different way). Also, if Fates gets figures and stuff later on, there's no chance for Kamui to get one. It will all be expensive fanservice scale figures of like, Camilla. It just won't happen, because people will want the figure to look like their Kamui. I guess I don't really hate them, but I miss having a "solid" (not customizable is what I mean) main character.
  8. I found this on tumblr, not sure if this is fan specualtion or the actual dates (probably the latter, seeing as how there are actual dates listed), but here you go. AQUA - March 3rd - Pisces GUNTER: June 13th - Gemini FELICIA: February 19th - Aquarius JOKER: December 3rd - Sagittarius SUZUKAZE: October 2nd - Libra SAKURA: April 9th - Aries CYRUS: November 1st - Scorpio ASURA: December 21 - Sagittarius ELISE: March 19th - Pisces HAROLD: January 14th - Capricorn ELFIE: April 13th - Aries CAMILLA: November 30th - Sagittarius BELKA: February 26th - Pisces PIERI: December 24th - Capricorn BENOIT: March 24th - Aries CHARLOTTE: May 4th - Taurus LEON: June 30th - Cancer FLANNEL: October 30th - Scorpio MARX: October 27th - Scorpio MOZUME: October 6th - Libra SOLEIL: August 31st - Virgo ODIN: July 15th - Cancer LUNA: January 21st - Aquarius LAZWARD: August 7th - Leo (Source:) http://forsety.tumblr.com/post/122493204947/fe14-birthdays-will-update
  9. My main concern is the localization rating. Some things seem to get pretty intimate, and I'm still a minor, so...
  10. Why do so many people dislike Takumi?
  11. What color do you think they're actually intended to be? (I'd say brown, because OA revealed in past couple of days)
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwTWBdDRGg4tZXg5UTdETUQzWHRKdXhSalVLeTMwVUVOWUpn/view?usp=sharing - this is the old one i don't know when it was changed. I might just not have noticed. http://serenesforest.net/wp-content/gallery/famitsu-14th-may/fami1405-1.jpg - in this one it looks like he's looking in a different direction
  13. They changed Leon's eyes in the "group" picture (not sure what to call it)
  14. http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/fireemblem/images/4/4c/Miriel_%28FE13_Artwork%29.png/revision/latest?cb=20130502174019 I mean this art
  15. This is probably a dumb question, but I'm curious. Mages hold their tome in one hand and cast magic with the other. In Miriel's official art she is holding her tome in her right and a writing quill in her left hand, implying that Miriel is a lefty. However, Lissa holds the tome in the same way, and she is confirmed as right handed in the official comic(?). Do you think that mages hold the tome in their off hand while casting with their dominant, or vice versa? (I am left handed myself, and I would hold it in my right if I were doing that, but what would right handers typically do?) I hope that I am posting this in the right section, and that there isn't a topic like this already.
  16. wumples


    Hi, I'm Wumples! I've been lurking on these forums for a few months now, and just worked up the courage to make an account. The Fire Emblem games I've played are 2, 4-8, and 10-13. I'm currently trying a lunatic run in Awakening. I don't really know what else to put here.
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