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  1. Just double checked on H2. Action back, RP boosts present, Items retained.
  2. Well done! Was a very enjoyable and fun read, and Allen's weapon ranks are pretty insanely impressive, as is Clarine getting S Anima. FE6 is my favorite FE still, and hopefully you do decide to try HM soon (it's so worth it)
  3. Think you're thinking about HM, where those Druids are utterly ridiculous
  4. Gel is SCARYSCARY (possibly the most dangerous boss in the game, on par with Henning from Ch.8x). Luckily the Light Brand is poor at 2-range so you can beat him down safely (after he dodges your first 40 or so arrows and spells), but he's an absolute terror to fight at 1-range. In HM, he has better stats than your Rutger... As for all the Nomads targeting Miledy, as far as I know, the AI in this game can't detect the Delphi Shield, and therefore does some pretty questionable targeting. Ch.20S is a huge pain to play, so best of luck!
  5. This is true. However, this also raises his character investment even further (10k recruitment + 5k guiding ring) if you want to use him. I'm not saying that it can't be done, just that I'd normally prefer to spend that 15k on boots/stat boosters instead
  6. Infodump: Yes, Lalum is Douglas' (adopted) daughter. You can find this out in-game when she talks to Douglas on C16, and probably through support conversations too. Hugh loses 1 to every stat every time you haggle him down. He's alright but not exceptional even when you recruit him, and I personally don't really feel like he's worth the money to even recruit at all (especially since he requires a Guiding Ring, too, and you have precious few of those). Perceval is just a great solid Paladin in the game (and a monster in HM). Really difficult to recruit normally if you don't already know how, though, the game really doesn't give many hints. Tate is awesome (my favorite unit in GBAFEs, actually). She comes with solid stats, awesome growths, and is more inclined to grow strength than Shanna, thankfully. She's definitely awesome in Hard Mode, but dear lord her recruitment chapter is a pain in the ass. Speaking of pains, Sacae is...frustrating to play, compared to Ilia. Good luck have fun! Sorry for the spoilers about Idoun, didn't realize
  7. Yeah, chapter 24 is a strange one. Every time you capture a throne, it causes (endless? 1 a turn for a long time) manakete reinforcements to spawn from the previous throne room (or the start of the map in the case of the first throne). Other than those reinforcements being annoying (the first time I did this chapter I had to restart due to my lvl 1 Fa dying to a reinforcement, before I said F it and just had her ride out the chapter rescued by Ellen), the entire chapter is a joke with divine weapons. Jahn...is sort of a bitch. He DOES have a great battle theme, though, for whatever that's worth So uhh...Idoun...sort of fails as a final boss (really, I consider Zephiel/maybe HM!Brunja as the final boss of the game since Jahn and Idoun are jokes). Looking forward to your post-game wrap-up!
  8. HM Zephiel is...slightly less fearsome than you'd think As you surmised, Karel is only recruitable by Bartre and Fir (he comes at L19 with good stats, and hilariously broken growths, every single one over 100%). Durandal!Miledy is absolutely brokenly overpowered....almost as much as your Roy like how is he that good I don't even understand Brunja is an absolute terror in HM as you'd expect. [spoiler="Her HM Stats] 42 Mt 10 Range attacks off 18 AS post-con is utterly insane, she actually doubled and almost ORKO'd my 29res (14x2 damage after WTA) Ellen last time I played this chapter. Her high avoid and capped defenses are nothing to scoff at either That AI confuses me. I actually thought Brunja's guards on this chapter were stationary, I've personally never seen them move before. Weird. The next chapter is hilarious. I think you'll enjoy it greatly (and it's pretty awesome for storyline purposes)
  9. Nice to have you back! Your Roy is incredible...pity the Binding Blade only has 20 uses. Shanna's Str issues are sadly quite well documented. It's weird, her growth isn't even that bad, it's on par with some pretty good units, but (yes i know PEMN) it just feels like every time I use her she just refuses to gain any... If any of the Divine Weapons break you don't get your real ending. I'm not sure you stuck around in there long enough, but throne room reinforcements spawn every 4 turns for a while
  10. You know, I'm not that familiar with FE4 stats, but that Arya looks completely out of control :o
  11. Wooooo promise delivered! This looks like it's going to be awesome (and probably going to take you ages because mounts are sort of useful :P), even though I haven't played FE4 since...a really long time ago...and remember almost nothing from it. Def looking forward to seeing how this unfolds, and best of luck! For LP tips, you could probably get away with a bit more explanation and less pictures (especially if its just your units slaying their way through a choke)? Also, I was wondering if it's possible to make the screenshots slightly smaller (not really a big deal, but it currently takes a decent amount of scrolling). Otherwise, looking good so far
  12. Yeah, but 29 Mag enemy staff Druids still have a non-zero staff rate on Yodel. I've gotten screwed over a couple of times by him getting hit on ~10-20% staff hitrates before :(
  13. Woot Roy's finally promoted! The Binding Blade is awesome, with 1-2 range, +5 Def/Res bonuses, and effective against manaketes (also it can be used to restore health, but why would you waste a charge on that? IS not even having the courtesy of making the titular weapon infinite-use ;_;). If he would only promote earlier, he'd actually be a pretty decent unit, but that Ch.22 promotion time makes him pretty terrible as far as lords go. The traps in this chapter are utterly terrible...random fire tiles on the floor do 10 damage each, and the wall spear trap things are actually the worst thing ever (10-Def damage means that most lategame units won't even feel them at all). The 6 chests randomly have 3 manaketes and 3 elixirs, and I believe that the positions of the manaketes is randomized. Apocalypse is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Niime will have fun with it! Note: 30 Res isn't actually 'immunity' to status staves per se, it just makes it nearly impossible for him to get hit by them
  14. Gale/IS is a massive troll and unrecruitable :( I'm glad you found the secret shop and got Zeiss promoted! This was THAT chapter, fyi. It's utter insanity even on normal, as you get bogged down under just the sheer volume of promoted enemies. On hard mode, those Silver Lance Wyvern Lords have 40Mt, and even the unpromoted wyvern riders have maxed Str and near max Def (and like 14 speed, because why not). Super awesome, you got all the gaidens first try (admittedly, this one isn't that complex, complete under 30 turns and keep Miledy/Zeiss alive). So how the reinforcements work on this chapter is there are a variety of "reinforcement zones" on the map, where if you step in them, you'll trigger waves of reinforcements over the next several turns: [spoiler=Reinforcement information, taken from Dondon's 0% growths run] About this chapter: reinforcement triggers This chapter is notorious for spitting out waves upon waves of enemy reinforcements at players who aren’t aware of how the reinforcement triggers work. Reinforcements that are scripted to appear prior to a certain turn are a familiar sight in FE6 (and in the FE franchise); reinforcements scripted to area events are a bit less common. Chapter 21 has 5 quadrangular reinforcement trigger zones, which are marked by the solid lines on the map below. Completing an action (such as attacking, rescuing, waiting, etc.) inside a trigger zone activates an area event that causes a specific set of reinforcements to spawn from a point on the map. Chapter 21 in its entirety, with reinforcement trigger zones and reinforcement locations marked. Source: Fire Emblem Wars of Dragons The green, yellow, and purple zones trigger reinforcements for 3 turns. Each group of 4 reinforcements on this map contains 3 wyvern riders and a wyvern lord, with 2 exceptions. The 4 green reinforcements on plain tiles are 4 paladins and the 5 blue reinforcements are 4 wyvern riders and Gale, an enemy wyvern lord with a portrait. Other notes: The shrine on the bottom right is the same Shrine of Seals from Cog of Destiny. That secret shop is absurdly awesomely overpowered. I believe Gale is scripted to not attack your units if Zeiss/Miledy talks to him (but I'm not 100% sure on that).
  15. On the FE6 average stats page: http://serenesforest.net/binding-blade/characters/average-stats/ Miredy's entry goes directly to her normal mode stats, and as far as i can tell, there's no link to her hard mode stats page (right now I have to manually change the url to hard mode).
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