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  1. [spoiler=Feel free to read this after you complete Chapter 20 on your alt playthrough] If only you knew the horrible chucklefuckfest of staves with full-screen-range that await you on the Sacae route...admittedly, you can buy both restores and killers in Ch.13, and I will REALLY enjoy watching this if you don't stock up on restores then. It's a pity you didn't decide to go with hard-mode on your alt playthrough, Shin's HM bases are utterly disgustingly amazing [spoiler=Shin's HM Bases] 29/10/11/14/9/8/2 +5/+3/+3/+4/+3/+1/+2 (might be higher or lower depending on RNG/rounding, but yeah)
  2. I like the idea of a second run, although I do want to add that you should start it on Hard Mode instead to sort of differentiate the runs and the play experience a little (otherwise, blind or not, the 2 runs are going to be pretty similar imo)
  3. I definitely think the best ending is worth getting, and I'm a fan of method a) (letting you know which chapters have gaidens and watching you try to figure out how to get them), as in my mind that's sort of like seeing a character/knowing they're recruitable but not knowing how to do so (see: Cath) and I think it'll be fun to see how you try to get them.
  4. @Dual Dragons: Would knowing which chapters the gaidens are in (but without knowing the actual requirements, so you can keep resetting the chapter if you fail to get the gaiden and struggle to figure out the requirements) be too spoiler-y...or do we get to have fun watching you try to figure out every chapter if there could be a gaiden and struggling as a result? Also, Durandal is absolutely awesome...those stats <3
  5. [spoiler=Possible spoiler (but vague-ish) info about gaidens] Every Gaiden Chapter gives 1 legendary weapon, and (as you mentioned in the opening post) you need all legendary weapons to get the best ending (and the best ending is really worth getting). Each Gaiden will have different requirements as you'd expect having played FE7 (general theme: keep units alive and/or win chapters fast) and the requirement for 8x was just "Keep Lilina Alive", which is a nice warm-up/intro to gaidens.
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